Saturday, September 18, 2010

favorite songs

i promise you all i am trying my best not to have all the songs be SuJu even though they're songs are on top on my play count

1. Wasted Years-Maroon 5
not a maroon 5 song that's often heard of but i love it and it will forever be my favorite song. it's available on maroon 5 friday the 13th album. i lost mine somewhere in the house and i can't wait till the day i found it again and get all excited and watch it. oh and the song's recorded live. no studio recording--at least not that i know of.

2. A Love that will last-Renee olstead
my second favorite song and i will forever love it and it amazes me how renee olstead can sing sooooo amazingly at the age of 14. i will also always remember the time i met her and actually cried and was totally speechless. her java jazz performance was also overly awesome.

Friday, September 17, 2010

favorite movies

continuing with the challenge, here's a few of my favorite movies of all time. not really in order, cause i can't decide which one i like more than the others.
1. Troy
I looooovveeee this movie and i've seen it a gazillion times and i could go watch it many more times and probably still love the movie. The storyline's completely messed up actually but it's the best visualization of ancient greece you could get. well, actually not really, but to me it's perfect. it makes me wants to go back to those old days and actually be one of them. i bought the extended version dvd and i loved it. it's uncensored and has more scenes and it's got so many features that are greek mythology related.

2. Inglourious Basterds
I also love this movie so so so so so much i think it's perfect in every single way. i remember being in the movies and being completely in awe from the start to the end of the movie. it even features 2 main characters from troy--brad pitt and diane kruger-- who also plays the main characters in this movie.

3. Bring it on
Every girls favorite, need i say more? i still memorize the i'm sexy i'm cute song and i watched the dvd religiously when i was in primary school and wanted to be a cheerleader when i was in junior high but i didn't pass the auditions. since then, cheerleaders have ended up entering my life in an unfortunate way. oh and, gw ga mengakui adanya bring it on 2, 3, 4, 5 and etc.

4. Freedom Writers
Loves it. Mrs G really inspired me to be a better tutor and made me realize i am actually responsible for other people's futures. she inspires me to be a teacher one day and i really love everything about her. it's amazing how she could approach her students. i would've quit asap if i was here. she also made me realize that if you really want to fight for something, sacrifices has to be made.

5. The Princess Diaries
Mia Thermopolis. awe inspiring in EVERY single way. i actully prefer the book, but the movie's a nice visualization. in the book, it's amazing how mia, who was a real nobody who couldn't do anything, ended up as a girl who could speak her own words and bring democracy to a country. She even published a book later in life.

6. Attack on the Pin-up Boys
Kibum as a lead actor? how could i not LOVE the movie? ok so the storyline's a bit bizarre but the boys played their parts nicely. i esp love kibum and donghae and heechul. but mostly kibum. he looks like a life version of shinichi in this movie and i've only watched the movie 3 times but i could go watching it over and over.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

super summer

been watching super junior's super summer. not as good as exploration of the human body or full house but it's ok i guess. only 3 members are in it. my favorite 3: kibum, donghae, siwon. what i like about the show is it's got hidden cameras all over and the boys are put into situations that really reveal their true self. i've only watched 4 episodes and i learned a lot about kibum and ilfil sama siwon haha.
so the guys have to try and win one girl's heart. there's this one scene with a hidden camera where the girl pretends to fight with his boyfriend over the phone then she cries to kibum and asks whether she should break up with him or not. kibum said something in the lines of, 'if you're in rage and you kill a person, you will surely regret it. don't make decisions when your in an emotional state. take time to think it over.'
that really touched me.
i mean, that is so me, making rash decisions and asking to break up almost every time i fight with iman, and i get moved by the smallest things aka labil. i also get pissed off and irritated real easily and do things while i'm enraged only to end up regretting it later.

and it takes kibum to tell me i shouldn't do those kinds of things again. hhaha

Sunday, September 12, 2010

still figuring out life

turns out my plan to get a job and move out as soon as i graduate has to be postponed. my parents really want me to continue my studies. i thought about it and i guess getting a postgraduate degree is probably the best decision. but, again with the money. i so do not want to keep living of their money until i'm 24. no way in hell. so i have to do the one and only thing i can, get a scholarship. but the problem is, can I? i don't know how hard it is to get one. but let alone the scholarship, i don't even know what major i'm going to choose gaarrrghh. but then again back to the money. i really need to get a scholarship no matter what. i really really desperately do. i have to. but again i state, i'm not that smart. i mean i've been trying to study like heck this holiday but i don't think it's working much. maybe i'm not trying too hard, maybe i'm still not on the right track. but i really really want to naikin IP this semester i really do. even if gw ga bisa naikin, at least i could mertahanin so please dear IP jangan turun no matter what happen dear god.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 random facts

i know i've posted random facts about me but i'll post another one cause well, you can never have enough random facts

1. scary as it may sound, i can't effing wait to get married and have kids. might as well be after graduation.
2. as much as i'd love to get a job and be successful at it, i believe that my true calling is to be a mother. and i can't wait for my turn to be one
3. i have had a job for 6 months now and i haven't managed to save a single penny of my payment. i always end up spending it all in a matter of weeks. bad habit bad. definitely changing it this month
4. i am one of the the most jealous-an person i know. i get jealous sooooooo easily of other girls and thank god my boyfriend isn't one to care much about this. he actually makes fun of it sometimes purposely making me jealous, getting me all fumed up and laughing about it.
5. when i sleep, it has to be pitch black. i can't even stand the slightest bit of light, that stupid annoying red blinking light in my bb and the stupid green dot in my air conditioner. so no matter how dark it is, i still use an eye patch
6. i am a worshipper of trey parker and matt stone. i believe that everything they claim to be true is true and i guess south park has made a huge part in making me who i am now. a really huge part.
7. i kinda like cooking and think that i'm not so bad at it, i'm just inexperienced
8. my room's a complete mess esp. my bookshelf but i like to go to bookstores and align the books if they're displayed crookedly.
9. i'm not that very good at keeping promises. in fact, i suck at it. it's the one thing i kind of always fail to do, along with a few other stuff
10. when people praise me for my english, i don't think i deserve it, cause I never earned this ability. it's something i pick up when i was in aussie. anyone who was dumped in australia for two years with no one to speak indo to would result in the same ability.

no other

gw tambah pgn bisa bhs korea. it sound a thousandfold more beautiful if you can actually understand the song. turns out the meaning of the lyrics are beautiful.

There’s no one like you, even if I look around endlessly
Where could I find someone as great as you?
Someone as kind as you?
a gift like you

i'd have to work to death to be this fortunate
i'll protect you as if i we're protecting the world
Where could i find a guy as happy as i am?
The happiest guy in the world

Your once strong heart becomes sensitive
Whenever i'm hurt
Holding me in your arms gently
i only wish for simple things like that
my heart wants to do everything
to make you happy, yet you don't know this

I want to shout it from the bottom of my heart
My soul is completely unrestrained
i'll always be thankful, you're the reason i can do anything

i have nothing, absolutely nothing
Please know that my heart is burning hotter than the sun
Even when other girls come onto the stage
bright and shiny during TV shows,
you'll still never fail to dazzle me
i'm going crazy, crazy baby
your loving words
are all i need in this world
i wonder how someone like you could exist
i stupidly believe that you are everything to me

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

25 day challenge

following hanny's post, here is the day 1 challenge. though i'm sure i wont post all 25

5 most memorable day of my life(in no particular order):
1. july 8 2008
the day he finally, finally, after years of being my ultimate crush, asked me out. i don't believe any other girl in the world could be as happy as i was back then. maybe it's because of that god took him away from me within a matter of weeks. nobody deserves to be that happy

2. also july 2008
the day i got accepted at UI. my happiness from the previous incidents got doubled.

3. 1998
the year i moved to australia. awesomeness. best two years of my life

4. july 2010

5. 24-3-2006
baby marty!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

life in jakarta

so i'm 20 and still living from my parent's money. makes me feel like 14. makes me feel like i'm stuck in place and not growing up. when will i learn to be responsible, geezes. so thank god i have a job. and thank god that it is a pretty high paying one. i've been asking around and i couldn't find a part time job that pays more. i mean, tutoring does pay more than waiting tables or brewing coffee or something. i'm not trying to show off, i'm trying to be frank and prove a point.
and with the monthly pay i have now, if i try to move out and live on my own, half the money goes to rent, and the other half for food. then what about transportation and other stuff. i'll never survive ever. so this sucks. it really does. no wonder why indos are such spoiled brats. they rely on their parents until they get married, even AFTER they get married. i remember having a relative who moved to america and got a job waiting tables. she was 21 that time and that was her first job. when she applied, her boss was all, "THIS is your first job? oh you spoiled girl." and here, let alone trying to get a part time job. wasting your parents money seems first priority. but you can't really blame anyone cause that's the only way to live. getting a job just doesn't pay enough.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

semester 5

semester 5 baru dimulai seminggu tp gw sumpah gw udah ga ngetri lg. kadang gw ngerasa UI salah bgt eh dulu nerima gw. tmn2 gw semuanya pinter2 dan pinternya tu yg pinter2 bgt yg pd bisa dpt IP 3,5 keatas trus biarpun mereka jg blg susah tp kayanya survive2 aja. gw dari sd jg ga pernah pinter, ga pernah ranking ga pernah gmn2 amat. gw pgnnnn bgt bisa dpt nilai2 bgs kadang gw udah usaha tp kok kayanya masih gt2 aja, masih bego2 jg. ya mungkin blm maksimal si, ya emg blm maksimal si tp gw bingung aja hrs gmn lg. udah brp semester terakhir ini gw ngerasa paling bego di kelas dan emg bnran paling bego di kelas gw rasa. pgn bgt IP naek, tp kok kayanya mandek segitu2 aja. pgn bgt kuliah ttp 4 thn dan alhamdullilah itu masih bs dipertahankan si tp gw ga tau smp brp lama lg bertahannya. tp klo gw lg niat gt, gw ngerasa gw ga dihargain2 amat. wkt liburan akhir2 gw mulai byk belajar, gw beli buku cina trus gw belajar ngertiin. trus gw baca textbook yg selama ini kita pake, gw pelajarin bab2 yg belom dibahas jd insya allah gw dpt head start. taunya ganti buku. dan buku yg baru berpuluh2 kali lebih susah. trus wkt itu dalam sehari dapet tugas byk bgt semua dikumpulin besok. gw ngerjain semuanya sampe GA TIDUR taunya gw doang yg udah nyelesein smp selese dan akhirnya dosennya blg ga jd dikumpulin hari itu.
kadang gw ga tau hrs belajar kaya gmn lg. mau gw belajar smp kaya gmn jg tmn2 gw ttp lebih jago, ttp lebih pinter. ini feeling gw doang si tp kadang gw ngerasa dosen tu jg ngeremehin gw. kadang klo di kelas gw lg pgn aktif trus gw ngejawab pertanyaan dosen salah2 jg pertanyaan gw, ya karena emg dasarnya udah bego. ada orang yg klo dikelilingin orang2 pinter tru malah terpicu gt, malah pgn bljr. ya gw jg si, tp dikit, gw banyakan jipernya. banyakan ngerasa gw kok kayanya salah tpt bgt.
ya gw ga tau deh tp gw mudah2an bisa fine2 aja ngelewatin smstr 5, pelajaran lulus semua. trus klo bisa IP naek biarpun cuma 0.0sekian persen