Tuesday, August 25, 2009


going to buka puasa at iman's house tomorrow!
excited and nervous at the same time. it's not exactly the first time i've met his parents and siblings. but it's the first time i get to sit down and have a meal with them. hope all goes well!

Monday, August 24, 2009

hell to the o


gosh i feel like it's been ages since i wrote here. my blog's glory days are over. yaha as if my blog ever had it's glory days.
i mean, i use to like post 5 times each day. and now my blog is neglected as shit. it's like there's a tumbleweed passing by when you open it complete with the wind blowing sound effect. anyway is there a place i can get a tumbleweed for my blog? haha. it would be pretty cool.

so here i am, back at my blogspot page, a place that used to be my comfort zone. what got me going everyday. i remember posting everytime, through my mobile phone, through everywhere.

i don't have that much crazy thoughts to share today. cause lately i just let my crazy thoughts linger. but i just feel like writing. cause i feel that only by writing i can truly get a hold of myself. i have to do it every now and then or else i'll get lost in my stream of thoughts.

classes are starting next week. i'm staying in FIB and not moving anywhere, THANK GOD for that. but you know, i speak for the whole faculty when i say i have to get used to people going, 'lo di sastra? mau jadi apa deh?'
ooh that's not it. pertanyaannya macem2. di modif2. lama2 gw koleksi deh. ada yg blg, 'haha gw aja bingung lo mau jadi apa?' ada jg yg blg, 'kok sastra si? arsitek dong, klo ga kedokteran.'

yeah kedokteran my ass.

that there, that's something i will have to get used to. like it or not. it's something that i have to prove. we will be friggin' something ok. better, we will be somebody. aarrghh i really wish i could prove it like now or something tp gw magerrr pollllllllllllll. gw tu sering kepikiran mau nulis lah, mau beraktivitas lah, mau produktif lah. ujung2nya nyampah aja gt di rumah. mana itu moto hidup lo yg prove you exist. or, scratch your name into the surface of this world lah or apa. sometimes i think i'm putting too much on myself. or not, i don't know. i pressure myself to be big and to make a change and so on and so on. but sometimes i just want to live my life. be normal. sit back and do stuff i want to do and feel like doing without any pressure.

ok, to make it more clear. i love writing, more than anything. like i said, it's the only thing that's keeping me sane throughout all these years. i know that one day i will make myself write for a cause. make a difference by my writings with hopes that it can last for years to come. down to the next generation. even if that doesn't happen, it's ok. at least i tried. tapi gw males mulaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. god damn it males bgt mulainya ya olooooohhh.  padahal gw tau, if not now, then when? i'll be old with a job and kids and a family to take care of soon. so kapan lg mau berkarya???

phew. that felt good.

Monday, August 17, 2009

last days of this holiday

so intinya gw putus.
sayang si, it's been a great 4 months together dan gw semakin bingung knp gw ga bisa bgt pacaran lama2.
anyway, gw bingung mau nulis apa cause everything is just to personal. udah ada beberapa tmn gw yg gw ceritain and seriously, gw bnr2 kaget that i'm capable of such an evil act.

as usual this makes my mind wonder off. apa si definisi orang baik dan orang jahat?

haha tau ah gw lg mls ngetik deh, as usual

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

me talk pretty one day


hey peeps,
sorry for the usual neglection. better get used to it cause lately the mood to write here sorta gallops away along with the popularity of facebook.

anyway, last sunday i went to javarockin land with nindi and ajeng and gotcha. the main reason people come on sunday is for mew and third eye blind. i once tweeted that everytime i hear the word mew, it's the pokemon that comes to mind, not the band. you know the pokemon, mew. it's the list of the first generation of pokemon, mew was second last. followed my mewtwo.
what i mean by first generation is when it was still ash, misty and brock. remember? before that new guy came along with marill. which became my favorite pokemon.
anyway, don't continue reading. this post is going to suck if you're not a fan of pokemon. it will still suck anyway even if you're a fan of pokemon. i'm just having too much fun writing this. haha

anyway, the pink one is mew and the blue one is marill

i remembered back in australia, there's this pokemon movie which i watched in the cinemas and LOVED it. i even got a free special edition mew card. the title was pokemon: mewtwo strikes back.
ok, i'm going to write what i remember, and i'm going to read the synopsis and compare the result. i want to know how much i remember.

so there's this amazing pokemon called mew which, until now, haven't been caught. the scientist decided to make a replica of mew called mewtwo. just like every other science fiction movie, everything that's created in a lab always ends up in catastrophe.

ok, here's the real synopsis:
When a group of scientists are offered funding into genetic research if they agree to try and clone the greatest ever Pokémon, Mew, the end result is success and Mewtwo is born. However Mewtwo is bitter about his purpose in life and kills his masters. In order to become the greatest he throws open a challenge to the world to battle him and his Pokémon. Ash and his friends are one of the few groups of trainers who pass the first test and prepare for battle. However they soon find out about further cloning and Mew 2's ultimate plan for the earth.

close wasn't i? haha

i loved the movie sooo much, i still remember it like it was last year. i also remember my favorite part was when misty saved ash from drowning and said something in the lines of, 'he's not my boyfriend, but he is my boy friend.'

haha, yeah. pretty geekshit.

Friday, August 7, 2009

baby, as if

As if 
I'm gonna let you break my heart again 
As if I'm gonna let your love back in my life 
Not tonight, get a grip 
Baby as if 

blaque- as if

Saturday, August 1, 2009


hey peeps. i know i have been neglecting my blog more than ever. but today, i had suck a wondrous day that i can not not write it.

so mas iwet picked me up today to come along to radio cakrawala for an interview about #indonesiaunite. turns out, i ended up talking as well. haha. even though i know i didn't do very good, i had fun. FYI, radio cakrawala is a mandarin radio. they only use indonesians when they are interviewing people. it was nice that there is actually a place where my specialties is much needed and that they really impressed when i tell them that i'm taking chinese studies. i think i might consider getting a job there one day!

next, we went to pacific place for a book discussion. 8 classic indonesian literature are being republished with a whole new look. those 8 books are
-Atheis - Achdiat Kartamihardja (the only one i've read. AWESOME)
-habis gelap terbitlah terang - Raden Ajeng Kartini
-Layar Terkembang - Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana
-Salah Asuhan - Abdoel Moeis
-Sitti Nurbaya - Marah Rusli
-Dari Ave maria ke jalan lain ke roma - Idrus
-Salah Pilih - Nur Sutan iskandar
-Azab dan Sengsara - Merari Siregar

You buy the whole packet and they cost around 2.000.000 rupiahs. sigh.

check it out here

the batik on the cover is designed by the famous designer Obin.

anyway, there was the discussion. the discussion was only for 2 of the books. habis gelap terbitlah terang and salah asuhan. i think it was great. really great. again, i felt really appreciated by the fact that i was surrounded by people who loved literature as well. not just indonesian literature, but also english. i get to have lunch with some of the speakers before the show started and again, they we're all so inspiring.
the MC was Becky tumewu whom i conversed with and turns out she's a huge fan of mitch albom. i'm not crazy about mitch albom. but he's ok i guess. then she said that she was going to perform in a play based on george orwell's animal farm. george orwell has been on my list for long but i haven't got the chance to read it. then there was lukman sardi. and yes, he is THAT hot! then there was samuel mulia. he's amazing. amazing amazing. then last but definitely not least, taufik ismail.
the discussion went GREAT not boring like most book discussions and really really inspiring.

i learnt that to be a great women, it doesn't mean you have to go around and be successful in your career and all that. by being a housewife, you are already amazing. really REALLY amazing. a woman's job in this world is to raise children that can turn out to be great leaders and make the country better. it's like what nabi muhammad said, the greatness of a country is measured by how great the woman in it are.

overall, i had sooo much fun and you have no idea how much i learned today and how everything just inspires me to the core. i was also greatful that i was lent dewi lestari's recto verso from mas iwet. the hardcover version, with an autograph! and, i was given again, by mas iwet, a 100.000 voucher to spend at times bookstore. i used it to buy david sedaris' me talk pretty one day. it costs 215.000. but it was on discount and i had the voucher with me. so i only payed 72.000. woohoo!

and honestly, i really really really really want the classic literature set. but it's soooo expensive. :(
i mean, that's like a month's salary for me. and i don't really want to spend it all in one blow. so i guess i will buy all the books, but not the special edition ones. haha.