Friday, September 25, 2009


i'm glad i came across you.
i'm glad i did that stupid sumpah pemuda orasi even though i was THIS CLOSE to walking away from it. i'm glad i chose to ride the cheap cheap train to campus rather than being a brat and be driven to campus everyday. i'm glad i got into this major and in to FIB. i'm glad i chose that class for my english class.

all those choices are what made me end up meeting you. i wouldn't have ended up with you if i chose i thing differently.

1 tiny choice really do make a difference.

i'm glad i went to bali and spend my time there with me. that was such an experience and i feel soooo lucky to have passed it.

i'm glad i did the things i did with you. i heart you more by the day boyfriend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

happy belated lebaran!

hey people, sorry for the long hiatus. i don't know, i just don't feel like updating lately. god knows why. sometimes i think it's the feng shui in my room. but at times, i figured i'm just lazy.

so so, what do you want to discuss today? gosh, don't you miss those long boring religion lectures i use to give? haha. well, i know i miss giving them. 

what's been bugging my mind lately is well hmmm my major. well, not exactly my major si sebenernya. but my friggin hobby. hahaha. i love to write, as some of you may already know. i know my writing pretty much sucks most of the time but i love doing it. i usually need a lot of strength and willpower to drag my ass and write. but once i do it, i can't exactly stop. it's tooooo much fun. therefore, i know that my sole purpose of existence is to make a change by writing.

two of my favorite quotes are
'scratch your name into surface of this world, before you go.' by the noisettes which is actually a song lyric, not exactly a quote. 
second is, 'prove you exist'

in a nutshell, i believe that everyone is supposed to make a contribution to earth in a way and well, for some reason, i do not want to die someday and not be remembered
i guess this is all because of he movie TROY. when thetis, achilles' mum said to achilles that he can just stay home and have children and be remembered by his grandchildren and all. but if he goes to war, he will be remembered and cherished in years to come. 
i want to beeee like that. i want to be remembered in years to come for that so-called contribution which i have made.

i believe that everybody is given a special gift and interest by god. maximize it. use it to scratch your name and prove you exist. if you're good and love dancing, then dance away! don't let anything get in the way. you can be a legend like michael jackson or isadora duncan. if you think drawing is your thing then go ahead and draw what comes to mind! if you love accounting and science and stuff and go ahead, learn it properly then apply it wisely later on in life. the world pretty much depends on our generation.

well back to me, since this is my blog. teehee
i feel like my 'thing' is writing and that is how i am supposed to make dedications to this world.  but then again, i'm still to lazy to start anything. zzzzzzzzzzz. i wish i wasn't such a procrastinator.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

more trash blogging, horray for trash blogging

i still haven't found the mood to go back to campus. seriously. gosh this really sucks ass. i mean, what with all the new schedule i'm still not used to and the shitload of work i have no intention to even touch or bother knowing. boyfriend's on a different faculty, more stupid homework. even more shit coming and so on and so on. oh and the campus is swarming with mabas. nyeaaah, sometimes they get on my nerves. sometimes.
i've been on hold for like 3 months! i need god damn adaptation. i want my old teachers back, ones that i'm already comfortable with. i want to go back to last year where we are the newbies trying everything new in sight. this new semester is just stupid stupid stupid and i really have no mood to even start making my homework for tomorrow. i know i'm not making sense and practically repeating everything but i just hate the new semester!!!! aarrggghhhh fuck fuckity fuck.
sure it's pretty naive if you want 4 years of uni to be all as smooth as your first year. all as fun, all as exciting with a little spice here and there. but i really do wish it was like that still. sigh

males ngapa2in akhirnya gw ngeblog sampah

i am soooo sorry about what i have done. i guess i went a little to far. sometimes i just don't know my boundaries and i'm starting to wonder, when will i EVER learn??

mau berapa kali lagi kaya gini? i don't even know where to start writing.

anyway, karma will come back around and i WILL get what i deserve.

to the people i have caused harm to, i am SO SORRY. i never thought things would be this messed up.