Sunday, July 26, 2009

harry potter!!

ok i've gone daniel radcliffe crazed all over again. he is toooooooo hot!!!!!!

anyway, that's not really what i want to discuss. i remember i use to loooooove reading. i'd do it anywhere and anytime. smp2 balajar terbengkalai gara2 kadang gw milih baca. but now, i don't know why, i just don't feel like reading when i'm at home. i always bring my novel everywhere so i end up reading in malls, my office, people's houses, campus, train. but not my home. i don't even know why.

and i've also just read raditya dika's tweet. where he actually gives special time to write. keep his mobile and laptop away and just write. roald dahl also said that. if you want to be a writer, you have to know that there is nobody but yourself to tell you when the deadline is and when you have to work.

if my tasks in the office isn't too hectic, i write in my notebook. i no longer write what i feel like writing, i've actually started to create stories. sure i've posted one or two fictions in my blog. and i'm sure you all agree that they completely suck ass. but this, i sorta put a quite a big effort in this. and my character's name is calliope. turns out, the character in middlesex is also calliope. i thought about changing the name but instead i'll improve.

lately, i've also met soooo many inspiring people. people that wow the living shittttttt out of me. oh i'm inspired all right. but it's like, i'm so static and not doing anything. i have to start promising myself i will write properly.

and i've had sooo many great opportunities in my lifetime but i keep turning them down. a few days ago i was asked to join the #indonesiaunite PR team. i was really really really excited and really wanted to charge, but i don't know. i feel like their having second chances about calling me in. i just hope i'm wrong and i can be completely total when an opportunity comes along.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

going arctic

hello all. geez i really really miss those good old days where i would blog like crazy. i guess those glory days are over. as much as i miss it, i just couldn't find the mood back.

There was this one post i once made and well i'm sure some of you would remember cause i had a few number of people coming up to me saying how stupidly funny it was. about my sate padang restaurant, remember? ahahahaha. yeah, the one called ny. Widya's with a picture of me disanggul dan pake kebaya. ahahhaha. well today when i was at work iman texted me and said 
"yang masa aku ke gramedia trus nemu buku judulnya 'sukses bisnis rumah makan PADANG'. beliin ah buat kamu hahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha."

yeah well ujung2nya gw ga dibeliin karena duitnya dia kurang 10 ribu emg dasar geblek.

oh and to aby if you're reading this, get well soon! and yes, you read the first word of the sms right. hahahaha

Monday, July 13, 2009


hey peeps! yeah i just got back from xianggang a.k.a hong kong. klo kata barong, xianggang id, bukan ngangkang. hahah ga tau kenapa but that really cracked me up.

xianggang was pretty nice. i mean, the last time i went there i didn't pay that much attention to my surroundings. just disneyland. haha. this time, i was sort of already over disneyland and finally saw the bigger picture of xianggang. to be a little honest, i was pretty disappointed at how different cantonese is from mandarin. haha. yeah this is pretty obvious actually, but i was hoping i could still understand at least a little bit of it. but no. i don't catch a word they're saying.
nice facts that i found out about xianggang is that it lives only by dagang. dagang dagang dagang, ga ada tu cocok tanam or produksi or whatever. it's all just dagang. and i gotta admit the MTR experience was great. more or less like singapore si. but somehow different.

and shopping was great as well. it's pretty jam packed with shopping centres and lane crawford was a really great experience for me. it's even better than their harvey nichols.

here are some pictures i managed to take. no, i manage to drag my ass and take them cause gw sebnernya mls bgt foto2. haha.

aaaaah lama uploadnya. mls. hahahahaa

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

lanjut bingung

pgn marah tapi ga bisa. sumpah. i know it's my maunya si ga usah kesel sm sekali. yaudh biasa2. aja. tp it's like damn impossible. i know it's just my immaturity talking. and my PMS and all this heat. tp yaaaa it's just really really hard to hold it back. =(



Friday, July 3, 2009


masi merasa terselamatkan oleh tuhan smlm. holy...... shit!