Friday, April 23, 2010

how i met your mother

even though i'm currently only in the second season of watching how i met your mother, i can't help it, i love the series. sure, nothing beats friends and i don't think anything will ever beat friends, but this is good enough. it tells the life of 5 mid 20s living in new york. my favorite character is Robin Scherbatsky cause she is just sooooooooo gorgeous plus and amazing body and she works as a news reporter for metro news one--something i've always wanted. robin's boyfriend is ted who works as an architect. they remind me so much of my parents. my mum was a news reporter for metro news and my dad is still an architect.
and barney, the womanizer, gosh he is just so woooaaahhh. ok, gotta go teach now, will continue this post later.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


lately my grades are friggin' flunking, i have no effing mood to effing to all those ass-ignments and shit. seriously. it's been so long since i went on a dvd marathon, found a good book to read and have one hell of a time with my boyfriend, owh and most importantly, found a good game to play on my psp. and that's where i am now.
i've been watching grey's anatomy and how i met your mother non-stop, and i read silence of the lambs whenever i get the chance to then i do tons of new stuff with my boyfriend cause our relationship's graphic sort of sped up after our first anniversary and i feel like my hands are glued to my psp from playing burnout. and as much as i LOVE my job as a private tutor, it's been a blast cause they've cancelled 3 times in a row just for birthdays haha.
god, i really am enjoying my life haha.
but then, comes the assignments, comes the classes, comes the stupid2 wenzhangs. rata2 wenzhang2 gw masi 57 td gw itung, i don't even feel like touching my history assignment even though that's an uts take home and i feel like skipping sign language class tomorrow cause for the first time, they're giving us homeworks.
goodness gracious what am i to do now?

i really want to write a LOT cause ideas are really shooting out of my head but really, you wouldn't want to listen and it'd probably be best if i start my ass-ignment now.