Sunday, August 28, 2011

more about kim kibum

hehe sorry, hope you don't get bored.

being a snower for a year, i have come to learn almost all the fun facts that has been going around about kibum oppa. one thing for sure is i'm sure we snowers hold on to a lot to kibum's answer to his 100 question interview.

1. there's this part where he says that the eyes it's what he notices first when he first meets a girl.

it's true :)

When you talk, he would really listen and looks you right the eyes. like really look at you. honestly it really does kill me when he did that, but i managed to get my words in order though i felt it all jumbling up in my head.

2. i'm sure you're all familiar with his killer killer smile? they're A GAZILLION times hotter in real life. they are really lethal and killer. they're perfect in every way. esp his teeth. aaarrrgghh his teeth are just soooooo amazing.


he really is white as snow. and it seems sooooooo smooth it's like there's milk falling on top of his skin. it's like silk.


ORGASMIC. esp when speaking english

5. his arms of sex

they really are that sexy. seriously. and they look so much better in real life

dear snowers

dear snowers/dwarfs/fans of kim kibum everywhere.

I'm sure we all know that our kibum oppa is very special. He has a killer smile, he has arms of sex and he is just perfect in every way.
when he decided to take a hiatus from super junior, many were disappointed. i'm sure back then there were so many snowers, but lately they've been fading more than ever and only a few very loyal ones remain.

I am new to being a fan of kibum. probably only about a year. but i fell for him hard, really hard. never in my life have i ever fell for any othe celebrity like this. i like everything about kibum and no other kpop star can change that.

yes being a snower is really really right, i'm sure we all know that. i read a post from a very wonderful snower named katie (press here for link) and it inspired me to write this post.

My purpose for writing this post is because I feel that it IS really hard being a snower, and i'm more than thankful to have all you snowers to wait for kibum so i feel less lonely and i can never thank you all enough for the picspams and translations and fun facts about kibum. An update from each and every one of you is what i look forward to each day.

A few days ago i was very very very fortunate to be able to meet kim kibum and converse with him directly. What i can tell all of you is, i promise you, he is sooooooooooooo nice. i mean, really really really nice. he remembered me from earlier that day when i was only a fan among other fans and he came up to me and actually started a conversation with me, a huge fan of his. he's very very humble and he doesn't even show the least bit that he's famous. he's just amazing. sometimes i am still wondering how i made it through that 15 minutes alive. i thought i was going to die right then and then from happiness.

I have no proof that i have actually met kim kibum, i dont think taking pictures would be appropriate since he's already being so nice and treating me more like a friend than a fan. all i have is an autograph that might as well been meant for all you snowers out there.

After talking to him and actually how he is in person (we both stayed at dakeya hours after we finished conversing) i can tell you each and every one of you that he is DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT. i promise you that, i guarantee you that. he is sooooo nice, has a really big heart and he deserves fangirls like us. i mean come on, how many korean stars do you know comes up to their fans and treats them really nicely. we all know that that's unnecesarry but he chose to do that and i'm sure he would do the same with any one of us.

I hope you don't ever give up on kim kibum, he's super awesome and he's making a comeback soon. what with all the endorsements, upcoming drama and magazine article, we can be sure that he's ready to strike back more than ever. so for snowers everywhere, if you ever feel tired and impatient, and thinking of downgrading kibum in your list of bias, i hope you will remember that he will make an awesome comeback and that he's a really good person and deserves to have all of us as his fans :)

ps: he's a really good listener. he would really listen to you when you're talking and look at you right in the eyes.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

kim kibum, mind-blowingly amazing

So i was lucky enough to visit seoul for 8 days from 17-25 august. remembering that on august 21 is kibum's birthday, i just had to find him, no matter what it takes. what i did when i arrived in Seoul is i went to Dakeya every single day. dakeya is a sort of japanese restaurant, more correctly to be said as an izakaya, google if you dont know what it means.

The reason i went to Dakeya every day is because it's kibum's favorite place to hang out and the owner of the place is kibum's best friend, park sumin. he was really nice. on our 3rd day he told us that super junior kangin was coming and he really did. and sumin asked us who our favorite member was. i said it was kibum and he said he could call kibum to come right then. he did call kibum but he didn't come, after all it was his birthday, he was probably doing something somewhere else whatever and wherever that is.

Time passes and before i knew it i only had two full days to spend in Seoul. 2 days, that's all i have to find kibum oppa. Ajeng was already having her luck with KiChul and i'm just horrified that i would have to return before i meet kibum oppa. Than the next day, a miracle occured. miracles actually.

kibum tweeted that he was filming his new drama in KyeongBok Palace. i went there straight away with only changing my clothes. When i arrived, the huge gate at the front (GwangHwaMun) was closed, and the tourist information also said it was closed. i decided to go around the gate and try to find another entrance. turns out there is one other entrance, it opens straight to the parking lot and there were people wearing ID tags and hanboks everywhere. i knew i was in the right place.

i sat at a corner and waited for about an hour. i know this is where the actors were going to have lunch cause the actresses just finished theirs. turns out i was right, when the actresses left, the actors came out and there he was, kim kibum oppa in korean traditional clothing. me and a few fans starting panicking and scattering all over the place. i chose to stand somewhere in front of the toilet so that if he decides to go to the loo, he would pass me. the luck that i have, he really did head for the loo and he passed right in front of me. sooooooooo close. we were only a meter away and i was completely shaking and i couldn't move, i couldn't even say anything. this is the kibum i've been dying to see for ages and ages. he's actually here and he's a million times hotter than he ever was on photos/videos. his snow white skin glowed even more under the sun and he was absolutely gorgeous. when he passed me, i finally managed to say, 'annyeong oppa, happy birthday.' he then turned his head back and smiled and me. not a huge smile like he usually does, but the smile was there, a smile of sincere. and i was in heaven.

we weren't allowed to do much that time, we can't take pictures, his manager is always around and he only answered what he needed to answer. we walked back with him to the set until finally he said "ok, bye bye" and disappeared behind the gate. that day, for the whole day, i was totally kibumized. terkibum-kibum. kibum is all i can think about and he's all i can talk about. i was completely over the moon. i went to some corner away from the other fans and i sobbed quitely, happy happy tears. i was exhilarated.

i decided that i should go to dakeya again that night (as usual) and tell park sumin that i just met kibum! so later than night, me and ajeng head for dakeya. when we arrived, i saw from outside a figure so familiar it's unmistakeable, it must be him and no one else. kim kibum was inside dakeya. jesus H! i was meeting him for the second time that day! right when i was completely swooned by him, and i get to meet him again. this is all to good to be true. i pushed the door and went in and acted as calm as i possibly could.

i took a seat facing him, and all of a sudden he was waving at me, "hello!" There was only wall behind me so it was none other than me he was waving at, and i managed to wave back, "hello oppa, you remember me?" and he answered "yeah!" i sat down and started crying again, this is too much. there were about 8 fans earlier today and he remembered me. i stopped myself from crying cause it would be too embarrassing if he saw me. so i calmed down and ordered a drink.

i really enjoyed being in the same room as kibum. i love his voice more than anything. his talking voice i sometimes play over and over in my ipod cause i love it so much. i just wish i could understand what he was saying, haha. after quite a while, not sure how long, like 15-30 minutes, he stood up from his table and walked towards the toilet, i looked down and pretend to be busy with my mobile cause the only way to get to the toilet is by passing my table. i dont want to stare while he walks past me. so i looked down and acted busy and it truly was the shock of a lifetime when he didn't go to the toilet, instead he sat on my table on the chair opposite of me. i think i had DIED. there is NO WAY this is happening. things like this only happen in movies and fan fiction. i was definitely in a dream. i just sat there agape when he took a glass and offered it to me. i just stayed still and had no idea what to do, i was pretty much still in shock and my friend, ajeng, came to be the heroin and poured a drink to his glass. when kibum's glass was filled he put it forward and clinked it against my glass. "nice to meet you" he said. and can only reply with "nice to meet you too" and he started the conversation by asking "so where do you guys come from?"

i dont want to go into to much detail into my conversation cause well, it is private. hehe. it was nothing personal i swear. if you're really dying to know then you can contact me, but i can't write it all down here. apart from it being private, it is too long to write anyway. what i can tell you is it all ended in a handshake. he was the one who offered his hand and said again "nice to meet you" and when he held my hand, i didn't want to let go, i held on to in until he had to kind of pull it away. it was embarrassing but it was too beautiful, too smooth, and too surreal that i really didn't want to let go.

physically, i daresay photos and videos don't do him justice. his skin is snow white. really smooth smooth skin it's like there's milk falling through it. and his oh-so-famous killer smile, it's so much better in real life, it really is killer. and when i talk he really looks at me, like really listens while looking into my eyes and that sometimes causes me to just fly to space with pure happiness. and his teeth, it's THAT perfect. it's exactly like in the pictures, so right, so neat, so white. and his cheeks really are that chubby you wish you could just go ahead and kiss it.

what he was wearing that time was a black cap, a white armani exchange wife-beater, black khakis, a gucci belt and crocs. haha. it's not the first time i've seen him wear those stuff.

all in all, it was an AMAZING experience. it was EXTRAORDINARY. i like kibum THAT MUCH and i was soooooo lucky to have him to come to me and be soooo nice :'''''''')

ps: oh, and i can tell you he speaks perfect english. so much better than what we see in full house

Thursday, July 28, 2011


contrary to my last post, i've been studying every single fucking day to hopefully get smarter. but then again, about that, it turns out that to be smart you don't just study, but you have to also manage your time well. but, how on earth do you manage your time without seeming to much like a robot. i don't want to wake up at the same time every day. i don't want to be forced to do the exact same thing every single day. i mean, isn't that really dull and you have no freedom?

well, it's either that or bego isn't it?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

rajin males?

i hate being stupid. i hate passing all 15 years with ok grades. with grades that's just somewhere above the ok zone. never in my life i was top 10 in class and never have my grades been satisfying. they're always just ok.
studying doesn't make you smart either. it just makes you remember all the stuff your teacher said in class or everything that's written in the book, but it doesn't make you able to analyze some literature work or make awesome mind blowing essays and it still doesn't make you able to pass those smart ones that are always there no matter what school you go to. i mean, have you ever heard of an anak rajin ranking 1 di kelas? it's always the smart ones. the ones who seem to have the brain of albert einstein's great grandchildren or something.
being rajin doesn't make you able to come out with awesome ideas on what to analyze or discuss on your final project, rajin people ends up being passive. whereas smart people's brain are always so active coming up with the newest things and not needing that much time. they only need like one tenth or one hundredth of the time that rajin people need to understand the exact same thing they're being thought. smart people can use the remaining time to do what they want whereas making them active and involved in so many new things wowing people even further. rajin people take up hours and hours and days and weeks to study for an exam and still doesn't always nail it. losing all those hours in where they can actually do other activities. honestly until now i don't get why god invent smart people. i know everyone has their own talent and ability, i know i know, but being smart is one hell of an ability. seriously. it's something everyone will want to own. it's something that can make parents and families and friends proud. on the other hand, rajin people can try as much as they want. they may succeed or they may like most times fail. and when they fail, nobody pretty much cares about the effort shown all along. i know in movies people strive to get what they want and stuff, but yeah right things like that will never happen in real life.

true what my friend says, ga ada orang rajin masuk itb, pasti yg masuk orang2 pinter. it's true sih, every person i know who got into itb ga ada yang cuma modal rajin, pasti emang pinter dari sananya. unlike me who made it to ui cause ui's recruiting like 3 times more students than usual cause they need the money.

eneg bgt sumpah, i wish i was smart. it's the one thing i want more than anything in the world

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

really really late night thoughts

Dear god, thank you for the opportunities that you have given me in live. i know this sounds really cliche but i really really mean it. all those opportunities mean so much to me, those that i take or the ones that i don't. i realized that i never once regret taking an opportunity that lies ahead of me, though i realize i let go quite a lot of them. i will try to not do that again, i know you have big plans for me and i am willing to fulfill them will all that i have. i just hope "males" doesn't stay so much in the way because it usually does. lot's and lot's of time.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

so i haven't read in aaaagggesss, and when i decided to pick something up again i was sooo scared that the book would be disappointing and that i'd lost mood in reading again. i ended up choosing the girl with the dragon tattoo and let me tell you that's it was the best choice i could probably make.

This is book is AMAZING. I don't even have words to describe it. it surely is one of the best books i've ever read.

The story is about journalist Mikael Blomkvist who is assigned to find a woman that has been missing for 40 years. He is then helped by Lisbeth Salander, genius hacker/researcher, to find the long-lost Harriet Vanger.
When Harriet went missing, the police searched for her for years and a very thorough search it was, but nevertheless Harriet was never found. So it's a huge challange for Mikael and Lisbeth to search for someone whose been missing for 40 years. All the clues are gone, the police have gone through everything, so what more to look for? but the amazing duo managed to find something the police and all other investigators have missed.

I love how Stieg Larsson made such strong strong characters. Lisbeth Salander aka the girl with the dragon tattoo is soooooo cool beyond repair. she is just so aaarrrghh!!! she's so darn amazing i don't even know where to begin. you'll definitely drop your jaw several times through the book at seeing Lisbeth in action.

I just watched the movie adaptation of this book and it was pretty ok. as usual, some parts were changed, but mostly things stayed the way they were. i was just slightly disappointed at how they picture Lisbeth.

In the book, Lisbeth was 24 but could easily be mistaken for a teenager because of her small figure. But in the movie she looked kind of old, like she's almost 30. She's also really tall in the movie, and too boyish. I've always imagined Lisbeth as a person who dresses like a punk but could still wear a black skirt and tights. But well, overall she is the Lisbeth Salander. Her personality is exactly the same, just a little different on the appearance.

All in all. i recommend this book to EVERYONE. you won't regret it I swear, it's so amazing i'm just completely out of words for it.

Anyway, they're making the hollywood version of the movie as i speak. Daniel Craig is going to play Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth will be played by Rooney Mara, the girl who played Mark's ex-girlfriend in the social network. i hope she's better than the earlier screen version of Lisbeth sooo can't wait for the movie!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

top 5 people i would like to meet

ok, so you are probably getting tired of my blog cause it's filled with my long rants, ramblings and curhats and whats its. sooo, today i am going to write about the 5 people i'd love to meet. this is actually kind of a challenge for me cause it's hard to utter why i want to meet them.

1. Kim Kibum @ikmubmik

Only because he is the best looking guy alive. well to me that is. he knows how to look right and i would GIVE to meet him

2&3. Trey Parker and Matt Stone
They're an item, i can't separate these two cause i want to meet both at the same time and if i had to choose, i wouldn't be able too. I don't know what goes on in their brains so that they could create such genius work. i love every bit of south park. the sarcasm, the critics it makes about society, religion and pretty much everything else. south park has been going on for almost 15 years and i know that it'll one day come to an end, like it or not. but i don't think i will be able to let the 4 boys go. ever, ever.

4. Yoko Ono @yokoono
Only because the is soooo amazing in so many ways. Fighting for peace though the whole world hates her. Also her relationship with John, it's the sweetest thing. i don't think i've seen a couple more in love. Last, i can't bring myself to imagine what it felt like to have your husband dying in your arms.

5. Lee Seunggi
Won an award for best emcee, best singer, and is an AMAZING actor. and unlike most korean stars, he's never had a plastic surgery.

Monday, January 3, 2011

20 and still figuring

so my parents have kept asking me about what i want to do with my life. i tell them i want to work at probably jakarta post for a year after i graduate and then continue with my postgraduate after.
i dont know why it's sooooo hard to tell them this but THIS is what i really REALLY want:
-graduate and move my ass out of my parent's house. (i've been saving)
-get a job
-travel around indonesia
-get married
-become a full-time mother

i know my parents will go ballistic if they knew that's what i really wanted in life. they (like well other people hearing this) will think that i'm throwing my life away my getting married early and not working after i have kids. but hey who can blame me? that's what I want. more than anything in the whole wide world. so i don't see why it would be a waste. well maybe if i have to i'll probably squeeze in post-graduate somewhere in there.
the thing is, i feel that throughout my 20 years of life, my mum was never really there. i know it may not be fair to say this at all cause i don't know what it's like to be in her position, but i'm just saying what i feel. she leaves the responsibility of having children to others. i was raised mostly by hired people rather than my mum herself. until now, there are so many things she doesn't know about me. what annoys me the most is that she never ever listens. ever, it's like, no matter what i say or what i try to tell her, her ears aren't there. she always mentions something else completely irrelevant or straightforwardly say that i'm wrong.

i can never know whether i'm going to be a good mother or not. but the least i can do is try and not make the same mistakes.