Saturday, June 28, 2008

senam petani

wanna rain on my parade? rain. feel free. but i CAN and i WILL. i've worked my friggin ass off for this and my name is carved on one of those 10 friggin 'chairs'.
honestly, i've never worked for anything harder in my life. ever. and this is just the beginning. life still has a long way to go. haha

Friday, June 27, 2008


5 hari lg sampe senam petani. ayo semuaaaaa kita bisa!!!! dan kali ini gw YAKIN! hahaa

Monday, June 23, 2008

SNM fucking PTN

aaaaaaaaah TAI. udah cape nyet

Saturday, June 21, 2008

goodbye ninjutsu

and say hell to kung fu! cause chinese culture rocks! hahaa... i just watched kung fu panda and i think it was AMAZING. the person next to kept laughing hysterically while kicking the seat in front of her. sule ah. it wasn't that funny. it was filled with old boring cartoon jokes but i gotta admit the story was GOOD. the effects should also get 12 thumbs up. most of all i like the chinese culture. all in all, dreamworks did it again. let's just hope pixar can do a better job with wall-e. i LOVE pixar. the characters and the pictures are usually more simple that dreamwork. compare shark tale and finding nemo, madagascar and the wild. but dreamworks is way ahead of the game in plot.

anyway, chinese culture. the chinese culture shown in kung fu panda was really strong and it really was what made the movie beautiful. there's this ancient chinese saying which i've heard a long time ago but it sorta hit me when it was mentioned in the movie.

yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery but today is a gift. that is why this is called the present.

another chinese saying that i really like

luck only lends, it never gives

seriously i'm all crazy about everything chinese right now. i've even bought making out in chinese. and i'm sooooo all over bao chun lai. the badminton player. i met him at sultan last month and i regret not taking a picture with him though i did take one with susi susanti and maria kristin. maybe i'll post them one day. right now, all i intend to do is study my as off like the chinese do so i could get into chinese literature! hahaa

sorry, wrong number!

selamat kpd nurul yg telah resmi menjadi operator gw. hahaaa. nama sm alamt gw di buku taunan salah. jd alamat sm no.nya nurul. jd klo ada yg mau ngubungin gw, k nurul gt ngubunginnya ntar disambungin k gw. hahaa penting gila ni post

Friday, June 20, 2008

beliefs beliefs =)

i'm now pretty happy in what i believe in. i am non-religious, i do believe in god but in a different concept. i don't think god is a person up there who watches everything we do and burn us as stake if we make a mistake or put us in eternal bliss if we do good. the concept that god is up there was made back when the world was flat and everyone thought there's one person monitoring everyone from a high place. god is all around us. god is in my thoughts and god is with me in everything i do. and i mean everything. even wrong things. that means god is guiding me to learn. and i think god sends us messages through what we believe in. if you believe in a certain religion then god will contact you through your prayers because that's what you believe in. i think there is no religion which is the exact right one. you don't join it you go to hell. i think all religions are great and that is shows variety and it depends on each persons comfort zone. so you an never force a religion on someone.


for those who have never been to subtitles you really should. you'll probably find any video there. i usually rent rare videos or videos published a long time ago that there are no more pirated ones. dvds i've borrowed there:
-sex and lucia
-clash of the titans
-jason and the argonouts
sisanya lupa

dvds i was surprised to find there(but haven't got a chance to borrow):
-a clockwork orange
-breakfast at tiffany's
-to kill a mockingbird
and many more

so you get the picture. you want rare videos? subtitles is the place. hahaa

banned commercials

went to darmawangsa square with adip and ajeng yesterday. adip showed some hilarious banned commercials in his computer. here are a few of my favorites.

i browsed youtube and found more. enjoy! haha

Thursday, June 19, 2008


gw semakin tergila-gila oleh gadget yg namanya psp. jadi alesan gw terpisah oleh psp gw selama 2 tahun adalah LCD gw pecah dan gw mls benerin. gw tiba2 jd pgn benerin gara-gara ngeliat nurul br beli trus kayanya seru bgt maen gamenya naruto. themesnya shikamaru lg. ditambah orang2 mulai byk yg make trus jd kepikiran punya gw nganggur. gw jg mls benerin soalnya gw kira bkl lama bgt gt benerinnya. taunya sehari jd. huhuuu.. agak nyesel si g benerin dr dulu. tp yaudahlah ya, yg penting skrg udah di tangan gw. hahaa.. gw kaya org kalap gt lgsg gw isi2 lagu, isi2 foto dll. hahaa... aaaaaaaah seruuu. gamenya seru lg. dulu blom ada yg bajakan, klo mau beli satunya 600.000. huhuuu jd dulu gw jg g penting gt punya secara g bisa beli game. haha sumpah ya katro bgt post gw yg ini.


ok so ever since i've retrieved my psp, i can't take my eyes off the god damned screen. it's sooooo addictive. esp after being separated from it for 2 friggin years. don't bother asking me whatever happened that made me get separate from the most perfect invention in the world cause i don't bother answering. and if you think the reason is 'lulus dulu baru mama balikin.' then you're wrong. hahaa.
but 1 weakness the psp has, how come there's no guitar hero psp?????????????????? god i love that game. right now, all i need is more time to play the psp and game recommendations. so anyone recommend anything?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008




Monday, June 16, 2008


seriously, stop it with all the mellowing around. everything's just wonderful and i wish you can just be happy and let things go to normal. let us go to normal, just like how we were exactly a week ago. come oooon..... the holiday awaits us!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


oh yes, fry's turkish delight. They're MAJORLY addictive. they're simply turkish delight fillings covered with cadbury chocolate instead of those whote stuff usually used for turkish delight. they're delicious as hell but they're not sold in indonesia. sigh.

and unfortunately, i've just finished my last piece. gossssh, i wish they can deliver them through mail. they're too good.

Friday, June 13, 2008


goodbye high school! it's been really fun though.

Taman Selatan

a few of you might know from my previous posts that i'm a HUGE fan of south park. they're the no.1 animation around. according to me that is. i use to like the simpsons, but ever since Baya introduced me to south park, i think, 'did that use to be funny? yeah like a decade ago.' everytime i hear someone mentions the simpsons.

for those who are also a huge fan of south park, you might be surprised to hear my favorite character is Randy Marsh. yup, stan's father.

he's just....funny. and sexy in a way. i also love the fact that he's a geologist. that's a rare job and i've been having a major interest in geography lately. it's the most fun to learn out of all those shit for UMB and SNM-PTN.

anyway, my least favorite character is Mr. Hankey. He's the biggest disgrace to christmas. he always show up on every christmas episode referring himself to mr. hankey the christmas poo. i am GLAD he dissapeared long ago and south park's chrostmas episode have never been better.

g tau mau kasih judul apa

well yeah you're perfect and everything. but this behavior of yours for the last few days have been bugging me. it's getting annoying, seriously. i thought the problem was we were both stuck in the past. turns out, it was only you all along. well i did have my issues, but i conquered them. i know what you're going through is not fun and i completely get it that you feel this way, but can't you just cut it out? you're living in the past like you have no friggin' future. there's no way you're going back there and you know that. so from now on, guide yourself forward and don't fall into those traps she set up. we were having sooo much fun weren't we.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


5 days. seriously, for that reason? i know there's nothing we can do about it, but the holiday's not even over. and i thought we had plans.

the many face of

Alex DeLarge!!

god, i love him

drawn in so many ways

all faiths beautiful

so i've been having confusions about religion, spirituality and beliefs lately. but this week, completely by accident, i crossed by these 2 amazing videos.

go god go


the first video is an episode from south park titled go god go. it's about atheism. the second video is the complete opposite of go god go. it's about this exhibition where they show artworks from different religions. the exhibition itself is called all faiths beautiful. god i love that title. i really do think all faiths are beautiful. i use to think, why can't everybody in the world have the same faith. but seriously that would suck. go god go had a pretty good example of what it would be like. and in the end, differences are what brought us all together and make this world a more colorful place.

oh and btw, whoever sent the secret which says ' I miss feeling close to god'. you really woke me up.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

so you think you're so different? yeah in a scale of 1-10 you seem to score lower than others.
i'm starting to feel really sorry for you cause you seriously have no idea where you're heading. are you really going to assume he has no life before he met you? or even after he met you for that matter.

let's just sit back and see how things will unwind. believe me, you ain't seen nothin'. yet.


i can guarantee MY LIFE he hasn't told you this one. enough said.

yeah, excellent job

of keeping it from her all along. your boyfriend's been keeping one hell of a secret that'll guarantee to make you explode. i've been keeping this for so long and doing everything i can to not blurt it out to the world. and trust me, i won't. i'm not that pitiless. wanna know something else? none of our other friends know so you can't dig the dirt on anybody this time. not even your cousin.

oh and this is why i will always have the last laugh.

so you think you know it all little miss dramaseeker? think again

Sunday, June 8, 2008


screw you


aaaaaarrrggghhh gw pas UMB salah geduuuung!!! salah gedung salah gedung salah gedung. gw pas tau klo gw salah gedung tu kaya otak gw sempet nolak gt. g mungkin g mungkin PARAH BGT SALAH GEDUNG dan ini udah stangah 8. jadi yg selama ini di pajang di papan pengumuan tu cuma 4 digit terakhir. kan no. gw 2082112062, yg dipajang cuma 2062. ya kan kita semua kira kan bener. taunya pas panitianya keluar, mereka masang nomer2 di meja. dan yg ditempel adalah eng ing eng 2082102062. 5 digit terakhirnya beda. gw 12062, mereka masang 02062. PARAAAAAHHH..... klo kaya 0 nya ditulis napa? pelit bgt si anjing. akhirnya kita nunggu soal dikirim k kita dan kita br ngerjain jam 11. dan g sekolah wg doang lho yg kaya gini. labsky jg. sekolah laen jg banyak. ni ada liputannya di SCTV.agak ngaco si SCTV, yg salah tempat tu LEBIH dr 300 org. JAUH lebih dr 300 org. 300 org tu cuma di tpt gw doang kmrn. eh di video liputannya ada gw lho tp cuma lewat gt di blakang g kliatan. hahaa..

btw, gw baru tau ada UMB huruf BRAILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! parah2 keren bgttttttttt......nambah satu lgi target liburan gw. belajar braille! bukan target liburan siiii tp yaaa target jangka panjang. belajar bahasa isyarat jg. aaarggghh kebayang g si lo klo g bisa liat apa2? buku tu hibran bgtttt lho. jd org2 tuna netra pasti seneng bgt d klo bisa macem2 novel selain eragon yg ada di library@senayan. udah kebykan org ngurusin global warming. gw mau fokus k orang autis sama cacat fisik aja. gw bkl ttp g pake plastik dan matiin shower sama keran klo lg sikat gigi or sabunan. tp gw bener2 br nyadar klo org cacat tu jg punya hak buat ngelakuin apa yg biasa kita lakuin. iiiiiii g sabar kerja, make my own money trus nymbang sebyk2nya buat yayasan2. hihii

shitdisco- OK

dikasi tau boncel. kereeeeeen...

pop up books have always been a great reminder of our childhood. hahaa.. btw, masa br2 ini bonyok gw dapet undangan kawinan bentuknya pop-up book gt euy. parah lucu bgttt. berhalaman-halaman dan ada ceritanya. gambarnya lucu2 bgt lg dan g ecek2. ada yg dpt jg g selain gw? pokoknya ceritanya ttg donkey yg fell in love with a dragon gt. shrek bgt si, tp lucuuuuu


so yesterday was my 18th birthday!!!! hahaa... thk you chacha for being the first to congratulate me! anyway yesterday was AWESOME. it was probably one of the best birthdays ever. hahaa.. it did starded with UMB which is just uuurrrggghhh... but then we ate ate urban kitchen sc trus maki ungu duduk deket kita dan kita berulang2 kali ngomong KASI DAAAAAH sampe dia nengok. hahaa. trus tiba2 dirly duduk di meja bener2 depan kita. hahahaaaa... dirly lebih abis lg. si nurul teriak DEAR diary. dan gw DEAR Lily. hhahaa.. trusssssss karaokeeee... aaaaaaaaahhhhhh kapan2 kita harus karaoke ky gt lg nyet. sampe 3 orang naek k meja tvnya. hahaa... abis karaoke......... ehehehehehehehhee. gt d. pokoknya the day was awesome. and you know what, i didn't take a single photo. NOT ONE. at all. gw g gt suka foto si emg. dan jarang kepikiran bawa kamera selain lomo dan kemaren kebetulan lg lupa. sayaaaanng siiii, tp yauds lah, emg g kepikiran. and the memories will go on even without photos kan? huhuuu janji ya kuliah kita ttp jalan ky gt lagi.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh my!

So for me tomorrow is major judgement day.It'll be the day where the rest of my life will continue to.Here are the 4 choices.
-sastra cina
-sastra prancis
-european studies

oh god.Gw penasaran parah where i'll end up.When you think about it,it's judgement day for thousands of other people.Good luck to all my friends.Kita sama2 belajar2 smp ketiduran,smp kesel sendiri smp udh eneg bgt ngerjain soal2 tai.Aaaaaw tmrw's the big day people!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

H-2 umb

Ceteris paribus. Semua faktor dianggap konstan.
-selera masyarakat tdk berubah
-harga brg lain tdk berubah
-pendapatan masyarakat tdk berubah

cuma itu yg gw bisa di ekonomi.Haha..Pdhl umb udh 2 hr lg faktorial
aaaaaargh parah2 faktorial faktorial faktorial

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


‘Oh god, oh god. Thank you! I love you I love you!’ Kyra shouted as she yanked off the plastic coating covering the book. Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk. Ever since she watched the movie, she’s been majorly obsessed with everything in it. All copies are sold out in Jakarta though. Rumbling through all the bookstores she could think of, didn’t do any good apart for the fact that she accidentally found the first edition of to kill a mockingbird. First edition. That’s like one fucking miracle. But since the main purpose of the hunt was for Fight Club, she had to figure a way to get the book. Fortunately, that’s a problem not very difficult to solve.
Connor, 24/7 of his life is spent in front of the computer. Well it’s not like that’s rare or anything these days. But he’s the only one around who doesn’t mind all those disturbing interruptions she throws at him. Lists of songs to download, movies, stuff for school project, and so the list goes. It’s not like Kyra doesn’t have an internet connection at home, she does, but she’s just not as good as Connor when it comes to browsing.
And so here Kyra is in Connor’s all black and very boyish room reading the first chapter of Fight Club. They’ve been friends like for ever so his parents treat her like their own daughter. She slumped herself to Connor’s king size bed as she flipped for the next page. From the corner of her eye, she could see that Connor was still busy with some application he just downloaded. His eyes transfixed to the screen behind those thick framed glasses. If he wasn’t that into computers, he probably wouldn’t be wearing those glasses. He probably wouldn’t look as hot.
19:37. Connor slid out of his chair and sat next to Kyra. Then he rested his head on her shoulder.
‘is it good?’ he asked.
‘what’s good?’
‘the book. What did you think I was referring to?’
‘oh. yeah, the books ok.’

iseng2 nulis biar g cape2 amat belajar. kan be creative. hahaa sekalian gw pernah janji kan mau nulis cerita di blog gw. kapan2 gw lanjutin d klo mood.

toll toll

seriously i mean it. BACK OFF.

White Australia Policy

gw kan td abis belajar sejarah buat umb bangsat yg makin lama makin deket. trus i came across white australia policy. white australia policy itu undang2 yg awalnya ditujuin buat orang2 cina yg pindah ke australi. tp lama2 ditujuin buat semua orang2 yg kulitnya berwarna yg pindah k australi. sumpah yaaa, klo menurut gw itu rasis paraaaaah lhooo... harus ya namanya WHITE AUSTRALIA policy? iya deh yg putih. kan bisa aja mereka bikin namanya imigrants policy atau apalah. maksud dr undang2 ini tu buat ngebatesin jumblah orang kulit berwarna yg tinggal di australi. soalnya jumlah orang australi dikit dan klo mereka ngebiarin orang kulit berwarna masuk terus lama2 tertindaslah orang2 australi itu.
jd cuma orang kulit berwarna aja yg g boleh masuk australi? klo kebanyakan orang eropa sama amerika tiba2 msuk australi gpp gt? kan mereka putih, jd ttp WHITE AUSTRALIA. emaaang siii kemungkinan tiba2 byk org eropa sama amerika masuk australi tiba2 jd banyak tu dikit. tp kan mungkin aja.
my point is, lo so called australians jg bukan asli australians gt. your british. your english for god's sake. orang2 australia asli tu aborigin. lo juga udah nggusur mereka gt. they're the ones yg harusnya bikin australia aboriginal policy or whatever. tapi emang siiiiiiii white australia policy ini tahun 1855. hahahaaa. sekarang si g mungkin ada yg berani bikin undang2 pake nama serasis itu. yaaah buat orang2 yg umb, semoga klo ada soal ky gini keluar di umb lo bisa bilang, oh gw tau ni, ini kan yg ada di blognya idya. hahaa penting.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Umb umb...Zzzz

Maaf y kalo lo semua udh eneg dgn gw menceritakan keenegan gw dgn umb dan snm-ptn tai..Umb udh tinggal itungan hari.4 hari lg tptnya.Pas ulang taun gw lg.Aaaaargh.Ni skrg gw lg nunggu di bta bentar lg msk kelas ekonomi.Zzzzz..Kegiatan gw sehari2 menjelang umb ini cuma bgn,belajar,bta,les privat,belajar lg,tidur.Aaaaargh.Dan gw hrs ky gini terus sampe pengumuman umb which is tgl 21.Njing...Skrg aja udh g tahan.Di bukunya yg radikus makankakus raditya dika pernah bilang masuk ui lebih susah drpd ciuman sama dian sastro.Dan menurut gw itu bnr bgt.
Minggu kmrn gw lg mkn di gourmet garden kemang.Btw,itu enak bgt lho.Gw sampe pesen 2 porsi makanan yg berbeda gara2 makanannya enak semua.Tempatnya di bekas barbados dulu.Anyway,dian sastro duduk di meja sebelah gw.Kalo gw cukup gila,gw bisa aja tinggal nyamperin trus gw cipok.Iya gw pasti diteriak2in dan gw pasti jijik sendiri abis itu tp paling ga ya cuma gt doang.Ga ada belajar2 dan bta2 dan les2 privat sampe eneg.Aaaaaaaargh.Semua angkatan 2008 yg mau msk ui,cahyo ya..Kita semua sm2 menderita kok buat dpt jaket kuning itu.Huhu

Monday, June 2, 2008

more videos

i see a lot of you liked the crazy frogs. well here's more. the nipple song totally cracked me up. hahaha

hahhaa.. sampah

Umb/snm-ptn TAIIIIIII!

Mau muntah blajar terus.Bta+les tiap hari+belajar lg di rumah+g pergi2 dulu smp hari H yg kyanya g kunjung datang.Aaaaaaaaargh...Udah dooooong..G mau y cpt2 umb and get this over with..Katanya kalo g mau cape belajar harus kreatif.Yeah,creative my ass.Di saat2 ky gini masi dituntut buat kreatif.Dulu gw bener2 ngeliatin jam kalo belajar.Kalo udah 2 jam br boleh ntn dvd.Mancur amat sgt skali siii...Tp lama2 2 jam tu rasanya kelamaan.Persediaan dvd jg lama2 abis.Aaah sumpah ya,buat org2 yg g ikut umb/snm-ptn tai,you are THAT lucky.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

watch us

i really really like this secret. it's true, what our generation will do are unimaginable. so watch us.


this post is about someone who fills my day with laughter. he kinda puts the cherry on top of the cupcake i've been trying like shit to make all day. he makes my day go from good to superior. he came at the exact right timing. just when i thought i wouldn't be able to see the sun for a long time, you brought it to my front door. you patch everything up when i thought the damage was too much. you're perfection in the most beautiful wrapping. you're just you and that's just perfect. looking back a few months, when i first saw you, i thought it would take half a dozen miracles for you to just know that i exist in this planet. you don't mean the world to me, you mean the universe. i just hope there will be a time when i can put your name up here, or even a picture. lol

ok, maybe that sounded a little too sule and just plain cheesy. but that's how things really are. hahaa