Friday, November 28, 2008

one more piece

ok so starting one piece right now is probably the biggest mistake. UAS is just within DAYS(oooh gosh!) and here i am glued to my computer screen reading one piece. but i gotta admit, it is good. gw blom dpt feelnya kaya wkt baca naruto dulu, but it really is good. i keep laughing, it's just too hilarious.
while i was reading, i realized something. hey, pirates. pirates! pastafarians worship pirates! our priests dress up as pirates and we believe that the increasing amount of pirates is the main cause of global warming. so i'm glad that by reading one piece i could be more loyal to my religion! may you all also be touched by his noodly appendage. RAmen!

here's a little chart we pastafarians believe:

hey hey heyyyyy!

gw br ntn si jago merah. haha. di fib gt shootingnya. lucu aja ngeliat tempat yang lo datengin setiap hari dijadiin tempat shooting.

sooooooooooooooo a month ago gw orasi ke jakarta dalam rangka sumpah pemuda. hahaha. sumpah g meaning abis gw tulis kalimat itu, tp ada makna dibalik itu kok.

td kan gw ke kampus naek mobil ga naek kereta, which is really really rare. tp vava, ima dll ttp naek kereta kan. smp di kampus gw ktemu trus vava cerita. the conversation really did happen in chinese cause it's supposed to be discreet and there were too many people around. gw mau nulis pale tulisan cina tp g bisa, gw lg pake laptop bokap gw. so here it goes:
vava: id tadi gw di kereta ketemu zhao ping. wo wen ta, 'baoluo zai nar?' zhao ping shuo, 'wo zenme zhidao! ni wen idya.'

hahahahahaha. seneng deeee

even though you've start treating me like i actually exist in campus instead of acting like i was just passing wind, i actually kind of miss you brighting up my mobile phone. hahahahahaa

btw, siapakah baoluo dan zhaoping? hhaahaa. yaaaa you're going to have to think for yourself

Thursday, November 27, 2008

one piece!

semua (lagi2) dimulai gara2 adip suka bgt one piece. haha. gw sempet coba ngikutin, tp terhambat gara2 masi snmptn gt2. trus boneng jg sempet blg klo one piece bgs. trus kmrn di kerena imam sm ade ngomongin one piece kyanya seru bgt. sumpah penasaran gw anjrit. akhirnya gw memutuskan untuk mulai baca. yaudah, bacalah gw. baru satu chapter, baru satu chapter euy, gw udah ngakak2 guling2. lanjut k chapter kedua gw tambah ngakak. nyetttt bgs. hahaha. kata boneng gw salah bgt mulai skrg, udah mau uas! hahaha. yaudah aaaaaah, abis mau gmn? haha

btw, boneng tu cewe. gw bingung d tmn2 br gw wanita2 bernama pria semua. randu, tiko, boneng. hahaha

mau ceritaaaa

jadi tadi kan gw futsal kaaan. hari yang udah gw tunggu dr kapan tai. trus gw maen dan itu seru bgt sumpah. tapiiiiiiiiiii tiba2 gw disuruh berenti maen karena.............................



sumpah itu ngeselin paraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. emg g ada aturan kita pake apa, tp ya gitu. sampe di pinggir lapangan dengan sangat BT parahnya, temen gw ngasih vest gt k gw buat dipake, tp itu vestnya basah kuyup kaya abis direndem trus diperes2 dikit karena bekas dipake siapa tau. dan baunya ga nahaaaaannn. yaudah demi maen gw ttp pake tu vest tp gw smp berapa kali mau muntah. sumpah bau bgttt. bnran mau muntah, literally. akhirnya i managed to get a really big shirt si, tapi cadangan defensenya tu ada dua. jd pas gw berenti maen, gw digantiin sm ima. trus ima selese maen randu pgn maen. jd gw g dpt kedapetan maen lg. gpp si, gw seneng semua ngerasain enaknya maen. haha. tp gw kesel, kita kan menang 5-1, tp tu angka 1 ganjel bgt parah sumpah. wkt itu yg jd defensenya ima. sumpah gw gatel bgt pgn maen lg. hahaha. all in all, gw seneng bisa maen biarpun sbentar, dan gw seneng bisa menang lg 5-1 padahal keeper lawan jago paraaaaaaaaaaaah

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

futsal besok! yeeeeaaaaayyyy!!!

besok gw futsal lawan sastra inggris! jiayo hanxuexi! women piaoliang ji le! hahaha
nothing much happened today. but here's what i learned, naro tas di tas instead of my kantong is WRONG cause gw baru baca tu sms pas di rumah padahal nyampenya jam brp tau. this is seriously ga penting. haha. well, i just hope we win tomorrow. correction, we will win. like duh!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


tugas sejarah gw selese. HAHAHA. dan gw penasaran bgt besok bakal dmn zai huochezhan. hahaha. yaudah si, like i said before, the advantage of falling for twins. haha

disela2 ngerjain tugas sejarah

gw:         eh neng2, lo pernah mikir g si? untung bgt nyet tuhan nyiptain pelangi warnanya merah dulu baru jingga. kebayang ga si lo kalo jingga dulu?
boneng: anjing emang paling sampah lo

haahaahaha. hayo2 ngerti g?


so today started out as usual at the station. well, not exactly as usual. it was kind of weird actually, but i can't exactly write why. then i went in the train which came in late, and went to stand by vava and ima. ima told me a little something that kind of shook the jitters inside me and unfortunately, it kind of had an effect throughout the whole day. i keep spacing out in class, big time, and i tried like shit to concentrate but failed miserably.
the first class i had was linguistics. i had my mobile phone in my pocket as usual but it kept vibrating. seriously, i felt like i was pocketing a low frequency vibrator except it doesn't really look like one, haha. it turns out there was this stupid error and i was sent the same sms by XL 90 times. 90 people, NINETY! seriously, it really was annoying.
after all classes are finished, i went to payung2 and played with the biggest cat i have ever seen in my life. literally. i'm not exaggerating. it was the cutest thing ever aaaaand it bit me. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. yeah it bit me until i bleed, not much though. it hurt yes, and i was scared of all the many things that could happen to me from getting but by a stray cat. i poured water all over the skin where the cat bit me, he bit my hand btw. i also put a shitload amount of handy clean hoping the alcohol would kill the virus or whatever. and amdi rushed over to his friends to get a lighter. he burn the lid of a bottle until it was really hot and press it against my skin. gosh it HURT! i was like all 'NGEN mmmpphhhmmmmhhh' seriously i can't scream that word out loud. i had to cover my mouth like it or not.
then i moved to the canteen and i was with randu and icha and i accidentally knocked over an empty glass. the weird thing about kansas(kantin sastra) is, if someone breaks a glass or a plate, the whole kansas would make really loud noises and bang on the table. seriously you do not want to break anything there. i kind of regretted breaking that glass. the whole kansas turned to our table and made a complete racket. haha

well, the whole story could've been told in a funnier way but i am soooo not in the mood. i can't wait til thursday and play futsal again. oh and from now on, morning train rides are going to be sooooooo awkward. zzzzzzzzzzzzz


what i know:
-i'm not the only one
-i'm falling behind in the game

what i don't know:
too many!

what i should do:
-skut2 aja and menang futsal lawan sastra inggris kamis besok!
-ngerjain tugas sejarah. zzzzzzz

Monday, November 24, 2008

jadi gini

gw pgn bgt nulis tp g tau mau nulis apa. hahhaha.

ok2 i'll write whatever's on my mind:
1. klo misalnya wkt itu gw k mobilnya dia, gmn y? anjrit gw penasaran anjriiiiiitttttttt
2. what was the flavor of the donut he spared me?
3. how big is the towel anyway? hahahahaha
4. the good thing about falling for twins is if the one you're into is not around, there's always the other. hahahahahahaha
5. how much 'percentage' do i get?
6. tugas sejarah zenmeyang ini? susah bgt ampun dj
7. pgn cepet2 kamis dan maen futsal! hahahahhahahha
8. if he discovers my blog through facebook and he reads this post then I'M DONE FOR
9. if i know that i'd rather be dead than him reading this, why am i still posting this?
10. i keep telling more and more people. what i use to see as a secret, now feels like an achievement


Sejarah Cina, Du, Shuo, Xie. aaaaaah apa itu? my mood is all set for NARUTO! hahahaha

Saturday, November 22, 2008


anjrit sumpah gw ngantuk bgt tp ini gmn ini tugas sejarah? zzzzzzzzzz


kenapa tugas sejarah cina gw SUSAH BGT? huhuhuhu

Friday, November 21, 2008


ok, first of all i would like to announce that i have finally chosen a chinese name for me


haha. it's pronounced mei lin(nada tiga, nada empat) and it means 'beautiful forest'. hahaha. ok, so you're probably thinking it's pathetic or whatever. but i have reasons why i chose that name.
first of all, it's because my indonesian name is almost impossible to convert to chinese, so i decide why don't i pick something completely different. second, it's easy to write. hhaha. the last and strongest reason is because i used to have a friend in australia. her name was mei lynn. she once said that her name means beautiful forest. i don't know why, i never forget that time she said those words. and those 2 years are one of the most amazing 2 years in my life. haha. so it'd be nice to have a reminder of that particular time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

g jadi futsal

i've been feeling like i'm filled with uncertainty lately. i gotta admit it feels weird. it also made me realize that i am actually a person who is always filled with certainty.

oh, and i've been getting massive blasts from the past as well.

Monday, November 17, 2008

aaaah taiii

i'm really hoping i get my KTB back tomorrow :'(

KTB gw mana????

ok so it's 12.08 pm and i'm supposed to already be asleep. tp sayangnya, gw g bisa tidur! gw kepikiran satu hal kecil yang sebenernya sumpah ga penting bgt. KTB gw ilang!!!! gw jg g yakin ktb tu singkatan dr apa, tp buat yg g tau, ktb itu tiket bulanan. jd instead of gw beli tiket 1500 tiap mau naek kereta, gw bisa beli ktb di awal bulan yg harganya 45000 dan g usah bayar2 lg. jd 45000 itu buat sebulan. klo gw itung2, untung gw 15000 sebulan. tapiiii tujuan utama gw pake ktb adalah bukan karena murahnya. tp KTB itu jg merupakan free of harasssment pass.
gw tu males ko beli tiket tiap pagi gw berarti hrs berinteraksi sm mas2nya kan. biarpun biasanya gw cuma ngasi duit sambil bilang 'depok' tp mas2 tu genit2. ada aja yang ditanyain. 'kok pagi bgt?','udah mandi blom si', 'sendiri aja neng' blablablablabla. MALES BGT. nah dgn KTB ini, gw ga perlu interaksi sm siapapun. gw cuma tinggal jalan masuk aja asal tu mas2 liat gw megang ktb, gw masuk.
tadi pagi, secrara ktb gw ilang karena keteledoran gw sendiri, gw k loket buat beli karcis. 'depok' gw bilang sambil ngasi duitnya. biasanya mas2nya lgsg ngeluarin tiketnya. tp ini g, agak lama gt gw nunggu. dan akhirnya dia ngeluarin...... hp bukan tiket. hp saudara-saudara, hp. dia blg 'minta dulu no.nya baru tiketnya dikasi.' NYETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT sumpah demi apa aja gw MALES bgt dan sumpah itu ngerusak mood gw seharian. gw g bisa ngeles jg. gw mau bilang keretanya udah mau dtg, keretanya masih lama dtgnya. dia sebagai petugas stasiun jg lebih tau klo tu kereta emg masi lama dtgnya. akhirnya gw g tau mau ngapain lg yaudah gw kasi nomer aja. tp bukan nomer gw laaaaaaah. gw malsuin nomer.
nah masalah gw sekarang adalah, gimana kalo gw besok pas beli karcis, tu org nanya k gw knp no. gw g bisa dihubungin. tai mls bgt gw ngeles2 lg. zzzzzzzzzz. skrg mbak gw udah pd tidur. i hope mereka nemuin ktb gw nyelip dmn gt. huhuhuuhu 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

why i should look forward to tomorrow

-i haven't rode the morning train with a certain someone for 3 days!
-pelajaran cuma mpkt sm ting. AGAK santai


hmmm honestly, gw bingung mau mulai dr mana. ok, gw mulai dr belakang aja. intinya gw menang lomba debate hari ini. hahahaha

jadi td kan gw k kampus lg, lomba lg. and just like what i wrote before, gw ga mood at all. bener2 mlsssssssssss bet bet bet. jd gw jg seharian males2an gt in doing anything. then my teammates noticed. well duh, secara kita brg terus. before i go on, my teammates names' are lesly and riza. wkt riza pergi sholat, which is just before the announcement of who goes into the finals, lesly blg k gw. 'i know you think debating is not your thing, i know you feel like you're not as good as me and riza and i know that you're on the verge of quitting. but me and riza chose you for a reason. we believe that you could do this.' aaaaaaaaw, sumpah gw lgsg g enak bgtttt. when i opened my mouth to speak, lesly cut me off, 'no. you have not dissapoint us at all. but you keep underestimating yourself. you're intimidated by me and riza. you're good, trust me. we couldn't have got this far without you. you also played a part. you're first speaker and you're pretty good for a beginner. i could never ever be  first speaker.'
then i asked if he ever felt like quitting. and he said yes. definitely, yes. even riza later on told me that she once phoned home and actually cried saying that she wants to quit debating so bad and that she just couldn't take it anymore. lesly also told me that the first time he debated, he was major awful. like blurgh. he said it wasn't until his 3rd debate tournament until he was equal to i am now. and the fact that i can reach this far as a newbie is just great.

so the announcement came out and our team made it into the final round. our team vs untar. the winner of this final round is the winner of the whole tournament. after what my teammates told me, i really didn't want to bail them and disappoint them in any way. so i did my best. what made the final round different from the other rounds is that the previous rounds were done in closed rooms. the final round had a number of live audiences. know what i did? i panicked and i cried. i cried and i really wish we would just do it inside a closed room again. how was i supposed to talk in front of all those people?????

then i thought to myself, isn't being able to speak in public my biggest wish right now? don't i always want to be able to make a whole bunch of people to actually listen to what i have got to say? so i wiped my tears and completely erased the thought off throwing up and remind myself of princess mia. she used to barf when she was told to give speeches, later on, she learned how to do it in a fun way and look at her now, she has brought democracy to genovia. so i got it, talked in front of those people aaaaaaaaaaannnnddd i actually enjoyed it! hahahahahahaha. seriously, it was fun! esp seeing the audience nodding their heads as you try to prove your point. lol

so in the end, our team won. hehehehehe. remembering a few days back, i was completely clueless about everything. i was even introduced to riza like 2 hours before the tournament started. when we got into the debater's hall, we could see a lot of people from different universities, each having papers scattered all over their tables and a laptop opened. they were all discussing the motions being given the previous day. while our team. we just sat there with our table completely empty cause we were soooooooo not in the mood of doing anything. and i thought, whatever, i''m here to have fun not to win. this is my first time. i'm completely clueless! but look where we got up to! champion! hahahahahaahaha. oh and, i changed my mind and i take my words back. debating IS my thing! haha

ooooh iyaaaaa. trus gw seneng deh. after we won, i sat down and 2 other ui students congratulated me. they were like, 'this is your first time???? seriously????? WOW! you got potential! seriously!' their surprise was completely genuine and it makes me happy cause they actually watched the debate so they actually saw i how i spoke. and if that's what they think, then thank you! and the best speaker was from untar, his score was 75, 2. and my score was 73,8. sooooooooo ternyata emg gw ga nyampah2 bgt and YES, i have been underestimating myself. hehe.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


dan sekarang gw hrs cari bahan buat besok debate. something about mercury. aaaaaaah apaan si. i don't want to give a shit about mercuries right now. all i know is, merkuri tu nama planet di tata surya dan merkuri tu nama romawinya hermes. YES OF COURSE I KNOW it's not the mercury they're referring to. the mercury they're referring to is the merkuri yang ga ada di tje fuk itu. aaah tp malesssss nyari taunya. males males males.

oiya gw ada cerita lucu sekedar menghibur diri. kmrn gw kan lg peljaran seni, trus vava putut gt2 lagi pada di kantin. tiba2 si putut bilang,' idya mana? lagi sholat ya?' trus si vava ketawa, 'sumpah yaaaaaaaaa, klo sampe idya sholat, gw JANJI demi apapun gw bakal ikut sholat disebelah dia. SUMPAH!' dan begonya, janoko juga ikutan janji. sok2 mau ikutan sholat. nah trus gw tu semenjak vava blg gt k gw, gw jd ky dpt pencerahan iman gt. haha. gw mikir, selama ini kan prinsip gw kita ga tau mana yang bener mana yang nggak. kita boleh milih, tp di dunia ini ga ada yang bener2 tau apa yang bener. trus gw jd mikir lg, gw ga punya agama, blom tentu bener, gw punya agama, jg blom tentu bener. jadi yaaa, gw mau punya agama aja ah. gw kangen jg si sholat dan semacamnya. hahaha mampus lho va. tp vava gw kasi keringanan. klo gw sebulan sholat terus, baru dia ikut sholat. karena itu tandanya gw bener2 emg udah berubah, bukan cuma biar vava ikut sholat dan janoko jadi imam. hahahahaahhah

tapi ya, gw ga kebayang d. misalnya ya, skrg jg ni, gw wudhu trus sholat. trus nykp gw masuk kamar dan ngeliat gw sholat. gw bilang ya, dan gw agak2 yakin si, nykp gw bakal njerit2 histeris! 'haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! kamu ngapain sholat???? haaaaaaa??????????'
trus lgsg nelfon bokap gw. 'masa idya sholat!!! IDYA SHOLAT! huaaaaaaaaa......pasti kena NII ni anak. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!'
something like that. hahahahaa. ya mungkin g selebay itu. haha. tp yang jelas nykp gw bakal lebih byk ga sukanya drpd sukanya karena pasti mikirnya yang negatif2. haha. 

reBUTT my ass

i'm sorry for the pretty rude title. tp gw cape! plis, gw kali ini mau nulis pake bahasa indonesia karena gw eneg bgt sm bahasa inggris!

jadi gw kan udah lama bgt emang pgn punya the ability to speak in public. jd gw ikut english debate. hr ini gw ikut lomba dan gw SAMA SEKALI ga ada persiapan. gw aja baru kenalan sm anggota kelompok gw yg laen hr ini, whereas kelompok yg laen td tu udah berkertas2 di meja sibuk ngedisscuss motion yang udah dikasi. ya MENURUT LO aja gt kita bakal menang. gw sm kelompok gw yg 3 isinya 3 org juga udah bilang, we have nothing to lose, we just came to have fun. males bgt ngebahas2 yang buat nanti sekarang secara kita semua ngantuk. 

universitas2 yang tadi ikut:

babak pertama gw lawan unpad. menang (yes!). haha. dan skor kita paling tinggi dari 18 kelompok. nyettt, gw kira kelompok gw bener2 GA MUNGKIN menang.

babak kedua. lawan unpar. menang (YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA) dan skor kelompok gw ke-2 paling tinggi dari 18 kelompok

babak ketiga. udah cape udah mau mati, kalah. lawan itb. (emang itb jago bgt anjrit) dan kelompok kita jadi urutan ke 6 dr 18 kelompok

tapi ya meskipun menang 2x dan sempet jd threat buat kelompok yang laen, entah kenapa kok gw gak seneng ya?????
yeah ok gw seneng menang ngelawan unpar. tp yaudah itu doang. itu jg karena something personal. hehehee. tp yaaaaaa. untuk 'menang'nya itu sendiri, gw biasa aja sumpah.
teammates gw pd blg, 'gw seneng deh, seneng bgt malah.' tp gw gaaaaaak. emang siiii i know it's because bukan karena gw menangnya, melainkan karena 2 org di kelompok gw anjrit parah bgt jagonya. tp yaaaaaaa emang gw jg selama debate berlangsung ngerasa. sumpah ini bukan gw bgt. bukan gw sm skali. gw tmn2 gw blg gw bakal seneng kalo udah menang. nggak tuh.

sumpah debate tu capeeeeee. lo hrs dengerin orang ngmng apa dan berusaha menyangkal itu dan prove your point to the opponent. and you have to rebutt and that kind of stuff. blom lagi ada case building and bladibladibladiblaaa. berarti emang ini BUKAN bidang gw. 

sumpah gw GA SABAR maen futsal hari senen lawan inggris. parah2 ga sabar. mudah2an menang lg!

yang gw rasain pas maen futsal sm pas debate tu beda bgt. gw ngerasai can relate to futsal even though i'm not good at it. and it's not that i suck at it or anything. klo debate, i really do suck at it, and tiap gw debate, all i can think of is futsal on monday! hahaha

Thursday, November 13, 2008

now try to decipher this! haha

hey people! isn't this cool or what! now i can write anything i want without any of you being able to translate anything. 

so things gave been great with me and the guy from german studies. hahaha. but i really have got to start ignoring him on campus. everyday, we would ride the train together, then we'd get of and walk to our faculty together. then we'd walk into each other's classes and that's it. complete ignoration. haha. but i know why he's doing it. i can't imagine if the other german girls found out about us, gossips will definitely soar. but i gotta admit this really is fun.

oh and one more thing. tis goes out to someone out there. i wish i can just come up to you and say,'hey, don't go out with him, he'll leave you once he gets bored.' haha. mean i know, but it's true. and i'm not going to say it, of course not. haha
keep texting! i'm loving it! lol

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i'm going to write this post in english cause i feel like all those chinese characters are pushing my english skills out of my head through my ear.

so i rode the train today like usual. while waiting for the train, vava went to get a drink in a nearby stand. i didn't come along with her though, i just sat and wait. when she got back, she was like all, 'the guy who sold the drinks there was a train 2 hours earlier. just over there. aaaaaaah.' she pointed to a place in the railways which was like only a few meters from where we were sitting. some parts of that particular spot were covered in white sand. the man said that was to cover the blood. the person didn't die, but his skull was crushed (aaaaaaaah). he got run over by the express train. for those who don't know shit about jabodetabek trains, the express trains are trains who don't stop at every station. so they speed up real fast and they don't slow down. funny thing is, EXACTLY, and i mean EXACTLY next to the place where the accident happen, there was this board with the number 4 in it. just a small white board with the number 4 in the middle of those 2 railways. the accident happened exactly next to the 4 sign. some people say 4 means death. in japanese and chinese, 4(si) has the same meaning as death. a few days ago, i went home by train with iman. he said that a few days before, he saw a mannequin's head in the railroad. i remember him pointing to the place where he saw it. well, it was kinda the same place as the accident. oh my. this is getting scary. but i'm still loving my train rides and enjoying every second of it. hehe

Monday, November 10, 2008

seeing double

i know there are so many

tapi dia kan....
tapi dia kan....
tapi dia kan....s

but, i don't really give a shite. cause i love playing the game that we play.


Sunday, November 9, 2008


gw agak nyesel d kmrn g k pl fair. tmn2 gw byk yg dtg ternyata. kgnnnn pgn ktemu. huhu. tp sinofest br selese jam 8 dan gw udah mls kalo ksana.

anyway, gw mau cerita ttg beberapa hal yg terjadi beberapa hari terakhir. haha. kan pas sinofest kmrn kan di kampus ada stand gorengan gt kan, trus jual tempe mendoan. anjrit tempe mendoannya ENAK BGT udah kaya apaan tai. sumpah enak bgt. satunya cuma 1500 lg. dan begonya gw cuma beli satu. aaaarrggghhh. sumpah ya saking enaknya gw smp ngmng k boneng. anjrit neng, enak bgt sumpah. ini tempe apa mukjizat. hahaha. lebay, tp emg enak bgt!

trus kan di sinofest ada band yg maen namanya mejiku. trus itu memotivasi gw untuk ngmng k vava. va, untung pelangi warnanya merah dulu bukan jingga dulu. vava lgsg ketawa2 dan hebatnya cuma dia yg mudeng secepet itu. haha.

yaudah, gt aja si sebenernya. haha

real horrorshow!

so i 've finished viddying a clockwork orange and it really was a horrorshow! my gulliver was always buried in the book and my rot couldn't stop talking about it to anyone. i also imagined alex as a really hot chelloveck. haha.

i was speaking with. the whole book is told in the first person, alex, who refers himself as your humble narrator. throughout the whole book he speaks in nadsat, so you have to get used to it first. the book was really fun. it's a pity it's thin. i actually can't get enough. if you've seen the movie, there's really not much difference. but i gotta say the movie's better. duh, stanley kubrick. the book's not as artsy as the movie and there's one last chapter in the book that wasn't included in the movies. so alex gets cured, then he finds himself a new group with 3 new droogs with a new costume to boot. but after a while he gets bored out of it all. he came across his old droog, pete. pete here being married and happy and all that cal. so alex decides he wants to go and settle, and that all that he used to do was adolescent stuff.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


jadi intinya, td gw naek kereta balik k jakarta jam 20.30 dan desek2an kan tu masuknya. mana di depan pintu keretanya ada yg naro karung2 gede bgt lg jd mempersempet jalan masuk. mana keretanya udah mengeluarkan bunyi2 tanda mau jalan. semakin desek2an. alhasil, sepatu gw COPOT dan JATOH k selipan di antara platform sm kereta. intinya, sepatu gw jatoh k rel. HUHUUHUHUUH. parah2 tu sepatu PW bgt dan udah gw pake dr sma kelas 2 dan suka gw perlakukan dengan brutal tp masih bagusssss. trus tu sepatu nyimpen banyak kenangan bgt. hhuuhu. dia udah ikut gw kemana2 dan kayanya dia yg paling tau ttg gw. hahaha tai ah lebay. tp ya gt. sediiiiiihhhh. gw EMANG akhir2 ini suka mikir, pgn d beli crocs baru, tp jgn d, yg ini masi pw. nanti aja klo yg ini udah bnr2 g bisa dipake. dan gw ga nyangka kalo pas saat tu sepatu 'bener2 g bisa dipake' dateng, rasanya bakal senyesek ini. hhuhuhu. tp yasudahlah. things could've been worse. ajeng lebih kesian stan smith kado ulang taun rame2nya ilang dicolong. tp se rela2nya gw sm hilangnya sepatu kiri gw, gw GA TAU bakal ngerasa kaya apa klo besok gw liat tu sepatu di rel udah kelindes2 kereta.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

forever my guilty pleasure

william beckett


aaaaaah jd g bisa ikut kumpul teater hr sabtu. =(

i've found my new love!

it's FUTSAL! hahahaa. like i wrote earlier, i had no idea how i was chosen in the first place. i have never played futsal in my life. haha. tp trus jurusan gw menang aja euy 5-0. hahahahhaa. parah2 seneng bgt. karena kemampuan gw untuk menggiring bola NOL BESAR, gw jd defense. dan gw seneng bgt karena byk yg bilang 'anjing defensenya jago paraaaah.' ckakakakakakakakakakak. sumpah2 gw seneng bgt. gw emang ga ngasi tu bola buat ngelewatin gw SAMA SEKALI. selama gw jd defense, kiper gw gabut parah. bolanya g pernah nyampe ke emg g ngegol, tp gw yg menyumbang angka 0 di skor lawan. hehehe. sumpah2 gw seneng bgtttt, dan gw ga sabar maen selanjutnya lawan jurusan apa aja. ketua kelompok gw jago parah, semua strikernya jago. tp kata iman gw maennya beringas. katanya tiap liat bola dtg lgsg bnr2 gw serang. hahaha.

tapi sumpah itu seru bgt. kita bikin yel2, 我们漂亮羁勒! hahaha. sumpah itu kalo di trasnlate artinya sampah bgt. gw lgsg pgn bgt ikut futsal fakultas gw. hahahaa. ya tp latiannya jam 6 pagi gw naek apa jg ke depok. haha.

haha, maaf kalo terkesan nyombong. tp klo lo pernah menang suatu lomba, lo pasti ngerti perasaan ini. haha. besok sinofest, ga ada pelajaran dan mlm ini gw mau ngelanjutin gossip girl! huaaaaa. life IS good.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

baru aja mingkem

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. gw bingung sumpah mau ngmng apa.

hanzi hanzi

harusnya si skrg gw belajar. HARUSNYA. ga ada apa2 si besok, maksud gw ga ada uts or tes2 semacamnya. tp ya gw klo g nyiapin bahan sebelom masuk kelas alamat MATI. jd ya iya, hrsnya si gw belajar. tp MALES. anjrit males paraaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. knp mls selalu jd penyakit semua anak muda di mana-mana. huhuhu. gw udah lama bgt g sempet baca novel dengan baik dan benar dan gw KANGEN. i miss alex and his droogs already!

gara-gara bola

Dan cuma tuhan yang tahu kenapa GW dipilih buat ngewakilin jurusan gw buat lomba futsal. ya ya ya

double vision

hey, i know we're not looking for anything long-term here. but stick around, i'm actually having fun

Monday, November 3, 2008

human mirror

this next video is biasa aja actually. well. the trick is actually pretty good but the angles of the camera are bad so we don't get to really see the real deal. but speaking of trains and twins.............. lol. here, have a look


aaaaaah, byk bgt yg hrs dipelajarin buat besok tp gw males tau ga MALES. huhu

Sunday, November 2, 2008


heartless mode: ON!

so now, i have NOTHING to lose.