Thursday, May 27, 2010

friday, 28th may 2010

we're on a break-up make-up stance so if you ask, i wouldn't know if i should say we've gotten back together or not. but anyway

what i loathe about you:
-you get emotional and ever so effing easily
-you yell back when i yell at you
-you take AGES to pick where we should eat even though we're both starving
-you ketiduran so often
-you like burger king so much, seriously, what's to like about it
-when i'm bitching about some other person, you stay neutral, you never take my side
-you're never ready to meet my family
-you blame me for not contacting you all day padahal it's your phone that's gone berserk
-i hate how you're always saying 'yang beliin dong beliin dong' even though you're only joking, it's annoying
-i hate how your words contradict your actions

what i really like about you:
-you would do absolutely anything possible for me and my happiness
-you teach me stuff
-you drag me to burger king so often i end up loving burger king
-you would drive through all those traffic jam just for me, even though i keep saying you really shouldn't
-i love the nickname you give me
-i love how we would just laugh and laugh and laugh
-i love how you always try to understand me though sometimes you end up failing haha
-i love how you made me realize so many things i never would've realized without you
-i love how you usually don't want to go to the restaurants i pick but end up liking them anyway
-i love how you're left handed
-i will never trade your abs for anyone elses
-i love how you kiss me on the cheek out of nowhere
-i love how you laugh hysterically at my stupidity
-i love how your words contradict your actions

most importantly, i LOVE how you forgive me for every single thing that i have done to you. readers, trust me, the things i do aren't pretty.

i promise i won't repeat my mistakes again <3

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

just some random facts

since it's the holidays and there's no way i'm sleeping at this hour (12.36am) i'm going to post some randomness.

-i don't like reading magazines. i just don't. i've tried, but it just doesn't work for me. i honestly, don't remember the last magazine i bought. i use to buy teen vogue and nylon and stuff but it just doesn't work with me. if i were in some waiting room or something, i would pick out--if i had the choice, some health magazines such as fit and shape

-speaking of fit and shape, ever since i got got obsessed in having a hard-rockin' body, a day never goes by without me doing my usual late night crunches. i don't know how much it's working and deep down i know i should just kiss the celebrity body of my dreams goodbye but if feels good to at least keep trying

-writing a book is much harder than i thought

-i don't wear make ups. i just can't. sure i want to, i mean i have an eyeliner and a mascara but let alone those two, i don't even know how to put on powder. no lie. i ended up giving my compact powder to my cousin who will take good use of it.

-i don't like going to the hairdressers. i only go for haircuts and hairdos on wedding days. i've only had 1 cream bath in my life and i honestly didn't like it. i want to have long hair but who am i kidding, my hair is hideous. i don't know anyone else with as much split ends as i do. hair falls to. even in this condition, i still won't drag my ass to the hairdressers to get a treatment or such.

-i quit drinking. i'm not even tempted if all around me drinks and i get free alcohol shoved under my nose. god knows why. but seriously, i no longer see how anyone can actually have fun at a bar.

-i drive but i suck at it, and i don't know how long i will keep sucking at it

-i don't think johnny depp's all that good looking

-i'd love to wear high heels but they hurt more than anything. seriously. i don't think i can EVER bear them, let alone being able to pull them off.

-i get A LOT of these from my guy friends: 'id, liat deh. (shows me the pic) gw lg ngedeketin dia ni, gmn menurut lo?'
well of course i never say that out loud, but no matter which guy friend it is, it's all the same stereotypical type of girl. seriously guys, SERIOUSLY.

-i personally think that just because a person has fair skin, gorgeous long hair and can pull off any type of i-can-never-catch-up-with clothing, doesn't mean she's pretty. the term 'pretty' or beautiful or gorgeous or whatever you name it, is so media-driven now.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

as usual, i suck at making titles

last year i make tons of posts regarding on my beliefs and stuff. well, im clinging to it really tightly and i have never been more comfortable. the problem is, it sort of sometimes annoys me when people tell me to pray and to tobat or anything of that sort. i mean, can't people put tolerance above religion? seriously. i'm not saying i'm right. nobody knows who's right. seriously. it also gets really weird when people tells me i really should start praying for the sake of doomsday, or underworld or how you call it akhirat. it's just weird and all wrong, well at least to me that is. i personally think that if in the end we really do get judged by what we do in our lives, it's going to be judged on how far you make it. how you make the best of life by making every second worth living and on how you don't go around doing stuff you know is wrong. i personally don't believe in the term of god and satan. i think all this is god's doing. god himself created evil in order for us to learn goodness. god sends us problems to make us stronger not to put us in misery. so i also think it's weird when i'm going through a problem and people tells me to pray. god and none other is the one who sent that exact problem for you to solve it, for a reason beyond our knowledge, so why ask him to take it away from you again?

all in all, i want to make a life worth living.

Friday, May 14, 2010


all good things come to an end. like it or not, we both have to deal with this. i really wish i could reminisce and but old pictures of us in this post but i'll probably just end up crying my eyeballs out.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


god i hate dealing with break-ups

Sunday, May 9, 2010


ok, since i've been watching how i met your mother i and getting soooo jealous at cobie smulders voluptuous body, i decided i want a great body soooo bad. i know it's only in my dreams, and well everybody else's dream to look like a celebrity, but i thought i'd give it a try. i now make sure i go to the gym at least once a week. i know, i know, what am i supposed to be getting if i only go once a week? but it's just sooooo hard to find time and it's the holidays are starting in two weeks anyway. hopefully i can go every day in that 3 month of nothingness. i also got myself a personal trainer and i couldn't stop doing crunches and push-ups at home. i wish i can do them right now. oh and, i also go swimming everyday now.
oh and one thing, i LOVE eating. earlier today i told iman after sushi, maqui's rare cheese and tutti frutti yoghurt that it's amazing how food tastes these days. there just seem to be more and more delicious food and it just never stops. i think the world coming to an end cause i don't think culinary could get any better. ok, so my point in telling that is, i don't want to cut back on eating. not now and hopefully not ever. there were times i didn't want to eat meat cause i love vegetables and i thought i could live with just that, but naaah, meat's good.
so i want to have a nice, toned body but i don't want to cut back on food and go on a diet and stuff. i love to eat. so i guess i'm just going to have to drill it ever so crazily by exercising. wish me luck people! oh and, advices are more than welcome.
other stuff i plan to do in the upcoming holiday: at first i wanted to do kickboxing but naaaah, that ain't me. so i'm just going to do some pilates, yoga, and buy a yoga mat.

Friday, May 7, 2010

2 weeks till the holidays

ok so i didn't continue my last post about how i met your mother. in fact, i always do that don't i? say in my post that i'll continue later but not continue later haha. ok, so i've been seriously addicted major to how i met your mother, tp bener kata baya si, bagusan yang awal2. but anyway, my favorite character in the show is--like i mentioned before-- robin scherbatsky. gooooosssh, seriously, she has my dream job, she's pretty as heck, and she has a really2 nice body. i've seen so many actresses and singers and models and famous people, but none is as pretty as robin. well, to me that is, people always have a different opinion about looks. robin for me is like one of the vampire's from twilight. cantiknya bgt bgtan, haha. and in the first season, dia agak sedikit gendut gt, dikit. in the next seasons she gets skinnier making her look prettier, by season 4, badannya udah toned parah.
she drives me jealous. klo dia bisa dari agak2 gendut jadi toned gt, gw jg harus bisa! ga ada cerita.

anyway, the 3 months long awaited holiday is coming up. seriously i can't wait for it. but i don't want to lie around and do nothing. and i don't think i'm ready to write a book to kill time haha. i want a job. like last year. i don't want that job again, gosh NO. but i'd love something else. i'm thinking of looking, but i like lo lie back and see things unravel before my eyes. last year, in the first week of my holiday the job offer came. and this year, i've already had two job offers. LOVE-LY. i want to see what other offers will come, i just hope i won't be too gabut this holiday. also in my free time, i will go to the gym, wait, no no no. in the holidays, i will go to the gym EVERYDAY cause i want a body like robin soooo bad, and nice abs. i also won't forget to write somewhere along the business.

i hope i don't jinx my holiday by writing this! tootles!