Friday, December 3, 2010

:( ?

Sumpah gw ga tau dan ga tau caranya untuk tau pacara gw apa kabar, masih mau pacaran apa nggak,udh nemu yg baru apa blm, masih inget gw apa ga.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

1,5 year to go!

i'm already in my third year of college without me realizing it. it feels like it was only yesterday i was awestruck by everything in my campus and by the many kinds of people i meet and i was so so eager to learn when i first got in. i was so happy it was like a dream come true and i know so very much that one day, i will get sick of it all. all.
well, that day is here.
i have been striving for survival for the past 4 semesters. at school i was never really that smart, and i'd really really like to change that. in college, i'm not smart either, i'm feel like i'm always the lowest in class and all but i think my grades are more important than anything. i never really aimed that high, i just want to pass on all of my classes. i just want to finish college in 4 years or less. since i'm not that smart to begin with, i had to really work my ass to get there, thank god i managed the last 2 years ok. sure there were bruises here and there, but thank god i managed to pass all classes and i think my GPA is pretty ok, it's NOTHING compared to the others in my class, but i know my own strength and so far i think i've done what i can.
but after 2 years of trying, it just gets sooooo tiring. after 2 years of wanting to pass everything cleanly, without cheating, everything becomes so messed up. i hate this semester more than anything. i don't have a favorite subjects, i feel like my teachers are trying to kill me though i know they are helping, but i'm the one being help is so tired of trying. i have no mood to study anymore because i hate the fact that the curriculum is so effing stiff and i haven't been able to learn the language on my own by watching tv or listening to songs or whatever. and i hate that i have to study history every fucking semester from semester 1-5. history is the subject i have always hated ever since i first came contact with it. and i hate that my favorite subject ever, culture studies. is only studied in 1 fucking semester like seriously fuck.
i still tutor my precious pupils, 3 times a week, sometimes more. i don't think they are taking my study time at all, coming to see them is a real treat. being in contact with them reminds me of how happy it was to be young. they are so happy and full of energy and i LOVE, more than anything, sharing with them what i know. tutoring them makes me feel like i actually have a purpose in life. like i'm actually useful for something. it's just fascinating how you tell them something that you always thought was just simple knowledge but they're so awed by it.
lately, i've been asked to teach 8th grade science, and i was like, what? i suck at science? but the mother of my pupil kinda forced me to do it, so i did it. and i was soooooo surprised at how much i still remember from what my 6th grade teacher taught me. i mean, i didn't need to look at books that much, i just told my pupil everything i know and it really does make me feel alive. i can't believe how much teachers were such an inspiration and how much they've done for us.
ok i'm rambling, the point is, i love tutoring because not only my pupils learn, i do too. i love reading articles they brought home from school, i like listening to their stories of how they're school life is like.
jadi intinya gw mau ngmngin tutoring apa cape kuliah sih? haha i don't know either i just went where my fingers took me. i just hope more than anything that i still pass this semester.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

favorite songs

i promise you all i am trying my best not to have all the songs be SuJu even though they're songs are on top on my play count

1. Wasted Years-Maroon 5
not a maroon 5 song that's often heard of but i love it and it will forever be my favorite song. it's available on maroon 5 friday the 13th album. i lost mine somewhere in the house and i can't wait till the day i found it again and get all excited and watch it. oh and the song's recorded live. no studio recording--at least not that i know of.

2. A Love that will last-Renee olstead
my second favorite song and i will forever love it and it amazes me how renee olstead can sing sooooo amazingly at the age of 14. i will also always remember the time i met her and actually cried and was totally speechless. her java jazz performance was also overly awesome.

Friday, September 17, 2010

favorite movies

continuing with the challenge, here's a few of my favorite movies of all time. not really in order, cause i can't decide which one i like more than the others.
1. Troy
I looooovveeee this movie and i've seen it a gazillion times and i could go watch it many more times and probably still love the movie. The storyline's completely messed up actually but it's the best visualization of ancient greece you could get. well, actually not really, but to me it's perfect. it makes me wants to go back to those old days and actually be one of them. i bought the extended version dvd and i loved it. it's uncensored and has more scenes and it's got so many features that are greek mythology related.

2. Inglourious Basterds
I also love this movie so so so so so much i think it's perfect in every single way. i remember being in the movies and being completely in awe from the start to the end of the movie. it even features 2 main characters from troy--brad pitt and diane kruger-- who also plays the main characters in this movie.

3. Bring it on
Every girls favorite, need i say more? i still memorize the i'm sexy i'm cute song and i watched the dvd religiously when i was in primary school and wanted to be a cheerleader when i was in junior high but i didn't pass the auditions. since then, cheerleaders have ended up entering my life in an unfortunate way. oh and, gw ga mengakui adanya bring it on 2, 3, 4, 5 and etc.

4. Freedom Writers
Loves it. Mrs G really inspired me to be a better tutor and made me realize i am actually responsible for other people's futures. she inspires me to be a teacher one day and i really love everything about her. it's amazing how she could approach her students. i would've quit asap if i was here. she also made me realize that if you really want to fight for something, sacrifices has to be made.

5. The Princess Diaries
Mia Thermopolis. awe inspiring in EVERY single way. i actully prefer the book, but the movie's a nice visualization. in the book, it's amazing how mia, who was a real nobody who couldn't do anything, ended up as a girl who could speak her own words and bring democracy to a country. She even published a book later in life.

6. Attack on the Pin-up Boys
Kibum as a lead actor? how could i not LOVE the movie? ok so the storyline's a bit bizarre but the boys played their parts nicely. i esp love kibum and donghae and heechul. but mostly kibum. he looks like a life version of shinichi in this movie and i've only watched the movie 3 times but i could go watching it over and over.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

super summer

been watching super junior's super summer. not as good as exploration of the human body or full house but it's ok i guess. only 3 members are in it. my favorite 3: kibum, donghae, siwon. what i like about the show is it's got hidden cameras all over and the boys are put into situations that really reveal their true self. i've only watched 4 episodes and i learned a lot about kibum and ilfil sama siwon haha.
so the guys have to try and win one girl's heart. there's this one scene with a hidden camera where the girl pretends to fight with his boyfriend over the phone then she cries to kibum and asks whether she should break up with him or not. kibum said something in the lines of, 'if you're in rage and you kill a person, you will surely regret it. don't make decisions when your in an emotional state. take time to think it over.'
that really touched me.
i mean, that is so me, making rash decisions and asking to break up almost every time i fight with iman, and i get moved by the smallest things aka labil. i also get pissed off and irritated real easily and do things while i'm enraged only to end up regretting it later.

and it takes kibum to tell me i shouldn't do those kinds of things again. hhaha

Sunday, September 12, 2010

still figuring out life

turns out my plan to get a job and move out as soon as i graduate has to be postponed. my parents really want me to continue my studies. i thought about it and i guess getting a postgraduate degree is probably the best decision. but, again with the money. i so do not want to keep living of their money until i'm 24. no way in hell. so i have to do the one and only thing i can, get a scholarship. but the problem is, can I? i don't know how hard it is to get one. but let alone the scholarship, i don't even know what major i'm going to choose gaarrrghh. but then again back to the money. i really need to get a scholarship no matter what. i really really desperately do. i have to. but again i state, i'm not that smart. i mean i've been trying to study like heck this holiday but i don't think it's working much. maybe i'm not trying too hard, maybe i'm still not on the right track. but i really really want to naikin IP this semester i really do. even if gw ga bisa naikin, at least i could mertahanin so please dear IP jangan turun no matter what happen dear god.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 random facts

i know i've posted random facts about me but i'll post another one cause well, you can never have enough random facts

1. scary as it may sound, i can't effing wait to get married and have kids. might as well be after graduation.
2. as much as i'd love to get a job and be successful at it, i believe that my true calling is to be a mother. and i can't wait for my turn to be one
3. i have had a job for 6 months now and i haven't managed to save a single penny of my payment. i always end up spending it all in a matter of weeks. bad habit bad. definitely changing it this month
4. i am one of the the most jealous-an person i know. i get jealous sooooooo easily of other girls and thank god my boyfriend isn't one to care much about this. he actually makes fun of it sometimes purposely making me jealous, getting me all fumed up and laughing about it.
5. when i sleep, it has to be pitch black. i can't even stand the slightest bit of light, that stupid annoying red blinking light in my bb and the stupid green dot in my air conditioner. so no matter how dark it is, i still use an eye patch
6. i am a worshipper of trey parker and matt stone. i believe that everything they claim to be true is true and i guess south park has made a huge part in making me who i am now. a really huge part.
7. i kinda like cooking and think that i'm not so bad at it, i'm just inexperienced
8. my room's a complete mess esp. my bookshelf but i like to go to bookstores and align the books if they're displayed crookedly.
9. i'm not that very good at keeping promises. in fact, i suck at it. it's the one thing i kind of always fail to do, along with a few other stuff
10. when people praise me for my english, i don't think i deserve it, cause I never earned this ability. it's something i pick up when i was in aussie. anyone who was dumped in australia for two years with no one to speak indo to would result in the same ability.

no other

gw tambah pgn bisa bhs korea. it sound a thousandfold more beautiful if you can actually understand the song. turns out the meaning of the lyrics are beautiful.

There’s no one like you, even if I look around endlessly
Where could I find someone as great as you?
Someone as kind as you?
a gift like you

i'd have to work to death to be this fortunate
i'll protect you as if i we're protecting the world
Where could i find a guy as happy as i am?
The happiest guy in the world

Your once strong heart becomes sensitive
Whenever i'm hurt
Holding me in your arms gently
i only wish for simple things like that
my heart wants to do everything
to make you happy, yet you don't know this

I want to shout it from the bottom of my heart
My soul is completely unrestrained
i'll always be thankful, you're the reason i can do anything

i have nothing, absolutely nothing
Please know that my heart is burning hotter than the sun
Even when other girls come onto the stage
bright and shiny during TV shows,
you'll still never fail to dazzle me
i'm going crazy, crazy baby
your loving words
are all i need in this world
i wonder how someone like you could exist
i stupidly believe that you are everything to me

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

25 day challenge

following hanny's post, here is the day 1 challenge. though i'm sure i wont post all 25

5 most memorable day of my life(in no particular order):
1. july 8 2008
the day he finally, finally, after years of being my ultimate crush, asked me out. i don't believe any other girl in the world could be as happy as i was back then. maybe it's because of that god took him away from me within a matter of weeks. nobody deserves to be that happy

2. also july 2008
the day i got accepted at UI. my happiness from the previous incidents got doubled.

3. 1998
the year i moved to australia. awesomeness. best two years of my life

4. july 2010

5. 24-3-2006
baby marty!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

life in jakarta

so i'm 20 and still living from my parent's money. makes me feel like 14. makes me feel like i'm stuck in place and not growing up. when will i learn to be responsible, geezes. so thank god i have a job. and thank god that it is a pretty high paying one. i've been asking around and i couldn't find a part time job that pays more. i mean, tutoring does pay more than waiting tables or brewing coffee or something. i'm not trying to show off, i'm trying to be frank and prove a point.
and with the monthly pay i have now, if i try to move out and live on my own, half the money goes to rent, and the other half for food. then what about transportation and other stuff. i'll never survive ever. so this sucks. it really does. no wonder why indos are such spoiled brats. they rely on their parents until they get married, even AFTER they get married. i remember having a relative who moved to america and got a job waiting tables. she was 21 that time and that was her first job. when she applied, her boss was all, "THIS is your first job? oh you spoiled girl." and here, let alone trying to get a part time job. wasting your parents money seems first priority. but you can't really blame anyone cause that's the only way to live. getting a job just doesn't pay enough.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

semester 5

semester 5 baru dimulai seminggu tp gw sumpah gw udah ga ngetri lg. kadang gw ngerasa UI salah bgt eh dulu nerima gw. tmn2 gw semuanya pinter2 dan pinternya tu yg pinter2 bgt yg pd bisa dpt IP 3,5 keatas trus biarpun mereka jg blg susah tp kayanya survive2 aja. gw dari sd jg ga pernah pinter, ga pernah ranking ga pernah gmn2 amat. gw pgnnnn bgt bisa dpt nilai2 bgs kadang gw udah usaha tp kok kayanya masih gt2 aja, masih bego2 jg. ya mungkin blm maksimal si, ya emg blm maksimal si tp gw bingung aja hrs gmn lg. udah brp semester terakhir ini gw ngerasa paling bego di kelas dan emg bnran paling bego di kelas gw rasa. pgn bgt IP naek, tp kok kayanya mandek segitu2 aja. pgn bgt kuliah ttp 4 thn dan alhamdullilah itu masih bs dipertahankan si tp gw ga tau smp brp lama lg bertahannya. tp klo gw lg niat gt, gw ngerasa gw ga dihargain2 amat. wkt liburan akhir2 gw mulai byk belajar, gw beli buku cina trus gw belajar ngertiin. trus gw baca textbook yg selama ini kita pake, gw pelajarin bab2 yg belom dibahas jd insya allah gw dpt head start. taunya ganti buku. dan buku yg baru berpuluh2 kali lebih susah. trus wkt itu dalam sehari dapet tugas byk bgt semua dikumpulin besok. gw ngerjain semuanya sampe GA TIDUR taunya gw doang yg udah nyelesein smp selese dan akhirnya dosennya blg ga jd dikumpulin hari itu.
kadang gw ga tau hrs belajar kaya gmn lg. mau gw belajar smp kaya gmn jg tmn2 gw ttp lebih jago, ttp lebih pinter. ini feeling gw doang si tp kadang gw ngerasa dosen tu jg ngeremehin gw. kadang klo di kelas gw lg pgn aktif trus gw ngejawab pertanyaan dosen salah2 jg pertanyaan gw, ya karena emg dasarnya udah bego. ada orang yg klo dikelilingin orang2 pinter tru malah terpicu gt, malah pgn bljr. ya gw jg si, tp dikit, gw banyakan jipernya. banyakan ngerasa gw kok kayanya salah tpt bgt.
ya gw ga tau deh tp gw mudah2an bisa fine2 aja ngelewatin smstr 5, pelajaran lulus semua. trus klo bisa IP naek biarpun cuma 0.0sekian persen

Thursday, August 26, 2010

korean friends

this post is really unimportant so i suggest you skip in haha.

amidst this korean madness, i can't help but reminisce about the koreans back in australia. just like the international schools here, we asians just don't fit to well with the americans, the australians the european. they're nice, but when it comes to school and playtimes, we just can't get along that much.
most of my friends are asian, but more than half of them are koreans. there are sooo many koreans in australia haha. my first korean friend was called kwang nam. he's this fat boy with an extreme hairdo at such a young age. he's even dyed his hair haha. i remember him making a joke that when you meditate with that buddha pose, you right hand signals the sign god and your left hand signals 'give me some money'. haha. kwang nam also thought me how to say anyong hashimnika (correct me if i'm wrong) which i think means good morning. for some reason, me and kwang nam use hang out in the same area so he is the person i meet the most outside of school. i also know his mother which was this really nice korean lady and when i meet her i would say anyong hashimnika.
my second korean friend is probably one of my best friends back in australia. it was this girl named jenny. her korean name was eunjang. jenny was really really nice and we played a lot. she lives in this beautiful house near school. There was 2 things i could remember about her, her birthday which was celebrated at her house after school. her mum cooked really really yummy korean food. i mean, they were REALLY good. i remember one of my bule friends didn't really like the korean food and made some comments about them and jenny was like "you shouldn't say that :(" and i was like "how could you not like these they're so delicious. on my last day of school, jenny came to my class (we weren't in the same class) and gave me a farewell present. i think that was the sweetest. it was a pack of bunny shaped korean made erasers where you can mix and match the bunny's clothes.
well, actually they were so many koreans and when we were playing a game such as dodge ball they would be in one team and speak korean and we'd have NO idea what they're saying and they'll end up winning. haha
sometimes i wonder if they still remember me. i tried looking up in facebook but i don't think facebook is that 'in' in korea. sometimes i wish that one of them ended up as k-pop stars and i'll recognize them immediately haha.
i once remember looking through Dolly mag, the aussie magazine, and they were giving out hunk posters like they always do and there was my friend who really was hot since he was 10. to bad i didn't keep the magazine. it would be nice if that occurred to the koreans as well. lol

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

trying to cram 3 months in a blog post

so in a few days, college is going to start again. before i come face to face with the oh so annoying assignments and homeworks and whatever, i'd like to recap this wonderful 3 months i've spent.

i remember the first day of the holiday and i was bored as hell. i was like, it's only the first day, what am i going to do with the rest of the holiday? well thank god i get to tutor my students everyday so i always had something to do. and my friends are also having their holiday so we spent a lot of time together too.

then came to time to flee to japan!!!
oh god, i am sooo out of words if i have to explain japan. maybe i'll end up writing about japan for this entire post haha. japan is a country beyond words. i don't know how a country that small could hold so much awesomeness. everything is sooo unique and so japanese-like. it's like they have a way of doing things which is different from the world. their public toilets could have up to 17 buttons for washing your as* to making tinkling sounds and making the seat warm. they also the the nicest supermarkets and beautiful2 everything. god, i am lost for words.
my favorite place was harajuku. it's soooo unique and there's this store where they sell collectibles of toy story, south park and the simpsons and i didn't want to go out and i chucked things to my basket without thinking.
my second favorite place was ginza, the new york times square of tokyo. it was sooo huge and lights and lights and buildings. there's this 5 story apple store which was totally crowded and had a glass elevator. all the clothes store in japan are also really big. forever 21, h&m, uniqlo and a lot of other known brands have their own building that could go up to 5 stories. yeah, like the apple store.
then there's the food. oh the food. while i was there, i ate japanese food all the time. we did ate chinese, but only once. even though i ate japanese food everyday, i didn't get bored at all. there was always something new, something nice, something unique.
they also love their culture so much, there's this really long street where they sell stuff such as kimonos, fans, chopsticks and all japanese stuff and they are all so tempting. their temple of more than 1000 years old are also still preserved really well. they even use ultraviolet sterilizers to clean the glasses we use to take water from the spring.
then comes the anime. oh god, anime. once you're in, you're in deep. i went to this store in osaka where they sell nothing but naruto and one piece stuff and i went crazy i didn't want to leave. i just didn't. i can't decide what to buy, what not to buy. they were just soooo tempting.
one more thing about japan, the theme parks are soooo wicked. the technology they use for theme parks is way beyond america. so you can only imagine how sick that is.

then it was back to jakarta.
after seeing japan and all, i thought i'd give one piece another try.i use to read it, but i stopped cause of college and stuff. well this second go of reading, it went more than well. i fell in love with luffy and the straw hat crew quicker than you can say "pirate king". they are all so amazing, all of them. but my favorite just happens to be robin. she is cool beyond repair. i could stay home for a whole day and not go anywhere cause i wanted to continue with the story. i cried at some part and laughed hysterically at others. that, until one manga got erased.

then came super junior
well actually, i've been watching super junior since the start of the holiday. but with japan and one piece, it kinda got paused. so i continued watching all i want before college starts again. i can't find the words good enough to explain how much those 13 guys have made me overly happy this holiday. how i cracked up laughing my ass off till really late everyday just watching their variety shows. how i watched their videos like it was some sort of...... i don't even know what to compare them with. it was really entertaining, really funny, really educating. also like one piece, there were also some sad parts which made me cry :(

so well, there was my boring post. i guess my holiday mainly consists of those 3 wonderful gifts god gave me and oh were they entertaining. if you've been wondering where my boyfriend fits in the picture, well he's pretty much there almost everyday to share with me my one piece craziness and all sorts of other craziness. haha

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YouTube - Super Junior Intimate Note ep25 part 4 (ENG SUBS)

YouTube - Super Junior Intimate Note ep25 part 4 (ENG SUBS)

don't have to watch the whole episode. just watch this part. it cracked me up soooo much. i don't think i've laughed like that in aaaagggeess.

it's the part where they play charades. i use to play charades when i was younger and i totally sucked haha.

btw, videonya ga bisa di embed jd lgsg ke tkp aja ya

Monday, August 23, 2010


sumpah gw udah smp taraf SUKA BGT sama kibum. sukanya tu udah yang suka bgt bangetan smp gw ga tau mau gmn lg. sukanya tu smp gw nontonin semua video yg ada kibumnya di youtube. teriak2 klo dia di filmnya ada adegan cipokannya. gw sukanya tu yg sampe mau gila if i think about the fact that i could never see him and that there are tons of his fans that are like me and seeing them just makes me more desperate cause i'm just one of them as my chances of meeting him shrinks even more. sukanya tu udah smp klo dia kesini kaya kimbum kmrn gw PASTI bakal dtg meskipun itu ga penting dan itu mahal. gw jabanin deh gaji gw ga buat apa2 trus jual bb or apa gt biar gw bisa ketemu. masalahnya dia ga ada nanti di SS3. sukanya tu yg udah suka bgt smp cape tp udah desperate.

geezes i'm 20, kok ga beda gini si kaya wkt masih umur 14. it's like i'm not growing up. but who cares, masalahnya ini kibum. gw udah ga tau lg deh harus ngapain. gw bahkan smp nontonin rainbow romance--which is sampah bgt--cuma buat ngeliatin kibumnya doaaang.

last time i posted pictures now i'll post videos so you people can actually see how hot he is when he's in motion.

sumpah geraaaam bgt gw ntn video pertama

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

kim kibum

mungkin orang2 taunya gw di suju sukanya kyuhyun, donghae, eunhyuk, siwon. terserah deh mau dibilang labil apa gmn, tp yg ini bnr2 bnr2 bnr2 ampun ga nahan lucunya sumpah habis kata2. haha. trus kayanya sayang aja klo ga ada satu post di blog gw yg dedicated buat kibum.

sumpah gw gemessss garrrrhhhhggg hharrrgghh. haha ok ok control2.

anyway, kibum speaks pretty good english cause he used to live in LA. as for me, english in a guy is MANDATORY. doesn't have to be superb, but a little bit will do fine. klo ga, mau ngomong pake bahasa apa gw sama kibum? haha

ps: va, ini yg lo blg lucu di sorry2

Monday, August 16, 2010


sorry if my last post was too harsh or anything. just saying what i'm feeling.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

lebaran sebentar lagi!

oh god i love religious holidays such as lebaran and christmas!

so in this post, i'd like to share a little something that's actually very personal in my relationship with iman.
things are going great and all. we're 20 but we're having fun as if we're 14 and stupid. but there's this one thing i always try to avoid cause if we talk about it, we'll ALWAYS end up fighting. and i mean, ALWAYS.
iman, though he doesn't show it much, is pretty religious. religious as in he prays, he fasts he does things a muslim's supposed to do. on the other side, there's me. i believe that everything i do is prayer. the good things, the bad things. the oh so sinful things and everything, they're all prayers. at least to me they are. i mean i just can't accept the fact that god himself asks us to pray to him in a certain way and in certain times exactly the way he tells us to. that or eternal damnation. i mean, come on.
a lot of people say that god is the all seeing eye. he watches your every move and he knows everything about you. so if he's on the watch 24/7 so why do you pray only on those certain times in a language we don't even understand. that's just never going to make sense to me.
i believe that everything i do, is a learning process to find my purpose and to be a better person and that's how god wants it to be. at least that's what i believe.

ok, not this. i am not, i repeat, i am NOT saying that the religious system is wrong. no not at all.i'm only saying that it is just not for me.

maybe some people feels more comfortable if they have something to lean on constantly, some rules to follow, something to hold on to. well, that just doesn't work for me. i believe that god won't punish us just for eating pork and coming to contact with a dog which i think god created to be man's best friend in the first place. i just think that he's telling us to use our free will and to know ourselves what is right and what is wrong.

ok, so here's the catch. say that you are religionless. now write down a list of the things you know that is bad. for sure you'd know that killing is wrong and you would never do it. you'd also know that stealing is wrong, hurting other people is wrong. also for the good things, you'll know that helping others is nice, spreading love is nice, TOLERANCE is nice and everything else.
a human being is born with brains and they are capable of knowing what is right and what is wrong.

ok, now imagine yourself being in a religion. this religion tells you EVERYTHING you need to do and not to do. it tells you that your religion is the most perfect of all. it tells you that it's ok to hurt people if they are against you're religion cause it's called defending. it also tells you that it's wrong to drink alcohol and that it's ok to have 4 wives and all, it also tells you that no matter what you do wrong all you have to do is pray and then you're forgiven. let alone apologize and trying to change and realize you're mistakes. let alone toleration. they're against you? bakar!
what happens is, the person ends up relying too much on the religious system that his sense of mind gets really numb and he no longer knows what is right and what is wrong cause all is just so confusing. so the person ends up relying 100% on the religion and even applies the bad stuff in real life. making wars after wars after wars after wars.

when i was in my religion class last year, someone asks the teacher. "when you're in the rakaat terakhir and praying that last part of the prayer where you're fingers have to be pointed, are you supposed to move you're fingers around or let them stay still?"

it's like there is a rule for EVERYTHING you can't decide anything on your own anymore. you have to know the rule exactly the way it is so you don't do anything wrong and you can't even tell for yourselves what's right and what's wrong.

and then another absurd question "eh sbnrnya kepiting tu haram ga si?"

OH COME ON you're not going to burn in hell just for eating kepiting.

those people, they RELY ON THEIR RELIGION that they don't realize how stupid they sound.
seriously, can't you even tell for yourself that eating kepiting is not at all wrong unless you are a member of PETA and you are completely against animal being burned and eaten.

do you HAVE to pray on that 5 times a day or else you'll end up on the deepest pits of hell? oh come on, don't you think god knows you better than that?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

as much as i love jakarta....

gw lg pgn bgt bgt bgt bgt keluar jakarta. banget. i can't even explain how much i want to leave this city so much and live in a whole new place. alone. saking desperate, kayanya ngekos di depok will do deh. bnran. problem is, i still have this teaching job of mine.
don't get me wrong, i love the city, every bit of it. down to the traffic jam and the noisiness and the buildings and everything. but i want to live aloneee. i really really really really want to live alone. i know some people who just graduated from highschool (2 years younger than i am) and already living alone di kosan. and i feel like i've been stuck in my for years and will still be stuck for the upcoming years.
ok so i'm graduating in 2 years(AMIN). i don't know wether i should continue with post-grad or get a decent paying job somewhere so i could rent my own apartment and live alone and stuff.
it's times like these dimana gw mikir, gimana ya klo dulu gw jadi ke australi. that'd be great. i mean really great.
to make a long story short, i only have 2 choices, ngekos di depok. or ikut beasiswa ke cina. i can't ngekos cause i can't leave my students, i just can't. and beasiswa ke cina, i can't hide the fact that i still have a boyfriend. ya masa gw tinggal setaun. i know nothing is supposed to stop me since i'm young, tp ninggal tau2 diri jg lah. lagian ya gw kaya baru bisa ikut gt2an taun dpn gt.
sumpah bnr2 pgn bgt keluar jakarta

Friday, August 6, 2010

i just love this verse

we're not teenagers, but we're not quite adults. at times we're being chastised by our parents for not calling; at others, we're starting internships at companies we might want to work for someday, in our real adult lives. My advice: instead of worrying about who you were or what you'll become, try to just enjoy the moment.

-gossip girl

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


it all started when i was watching breakfast at tiffany's (nice movie btw) and audrey hepburn started singing moon river. when she got to the part where the song goes "2 drifters, off to see the world" i suddenly realized, how nice it would be if i could really travel the world. but then i thought, why would i want to see the world if i haven't even been around my own country much. i don't know, but it just doesn't make sense. it's like you've been all around town but you've never even visited your backyard. it's sounds all wrong.
actually, ever since i was little, i've always wanted to travel across indonesia. not just travel, but really go into the rainforest and dive in the ocean and stuff like that. i remember how i use to love watching jejak petualang and how i wanted to be just like that when i grow up, but hey, how many of us clung on to our childhood dreams. it eventually gets forgotten.
so now i'm twenty, and wanting to live the dream more than anything, really. so maybe i want to so 'muluk', i'll probably just visit other cities and enjoy what i can enjoy there. i mean, i AM indonesian and i've only been to jakarta, bandung, bali, lombok, jogja, solo. ok so maybe that's better than none but really, out of the 18000 islands in indonesia i've only been to 3. seriously.
i want to know what semarang, surabaya, padang, medan, ambon, manado, looks like. later on it would be nice if i could visit sumba and other wonderful places.
last january i went to bali with my dad and i met my dad's business partner who was hawaiian. he said that there's this american couple who made a cottage in the island of sumba and the money they get actually goes to sumba. so far, they have made a few hospitals and a bunch of schools.
i was so awestruck upon hearing that, i mean, it's not even their country and they're being sooo nice to us and here we are not caring shit about the sake of our country and just standing there doing pretty much nothing and claim that they are nationalist. probably the biggest favor we've ever done is wear t-shirts resembling our love for our country but pretty much 0 action.
if you happen to be a true nationalist who reads this posts, please don't get offended, i know a lot of people are doing a great job in making things work and i salute you but you gotta admit that there are more people who well, just don't do much or even nothing aka me. trust me i'm not proud of this AT ALL.
i've made a pact ever since junior high to later work in indonesia under any circumstances and continue living here no matter how delicious other countries seem. indonesia has giving me SO MUCH MORE than a place to live and i'm not going to just abandon it. the least i can do is give something back, in any way. even if i ever work outside indonesia, it's for the sake of my country.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

happy 20th :)

so the guy i've spent my life with for the last 1 year and 3 months just celebrated his birthday 2 days ago. yeah this post is a little late but better late than never. as a little gift, i'm going to dedicate this post to him.

first thing, me and iman is not a pair of dream couple and we're not exactly the couple that makes other people jealous. to be honest, he is the exact opposite of EVERYTHING i want in a guy (except for the fact that he's left handed, cause i just love that in guys). i don't even know what made me fell for him in the first time, but something just sparked.
in the past year, we fight way way more than the normal dose. we argue about the littlest thing, about the biggest of things and shit and we broke up and make up constantly.we also went to a bunch of things i never even dreamed would have to experience.

we hook up when we were both 18 and now we're both 20. this is the turning point of our lives. of everybody's life actually. the age where you learn about how to face life and the time you actually grow up and matures. i always thought i could do it alone, but boy was i wrong.
iman has thought me more than anything i could ever imagine. he doesn't really teach me actually, but he made me realize, made me open my eyes to the things that were always there but i never knew existed. he made me realize things that i am now more grateful than ever to have realize and i could never have imagined how my life would've turned out if he was never there to begin with.
it's like, when you're going through tough times, you pick a buddy. pick a friend. pick someone that you can actually trust. i'm lucky enough to actually have someone to be my 'growing up buddy'. i knew i could never ever asked for anyone better.
i love how i would rant on about some stuff that i'm going through and how i would just complain complain complain. but with just one or two sentences, he could pretty much changed everything. i don't know how you do it, but you're plain awesome.

cheers, may we still be together for the years to come

Monday, July 19, 2010

unfortunately, all good things do come to an end

so my holiday's been great and i just got back from japan and all and i thought about posting pictures and stories but i really am not in the mood.
it's been a year and 3 months since me and my current boyfriend started seeing each other. in that 1 year and 3 months we break-up and make-up continuously until it sickens each other and everyone around us. but weird thing is, after all those fights, all those nonsense arguments, you end up really knowing a person and really learn to appreciate them. lately things have been amazing, and we didn't just get to this point just like that, we fought for it, we strive for it, bottom line is, we earned it.
some of you reading this may know that our relationship has never really been that serious. i mean, we're more of the right now couple. never have any plans to go any further.
but then earlier today i was jokingly saying if we'll still be together for the next world cup and he said something in the lines of, "of course not, that's ages from now."
well i know this is truer than true, neither of us plans to spend the rest of our lives with each other. but really, this gets me thinking.
if you've been to hell and back with a person, you'll really feel that you have a connection with them. i dare say that now, i'm most comfortable with him than anyone else i can thing of. i can't see myself with another person. for now, that just seems all wrong.
right now, i'm just dead scared that we'll both come to that point where we come to think, 'if this is going nowhere, then why am i still here? why fight for something we know will never last?'
but at the same time, i still want to be together.

oh goodness gracious, now i'm confused.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

hitting the big 20

god, i don't even know where to start. but look at me, i just started with the word god so that must be a good sign haha.
ok, so i just had my 20th birthday. it was really nice and i really can't not smile everytime i see the picture of me and donghae kyuhyun that ajeng gave me hahahah. but turning 20 got me thinking. well, actually, it wasn't turning 20 that got me thinking.
to make a long story short, aka to save myself from rambling; i'm scared of growing up. really i am. really really bad. i even googled up fear of growing up and thank god it's good to know i'm not alone.
maybe it's not what i'll have to face that's scaring me, but more of what i'll have to leave. i've had such an amazing youth and i can't bare to think that that's going to stop in in a few years. it tortures me to see newly graduated high school students. i can't believe that that was 2 years ago for me. i remember being really really happy. i mean, i've just finished high school, looking forward to uni, and just got the guy of my dreams haha. it really couldn't get any better. even if a million dollars fell out of the sky in my front yard, i still wouldn't be happier than i was then. and here i am, two years into uni, no longer excited. the only thing in my mind is get good grades and graduate in 2012, no more.
second, i honestly really really like competing in english competitions. i've competed in primary school, junior high, high school and also uni. i want more! seriously, i do! i love winning haha and i love the thrill of doing it and i really really can't wait for binus' next english competition cause i've never joined a scrabble competition before and i think i'm more that ready for that. then i realized, your time's almost up. once you graduated college, you'll be much to old for those kinds of competition. i can't join anything anymore. furthermore, anything such as organizations and pageants will have a maximum age and time's running out. i have never ever thought of joining pageants before, but with this fear of growing up and the ticking time bomb towards actual responsibility, i'm starting to think i'm going to do everything that has an age limit, just for the fun of it.
then comes marriage. oh goodness marriage. my friends are getting married one by one right before me and to be honest it's scaring me shitless. it's making realize even more that i already am entering the age where it is time for something such as marriage. i use to be so young and those people that are getting marriage are way older than me and now here i am as old as them. oh god oh god oh god.
this is so effin' killing me bit by bit.

but here's what i told myself; nobody's forcing you to do everything fast and flawless. take your time. don't grow up of you're not ready. just don't. take all the time you want, you will be ready eventually. a lot of things can change in 2 years. do all the teenagery stuff you want to do if that makes you feel better. and nobody's telling you to not make mistakes. make them. or else you won't learn. don't make fatal ones that'll affect your future or something like that. make silly little ones that you can laugh off one day.
all in all. don't act your age, act like the age of your soul. haha

Thursday, June 3, 2010

libur sampe september

as some of you may know, or remember, last year i got an internship at makki makki branding consultant. i worked at an office from 8 am till late from monday to sunday. just like having a real job. i did that for 2 months so i only get to spend the last month of my holiday. this holiday, i planned that i didn't want to work at an office again. it's so tiring and blah. I didn't even want to look for a job, i thought i'd just add another student so that i'll spend my holiday teaching 3 students.
so here i am on the second week of my holiday. to make a long story short, i now only teach 2 student. i got another offer today to teach another student every day from monday to thursday which would actually be really great, but i turned it down. malesssss bgt. jangankan nambah, just dealing with these 2 aja gw sbnrnya agak, nyeaaaahhh males. seriously what is wrong with me??? mau jd apa gw kalo males2 gini terus.
but the thing is, to be really really extremely honest, i don't feel that guilty. i mean, my holiday just started and i'm having so much fun. emg gitu2 doang but it's fun enough. so far gw baru ngerasa kebosenan satu hari doang pas hari pertama. anyway, i already had an internship last year so it's ok if i don't go again this year. i want to cut myself some slack.

anyway, i'm getting a microwave for my birthday! sooooo happy! finally, after years of waiting.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

friday, 28th may 2010

we're on a break-up make-up stance so if you ask, i wouldn't know if i should say we've gotten back together or not. but anyway

what i loathe about you:
-you get emotional and ever so effing easily
-you yell back when i yell at you
-you take AGES to pick where we should eat even though we're both starving
-you ketiduran so often
-you like burger king so much, seriously, what's to like about it
-when i'm bitching about some other person, you stay neutral, you never take my side
-you're never ready to meet my family
-you blame me for not contacting you all day padahal it's your phone that's gone berserk
-i hate how you're always saying 'yang beliin dong beliin dong' even though you're only joking, it's annoying
-i hate how your words contradict your actions

what i really like about you:
-you would do absolutely anything possible for me and my happiness
-you teach me stuff
-you drag me to burger king so often i end up loving burger king
-you would drive through all those traffic jam just for me, even though i keep saying you really shouldn't
-i love the nickname you give me
-i love how we would just laugh and laugh and laugh
-i love how you always try to understand me though sometimes you end up failing haha
-i love how you made me realize so many things i never would've realized without you
-i love how you usually don't want to go to the restaurants i pick but end up liking them anyway
-i love how you're left handed
-i will never trade your abs for anyone elses
-i love how you kiss me on the cheek out of nowhere
-i love how you laugh hysterically at my stupidity
-i love how your words contradict your actions

most importantly, i LOVE how you forgive me for every single thing that i have done to you. readers, trust me, the things i do aren't pretty.

i promise i won't repeat my mistakes again <3

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

just some random facts

since it's the holidays and there's no way i'm sleeping at this hour (12.36am) i'm going to post some randomness.

-i don't like reading magazines. i just don't. i've tried, but it just doesn't work for me. i honestly, don't remember the last magazine i bought. i use to buy teen vogue and nylon and stuff but it just doesn't work with me. if i were in some waiting room or something, i would pick out--if i had the choice, some health magazines such as fit and shape

-speaking of fit and shape, ever since i got got obsessed in having a hard-rockin' body, a day never goes by without me doing my usual late night crunches. i don't know how much it's working and deep down i know i should just kiss the celebrity body of my dreams goodbye but if feels good to at least keep trying

-writing a book is much harder than i thought

-i don't wear make ups. i just can't. sure i want to, i mean i have an eyeliner and a mascara but let alone those two, i don't even know how to put on powder. no lie. i ended up giving my compact powder to my cousin who will take good use of it.

-i don't like going to the hairdressers. i only go for haircuts and hairdos on wedding days. i've only had 1 cream bath in my life and i honestly didn't like it. i want to have long hair but who am i kidding, my hair is hideous. i don't know anyone else with as much split ends as i do. hair falls to. even in this condition, i still won't drag my ass to the hairdressers to get a treatment or such.

-i quit drinking. i'm not even tempted if all around me drinks and i get free alcohol shoved under my nose. god knows why. but seriously, i no longer see how anyone can actually have fun at a bar.

-i drive but i suck at it, and i don't know how long i will keep sucking at it

-i don't think johnny depp's all that good looking

-i'd love to wear high heels but they hurt more than anything. seriously. i don't think i can EVER bear them, let alone being able to pull them off.

-i get A LOT of these from my guy friends: 'id, liat deh. (shows me the pic) gw lg ngedeketin dia ni, gmn menurut lo?'
well of course i never say that out loud, but no matter which guy friend it is, it's all the same stereotypical type of girl. seriously guys, SERIOUSLY.

-i personally think that just because a person has fair skin, gorgeous long hair and can pull off any type of i-can-never-catch-up-with clothing, doesn't mean she's pretty. the term 'pretty' or beautiful or gorgeous or whatever you name it, is so media-driven now.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

as usual, i suck at making titles

last year i make tons of posts regarding on my beliefs and stuff. well, im clinging to it really tightly and i have never been more comfortable. the problem is, it sort of sometimes annoys me when people tell me to pray and to tobat or anything of that sort. i mean, can't people put tolerance above religion? seriously. i'm not saying i'm right. nobody knows who's right. seriously. it also gets really weird when people tells me i really should start praying for the sake of doomsday, or underworld or how you call it akhirat. it's just weird and all wrong, well at least to me that is. i personally think that if in the end we really do get judged by what we do in our lives, it's going to be judged on how far you make it. how you make the best of life by making every second worth living and on how you don't go around doing stuff you know is wrong. i personally don't believe in the term of god and satan. i think all this is god's doing. god himself created evil in order for us to learn goodness. god sends us problems to make us stronger not to put us in misery. so i also think it's weird when i'm going through a problem and people tells me to pray. god and none other is the one who sent that exact problem for you to solve it, for a reason beyond our knowledge, so why ask him to take it away from you again?

all in all, i want to make a life worth living.

Friday, May 14, 2010


all good things come to an end. like it or not, we both have to deal with this. i really wish i could reminisce and but old pictures of us in this post but i'll probably just end up crying my eyeballs out.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


god i hate dealing with break-ups

Sunday, May 9, 2010


ok, since i've been watching how i met your mother i and getting soooo jealous at cobie smulders voluptuous body, i decided i want a great body soooo bad. i know it's only in my dreams, and well everybody else's dream to look like a celebrity, but i thought i'd give it a try. i now make sure i go to the gym at least once a week. i know, i know, what am i supposed to be getting if i only go once a week? but it's just sooooo hard to find time and it's the holidays are starting in two weeks anyway. hopefully i can go every day in that 3 month of nothingness. i also got myself a personal trainer and i couldn't stop doing crunches and push-ups at home. i wish i can do them right now. oh and, i also go swimming everyday now.
oh and one thing, i LOVE eating. earlier today i told iman after sushi, maqui's rare cheese and tutti frutti yoghurt that it's amazing how food tastes these days. there just seem to be more and more delicious food and it just never stops. i think the world coming to an end cause i don't think culinary could get any better. ok, so my point in telling that is, i don't want to cut back on eating. not now and hopefully not ever. there were times i didn't want to eat meat cause i love vegetables and i thought i could live with just that, but naaah, meat's good.
so i want to have a nice, toned body but i don't want to cut back on food and go on a diet and stuff. i love to eat. so i guess i'm just going to have to drill it ever so crazily by exercising. wish me luck people! oh and, advices are more than welcome.
other stuff i plan to do in the upcoming holiday: at first i wanted to do kickboxing but naaaah, that ain't me. so i'm just going to do some pilates, yoga, and buy a yoga mat.

Friday, May 7, 2010

2 weeks till the holidays

ok so i didn't continue my last post about how i met your mother. in fact, i always do that don't i? say in my post that i'll continue later but not continue later haha. ok, so i've been seriously addicted major to how i met your mother, tp bener kata baya si, bagusan yang awal2. but anyway, my favorite character in the show is--like i mentioned before-- robin scherbatsky. gooooosssh, seriously, she has my dream job, she's pretty as heck, and she has a really2 nice body. i've seen so many actresses and singers and models and famous people, but none is as pretty as robin. well, to me that is, people always have a different opinion about looks. robin for me is like one of the vampire's from twilight. cantiknya bgt bgtan, haha. and in the first season, dia agak sedikit gendut gt, dikit. in the next seasons she gets skinnier making her look prettier, by season 4, badannya udah toned parah.
she drives me jealous. klo dia bisa dari agak2 gendut jadi toned gt, gw jg harus bisa! ga ada cerita.

anyway, the 3 months long awaited holiday is coming up. seriously i can't wait for it. but i don't want to lie around and do nothing. and i don't think i'm ready to write a book to kill time haha. i want a job. like last year. i don't want that job again, gosh NO. but i'd love something else. i'm thinking of looking, but i like lo lie back and see things unravel before my eyes. last year, in the first week of my holiday the job offer came. and this year, i've already had two job offers. LOVE-LY. i want to see what other offers will come, i just hope i won't be too gabut this holiday. also in my free time, i will go to the gym, wait, no no no. in the holidays, i will go to the gym EVERYDAY cause i want a body like robin soooo bad, and nice abs. i also won't forget to write somewhere along the business.

i hope i don't jinx my holiday by writing this! tootles!

Friday, April 23, 2010

how i met your mother

even though i'm currently only in the second season of watching how i met your mother, i can't help it, i love the series. sure, nothing beats friends and i don't think anything will ever beat friends, but this is good enough. it tells the life of 5 mid 20s living in new york. my favorite character is Robin Scherbatsky cause she is just sooooooooo gorgeous plus and amazing body and she works as a news reporter for metro news one--something i've always wanted. robin's boyfriend is ted who works as an architect. they remind me so much of my parents. my mum was a news reporter for metro news and my dad is still an architect.
and barney, the womanizer, gosh he is just so woooaaahhh. ok, gotta go teach now, will continue this post later.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


lately my grades are friggin' flunking, i have no effing mood to effing to all those ass-ignments and shit. seriously. it's been so long since i went on a dvd marathon, found a good book to read and have one hell of a time with my boyfriend, owh and most importantly, found a good game to play on my psp. and that's where i am now.
i've been watching grey's anatomy and how i met your mother non-stop, and i read silence of the lambs whenever i get the chance to then i do tons of new stuff with my boyfriend cause our relationship's graphic sort of sped up after our first anniversary and i feel like my hands are glued to my psp from playing burnout. and as much as i LOVE my job as a private tutor, it's been a blast cause they've cancelled 3 times in a row just for birthdays haha.
god, i really am enjoying my life haha.
but then, comes the assignments, comes the classes, comes the stupid2 wenzhangs. rata2 wenzhang2 gw masi 57 td gw itung, i don't even feel like touching my history assignment even though that's an uts take home and i feel like skipping sign language class tomorrow cause for the first time, they're giving us homeworks.
goodness gracious what am i to do now?

i really want to write a LOT cause ideas are really shooting out of my head but really, you wouldn't want to listen and it'd probably be best if i start my ass-ignment now.

Friday, March 5, 2010


you know how people say don't wish for easier tasks, but wish to be a stronger person. for me, i wish i was weaker, cause god will never give me tasks beyond my ability. if i was weaker, i wouldn't be put in so much hell of a test.

ok, that's not a good example. i know i'm not suppose to think that way but sometimes i can't help it.

the reason i think that way is because when i see my friends, they would probably crumble and give up if they were in my position. no, this time i'm not talking about any relationship problem at all, it's something else. but then again, i know that's just the self-centered me talking. i know very well that everybody has different points of strength and weaknesses. so i would probably crumble too if i were in their position.

still in copeland, coping

i wanted you to be happy and i wanted this to happen. even if i never wanted this to happen it will come sooner or later and i shouldn't act all mooshy and and mope around and stuff cause this really sucks but it really is hard. worst of all, my boyfriend has every right to be pissed off at me at the moment but he isn't. he just isn't. which leads me to even more guilt.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

shock therapy bnr2 ni

i wanted to write about my life, my opinions again, my campus life, my new job and stuff. but here i am once again being a hopeless romantic and freaking out all over again over some stupid guy.

i know this is complete crap and none of you may not want to care and some might say i really shouldn't be writing any of this, i can't help it. i want to. and this is much better than me wailing off to my friends live and torturing them by hearing me moan over some guy which i claim to be over with by now.

it's not easy to know that someone who you once cared for really much for has found someone else, has moved on and that you are now just a history. the worst part is imagining the things he use to do to you, or with you, he now does it to the new partner.

this is supposed to be more fair than ever, but it's soooo hard to accept. i'm now here cracking up all by myself and soon i'll probably ruin my laptop's trackpad cause i've been sobbing over it for quiet some time now. 

i couldn't help feeling like a jerk cause this is sooooo unfair to my current boyfriend. sure our relationship is on edge lately and the switch just keeps going on and off continuously. the switch to my feelings and our relationship. i just HATE the fact that i never have found the off button for the previous guy i'm wailing about. it's like, it has a rotating switch instead of an on-and off thing. so all i can do is turn in slightly so that it's almost off, but it's fucking jammed so i can't turn it all the way to the friggin' off.

ok, enough with the switch metaphors. see, i'm writing again. i miss writing. only he can make me write like this. only he can friggin' motivate me to write. my current one somehow doesn't have the power to do so.

god i feel soooo guilty. i wanted to forget all that's in the past, all of it. every stupid second of it. come on it's been YEARSSSSSSS. and yes i am happy with mr. right now but still still still... i had no idea it would feel like this.

it's true he was the one who left me. a thing which he said he regretted, and when i found someone new and didn't say a word to him, it must've felt this shitty. so yeah all's fair.

ok, i think i'm going to stop here. i'm rambling and i'm spilling my personal life too much which isn't a very wise choice.  but have a happy life you too. god bless you, like literally, since you praise the same god and all. and yeah, what a way to put more cheerleaders in my life. making me feel like i'm living some crap teenage drama and all.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

god i miss this comfort zone of mine

will update soon! my life feels all wrong without writing. i had no idea where my passion went these past few months :(

Saturday, January 16, 2010

new job!

ok, so i have neglected my blog for so long. i am soooo sorry. yeah well then again who am i sorry to, nobody's reading it anymore. haha.
the only reason i'm posting again is because i got a new job and it's just superb. i loveeee the job, so far. let's just see how long i will stand it till i come home wailing like i did in my previous job haha.
well i never really loved my previous job. the one where i worked in a branding consultant office as an assistant business development. but this time, it's much nicer.
so what exactly is my job? the one i claim to love so much.
before i tell you that, i have to tell you this story.

so me and my friend from chinese studies, dewi, wanted to watch the fesbud parade. we figured the best spot to do so is in the fisip bus stop. as we were waiting for the parade to pass, dewi spotted a job opening poster on the notice wall. it's an opening to be a private teacher for international school students. i was pretty interested cause it's not just normal students, but international school students. and not just any national + schools, but i get to teach real foreigners.

to make a long story short, i got the job. and my first--and so far my only student yet-- is a 10 year old indian girl named nikita. she goes to JIS, btw.
she's indian, but unlike what i expected, she has really fair skin. and nikita, her mum and her sister are all really gorgeous. their house is really close to mine and it's friggin HUGE. HUGEEEEE i tell you! i have never seen a house soooo grand in my life. i watched teen cribs on mtv earlier today and i daresay the houses in MTV are NOTHING compared to nikita's house. NOTHING.
so nikita's really fun to be with and she's really talkative. she's just so fun and full of energy and she seems to spread all the happiness to me. she said that she was surprised to have a teacher like me. indonesian, but speaks in an australian accent.
i realized i used to have an australian accent cause that's where i learned english. but i thought it has gone of years ago since i know cram my head with american movies and tv programs. but after what nikita said. i realized that i still do have the australian accent. it's nice and i'd really like to keep it for as long as possible.
like most kids, nikita's has MAJOR trouble concentrating. so the only way i can get her to work is if i promised her something after she has finished all her work. like last time, i said i promised i'll show her how to change the LED colour in her blackberry. and give her some themes. she also says i'm the only teacher who knows how to work a bb. the others are completely clueless.
nikita's mum has been asking for extra hours and extra days, i'd really like to say yes cause i really am having soooo much fun.

well, that's it i guess. from what i wrote, am i doing things right? does anyone want to share some tips on teaching? comment please. thank you!