Friday, August 29, 2008

distance shmistance?

just when i thought i'm starting to get the hang of it, things started coming up again. the last few days i've been really happy and couldn't seem to wipe the smile of my face. we finally got a chance to have a decent phone call. just like the old days. this is what we aimed for, i thought. not contacting each other intensely for a long time, but once we got the chance to meet or to just talk, it'll feel a thousandfold better than it used to. but something sort of pulled another trigger today. yeah were far literally, but somehow figuratively as well. i don't no longer know what's going on in your life anymore, who you play with, the places you go to, the things you do.
i'm not the kind of person who likes to ask about those things or to control or things, but before we always know 'stuff'. now, i'm clueless about friggin everything and it's getting friggin annoying. surprises keep coming round the bend and i sometimes they're a little too much to bear.
if i started asking who your with and stuff like that, i'll probably be annoyed by my own behavior.

shees i'm stumped, and again i suck at proving my point.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

dulu kita selalu skype2an berjam2 nyampah sambil maen perang2an. kamu nginep di rumah sampek 5 hari km ttp nelfon aku tiap hari sampe digoda2in sampek. kita 'g sengaja' ketemu di sency tiap minggu. kita b2 udh benci bgt sm sency tp g tau knp klo ketemuan pasti ujung2nya disitu. lagian itu kan tempat kita pertama ktemu.kita pas prom diem2an, malu2 bego pdhl tiap hr ngakak2 di telfon. km bela2in naek besway smp nyasar2 ke rumah aku trus kita muter2 menteng smp kepanasan, smp rumah km aku pinjemin boxernya bkp aku dan itu g cocok bgt di kamu. wkt kita br jadian kita ketemuan tiap hari ky apaan. kita nyampah di subtitles gara2 km milih filmnya jelek. haha. km nganterin aku macet2 k rumahku yg di kemang. smp sana bkp aku pergi sebentar trus km makan di meja makan tp aku cium2 km terus. hahaha. trus pas di farewellnya timmy km ngajak aku pacaran di depan. besoknya kt ketemuan pdhl kyanya udah g mungkin bgt hr itu ketemuan. kita di rumah nindi numpang.....ketawa2. hahahaha. trus pas km udah pulang km sms aku blg itu hal paling aneh dan lucu yg pernah km tau.

haha emg ngarep bgt si klo mau pacaran ky gt lg sekarang. secara km g ada skype, dan mana bisa kita k sency tiap minggu. haha

we both knew long distance was going to be hard, but we never thought it was going to be this hard. we both haven't been ourselves lately. but seriously james, i hope that changes.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


yeah i did thought about jumping ship before it sinks, but we're both in this together right?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

optical illusions

stare at the picture above for a few seconds focusing on one particular spot. look away and stare into a blank page or a blank piece of paper. this optical illusion happens to be my personal favorite.

look at the picture above. stare at the dot it the middle then move your head back and forth towards the screen.

this second picture is a mixture of 3 different optical illusions.

your eyes cant get enough?
try this and this

i want one!

after blewing a summer job at globe asia, i have to get a job!! nindi's working at persija. the one thing that she loves like mad. and so is aby, at jakarta fashion week. i have to and i WILL get a job that i want!


cape cape cape

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


James Conrad Gumulya!

sumpah aku kangen!!! hahaha

like i have a choice

i'm not asking for 5, i'm only asking for 1. but all i can say to my self is, 'you can just dream about it. right now, start getting used to what you have. cause it's all you're getting.'

it's green time

i know i know. global warming is probably the last thing you want to hear right now. but it really is important and here's a little something.

4999 orang cukup kok buat bersihin hutan UI*. gw mau ngurus hutan sumatra dulu hari jumat. haha

*hari jumat kita disuruh ke kampus buat mungut2in sampah di hutan UI gt

Monday, August 18, 2008

decreased frequency

i'm out of words. maybe emoticons will do.


Sunday, August 17, 2008


so yeah, i was lucky enough to get a chance to 'meet and greet' panic at the disco. but when i went to tennis indoor on the 16th(one day before the show), i was surprised to see that nearly 50 other people were just as lucky. haha good thing we were told to meet them in a group of 6.
i went it, shook hands with al of them, then the 5 other people started crowding brendon urie. sine ryan ross was vacant and just as hot, i talked to him. we had quite a nice chat about chuck palahniuk and the upcoming movie 'choke' also by palahniuk. then by the end of the 'meet and greet' session, i asked brendon urie for a hug and he gave me a big one. hehehe. oooowh lucky lucky me. it's not everyday that you can talk about your favorite author with your favorite celebrity plus get a hug from brendon urie. hehe

oh yeah, we weren't allowed to take personal pictures, they have their cameramen for that. so they say they'll send the picture next week.can't wait! promise i'll post it


seriously james, my ego couldn't be bigger. 

sorry. come home, i miss you already

Saturday, August 16, 2008

details in the fabric

Calm down 
Deep breaths 
And get yourself dressed instead 
Of running around 
And pulling on your threads and 
Breaking yourself up 

If it's a broken part, replace it 
If it’s a broken arm then brace it 

And everything will be fine 

Are the details in the fabric 
Are the things that make you panic 

Everything will be fine 
Everything in no time at all
Hearts will hold 

Jason Mraz and James Morisson

i use to think jason mraz was my soulmate. his songs brings me all to another dimention. haha


bosen parah tp lg g mood nulis. tp ya gw cuma pgn nulis aja gw td ktemu panic! hahaha. i'll fill in on the details later

Friday, August 15, 2008


why i am so lucky:
-I have James as my boyfriend. Someone I have been insanely obsessed with for a long time
-I got into UI through SNMPTN. they best university in Indonesia they say
-I got a Panic at the disco meet and greet!!!!!!!!!! gosh I LOVE panic!

why i am not so lucky:
-James lives 2 hours away
-staying in UI is a gazillion times harder than getting in. and this is only the beginning
-the panic at the disco meet and greet time clashes with my campus schedule and i nearly burst when i tried to arrange the time

so yeah i'm ultra lucky to have James as my boyfriend, sometimes i couldn't wish for anyone better for me. but the thing is he's so far and i want him here now! i've been wanting to go to bandung next week but then i realize i'm forcing myself to much. there'll be a lot of other weekends. don't sacrifice going to campus for this. i should know better. 
there are a lot of other couples who manage to go on without seeing each other for months. me and james have a 'bad' habit. we use meet each other every day so now that we're separated, things get a little woozy. but then, bener kata lebong, resiko long distance. haha

i love my campus. really i do. but campus isn't my only life. it's getting kind of annoying how they make us come every single day of the mont including weekends. but then, bener kata yuni, ga segampang itu menyandang nama UI. haha

well enough doodles for now. gotta go print all those work i'm going to hand in tomorrow.

train of thought

cape cape cape. naek kereta yg tiketnya 1500, tugas blom selese, rancu dikumpulinnya kapan. aaaarrghhh tai tai. yaudahlah ya, yg penting gw dpt meet and greetnya panic! hahahahahaa

Thursday, August 14, 2008

topsy turvy

kita, sebagai manusia, tidak perlu batas mutlak untuk menentukan baik atau buruknya sesuatu, benar atau salahnya. untuk apa kita diberi akal jika semua harus berdasarkan batas mutlak? lagipula, tidak ada yang mutlak di dunia ini.

maaf ya, lg pgn berfilosofi aja. hahaha

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


she dug her arms deep into her 5 year-old, now worn out backpack. Her fingers roamed the bottom of the backpack feeling around for something cold, thin and metal. Once she felt the rigged edges of her keys, she pulled it out along with the purple dragon key ring her best friend gave her back in 5th grade. She jammed the keys into the keyhole and felt a wave of relief when she entered her room. The smell of her room always comforted her somehow. She threw her backpack across the floor, not caring all the things that are somewhat fragile inside, walked over to her bedside table to turn on her bubble blower and flung herself into her bed. After a few minutes of letting herself lay on her bed with her eyes closed, her mobile rang from inside her backpack which was across the room. She let out a little whine before dragging herself across the room to get to her backpack. Receiving her mobile from her backpack isn't much easier than finding her room keys. she always dumps everything inside her deep backpack then dug everything out when she really needed something she put inside earlier. She looked at the screen for a second, assumed it was from someone unimportant, then threw her mobile to her bed. she missed a few inches and it hit the wall instead. Like she cared. She got that mobile less than  a week ago and it's now already chipped on the upper right corner. She flung her self once more to her bed and just stare straight to the ceiling. bubbles floating by once in a while. that's a pretty weird habit she has, owning a bubble blower. she could turn it on all day and leave a whole bunch of bubbles floating by. She walked over to her bedside table, grabbed a white cloth and walked over to the other side of her room. She grazed the cloth she was holding carefully over a sculpture which would probably capture more attention to anyone than the bubbles ever would. it was a bronze, 2 and a half feet sculpture of the golden fleece-with real gold-on a tree, with the magnificent sleepless dragon curling around it. of course, not forgetting the main character of the sculpture, jason himself. poised so gracefully, so perfect she could never ever get bored from staring at him. 1 thing she was obsessed about, dragons. anything with dragons she would definitely save her money for months to buy it. her other most prized possession is the sculpture of Sapphira-eragon's dragon-she bought after a strict money spending policy for 6 months. Though Sapphira's feathered wings disappoint her,  it was still one magnificent dragon sculpture. When she first saw the movie, she was so annoyed at the wings. seriously, feathers? what stupid dragon has feathers for wings? they have a thin membrane for wings. like bats. every dipshit should know that.

i couldn't find a name for her and i know the story is pretty meaningless, but that's my point. i wanted to focus on details. not the story. i know it's still far from good, but i'm getting there.

the quotes we live by

easier said than done

Isn't that supposed to be like, pretty obvious? but why do i keep falling into the same hole over and over. That law even applies for everything in life.

bloggy bloggy

hey, what's that shiny new link over there? haha. my new blog! check it out!


i don't know why my mood is so ruined today even though everything is great. even last night's phone call with james wash superb. but i'm just not in the mood for anything except pointless writings.

i tried tons of stuff to get me back on track. watching the simpsons, reading djenar maesa ayu's blog, eating indomie yg rasa cakalang and one thing that is actually kind of sort of forbidden but i did it anyway. OH WELL. namanya jg orang bosen. i'm the kind of person who aren't supposed to get bored. when i get bored i usually do bizzare things. anything to get the boredom out. haha. i'm kind of all better now.

the word bump was created by shakespeare

everything today was just perfect. class was fun, i didn't really want to leave campus as usual and i got home safely from my first ever train ride from depok to menteng, alone! that was fun too. but i don't really feel like doing anything right now. i'm shrouded by this stupid feeling called guilt. uuuuuuurrrgggghhh. z z z z z z z z z z z z z zz z z z z z zz z z .

seriously this is stupid.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


so yeah campus life has started for me and most of my friends. i now have to go to campus every single day including weekends to have orientation for a whole month. but surprise surprise, i'm actually enjoying it. as a matter of fact, i LOVE it. i love walking through those corridors, walking down the path and just looking at what seems like an endless field of grass(lebay lebay), walking through the teksas bridge, trying all those great food at all those awesomely cheap cafeterias. but most of all, it's nice to meet new people. seeing how many characters and different types of people which are forcefully merged into one classroom and be forced to work together. now THAT is great. i enjoy all the task given and sometimes by the end of the day, i don't really want to go home. haha.
back when i was still striving to get in, i kept 3 things in mind; i WILL work my ass off to get in, literally if necessary(speaking figuratively of course), and i WILL get in and once i get in, i WILL love it. and here i am loving it more than anything. haha. i know i'm new and all and i'll probably barf all known chinese alphabet down the toilet bowl someday(i take chinese literature for those who doesn't know), but right now, i'm loving it here and i'm absorbing all this happiness before it all wears out. haha

Monday, August 11, 2008

pork and beans

if you've seen those videos i posted earlier, now see this.

they're the actual people in those youtube videos. haha

Canada on strike part 2

Friday, August 8, 2008

canada on strike

yesterday i watched a south park episode titled canada on strike(season 12). it's filled parodies of popular youtube video parodies. well actually, youtube videos that are popular n the US. I watched all those youtube videos mentioned in south park and i found them weird. haha. here, see for yourself.

i'll post the rest later.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Happy 1 month anniversary Cel!

It's only been 4 days and i miss you already. I can't wait to see you again tomorrow! parah parah kangennnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

not every couple is lucky enough to celebrate their anniversary on 08-08-08. hahaha.


hp gw dicemplungin k air minum sm marty. jd klo mau ngubungin gw k esia dulu y

you're pulling the trigger all right

so here's what i have to do for the following week:
-answer 20 questions about UKMUI
-make and essay
-find a discussion group
-do the discussion
-make a white and red cardboard and write the ikrar bangkit indonesia in it. FYI, the ikrar  bangkit Indonesia is not short
-memrorize 7 songs
-make a CV
-go to campus every friggin day this month starting from 2 days from now

surprise2, after all the long holiday of doing officially nothing, i'm actually enjoying this. haha

oh the braces you wear

laper paraaaaaaah. bgt bgt bgt. makanan ada, tp these stupid braces are keeping me from eating. huhuhuhu. can't wait to get rid of them. uuuurrrggghhh

holiday's officially over

yup, just like the title. after 3 months of nothingness-well if you call studying for snmptn nothingness-holiday's finally over. crap, i was enjoying it. haha. from this day on, it's nothing but ngerjain tugas2 buat ospek. i even have to go to campus every friggin day of the month-including weekends-starting from next saturday.

well there's nothing else i can do but enjoy it. haha. so, so long 3 months of nothingness, it's been uber fun. when else can you get a holiday that long. haha

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

miracles happen

3 things i consider miraculous:
-having boncel as my boyfriend
-getting accepted at UI
-gaining my mum's trust

honestly, i think the 3rd one is the biggest miracle of all. hahaha. but when i see no. 1 and 2, those really are what you can call a miracle. haha

thk u jamesy for being a dear instead of being mad for what i did. it makes me respect you even more.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


so here i am after my usual midnight read and just not knowing what to write about. today i went out with nindi, ajeng, icha, kak agnes and bella cause they're all(except nindi)leaving for bandung soon. i am sooooo uber jealous that you all get to live alone and no longer has to live with your parents. hahaha. i wish i could ngekos, but the idea of ngekos in depok doesn't interest me at all. buat temen2 yg ngekos, jgn lupa mkn buah sm sayur y. hahaa

we went to serpong and i really liked BSD. it's the first time i've been there and i think it's great. it's like a smaller version of jakarta, only much cleaner. haha. i'd love to live there if a train ride to jakarta is available.

speaking of train rides, since i'm not moving anywhere and my campus is miles away, like it or not, i'm taking the train. i'm not too excited about it actually but that's just the best way to get to campus.

it's 1:43 and i have to wake up at 6 tomorrow. how long will i let insomnia take over? sigh.

Monday, August 4, 2008

ngantuk, tp g bisa tidur. seperti biasa

karena gw bnr2 g ada kerjaan gw pgn nulis ngemeng2 aja.

akhir2 ini byk bgt yg blg, 'HAH? lo -6.00? ah yg bener lo serius?' sayangnya, itu benar saudara2. sebenernya smp skrg gw masi pake softlens -5.50 tp udah burem bgt. jd yaaa udah naek si. paling jd -5.75, tp gw mls ngomongnya jd gw buletin aja. gw blg 'hampir min 6'

td gw nyetak foto trus ilang. entah kmn. mudah2an ketemu. anjing ngeselin aja gt ilangnya bener2 tanpa jejak.

td gw telfon2an sm james tp cuma bentar. dianya abis maen2 trus udah cape dan td suaranya putus2 parah. g tau knp. awas aja klo tiap hr putus2 uuurggghhh udh g ada skype, g ada msn, g lucu klo telfon putus2 jg. gw g mau pacaran berbasis sms. huhu

dulu ngomongin global warming happening bgt tu kayanya. skrg spanduk, slogan dan semangat org2  menghilang entah kmn. haha. ketauan kan mana yg poser mana yg bukan.

gw lg baca twilight. semua org blg bgs tp menurut gw kok terlalu high school y? ya gw br baca satu chapter jg si. mendingan gw lanjutin dulu. tp gw bner2 lg tergila2 parah sm chuck palahniuk. g akan pernah ada penulis yg se sick palahniuk klo bikin cerita. chuck palahniuk tu yg bikin fight club. trus bukunya yg judulnya choke jg bkl dijadiin film. yipee! btw, katanya twilight jg mau dijadiin film y?

currently reading:twilight
next in line:
-thank you for smoking
-everything is illuminated
-god of small things

di singapore, hunt for: a clockwork orange

btw, menurut gw kok the alchemist JELEK BGT ya. hahaha

videos for everyone!


to make a long story short

i did it!

i made it into his house just on time. i wanted to explode with happiness when my mum said i could come over to his house and meet him one last time before he leaves in less than 2 hours. FYI, it was the third time this week that i said i wanted to meet him one last time. haha but this time, it really is the last time. before he leaves for bandung that is. i got enough hugs and kisses to last until we meet again.

here's a picture we took. it's my favorite so far

Sunday, August 3, 2008


current time: 9:16

time of james' departure: approximately 11:00

i might still have time!

oh gosh i miss you shitless. i know it's lebay but i can't help it!
i want to yell at myself ,'nyettt, bandung doang nyett sumpah lebay bgt lo parah2!' But i can't help it!!!!!!!!!! it's not like i want to be all mellowy and choking back tears all day. we've both discussed that this is going to be fun. we'll miss each other more and we'll be uber psyched everytime we meet. plus, we'll have more places to go since we're so sick of all the malls in jakarta anyway. but still, i'll miss u i'll miss u!!!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


g bisa tidur, pdhl ngantuk parah2. huhuu

all aboard!

next stop, peking university! HAHAHA


rapor gw diilangin sekolah! uuuuuurrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buat ngurusnya makan wkt lama lg pdhl gw udh hrs daftar ulang hr rabu. @$@&#%&*#@

gosh i sooooo want to blow up that ugly blue building. but then, my report card will never be found. zzzzzzzzzzzz


can't wait to see you tomorrow! that was a nice chat we just had. i'm glad you said all those things and i'm glad i did too. sometimes i think your just too good. haha

g bisa tidur

here's a little something. i watched it ages ago and i'm still in love with it to this very day. haha enjoy!