Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween!

I had the longest day today. Seriously. I don’t even know where to start. Haha. It all started when I skipped the first half an hour of mpkt. Mpkt btw, is lesson where philosopy, ethics, logic, pancasila and all that jazz are crammed into one. Then the whole day was spent making the script for petang kreatif at klaster(kelas terbuka). Honestly, I like klaster. It’s the most decent place you can have that’s the closest to nature.  From there, all you see is trees, the river, jembatan texas, FE and FT on the other side of the bridge. Sometimes people would play arung jeram in the river. What other university can you play arung jeram in anyway. Haha. But klaster is 100% outdoors(duh) and it gets really itchy sitting on the ground after a while so we moved to the library. My second most favorite place on earth after perpustakaan depdiknas. At the library, me, vava and oris continued writing the script until I got a call from Iman telling me that there are no trains heading to jakarta. I was like, seriously? It’s already 7.00 pm and how the eff was I supposed to get back. The script’s not even half finished. The reason there was no train available is because there was some kind of accident in stasiun manggarai. So I guess hantu-hantu kereta manggarai  beraksi di halloween day. Hahahahaha. Like it or not, me, vava and iman decided to ride a taxi to citos and ask my driver to pick us up there.

The first place I visited at citos is always aksara. And guess what, I BOUGHT A CLOCKWORK ORANGE BY ANTHONY BURGESS!!!!!!!!!! Oh GOSH, I have searched for this book with all my life. Sampe nitip2 ke temen gw yg di amerika segala, sampe bela2in ke UPH buat nyari di times bookstore. But whatever, I finally have one in the clutches of my hand! Hahha. I bought it straight away completely ignoring the price. Honestly, it’s the most expensive NOVEL I have ever bought. But it was worth it. Seriously I am sooo reading it ASAP. Wild swans can totally wait.

            Then we went to to finish the script cause we kinda still have a long way to go. Iman was nice enough to buy me 两瓶啤酒,an ice caffe latte, and 2 donuts of my favorite flavour as a token of thank you for having me dropping him off near his house. Seriously, I have never felt so spoiled. Haha. It was no big deal actually, the 3 of us lives nearby from each other anyway.

            So yeah, that’s it I guess. Can’t wait till tomorrow and have a blasting weekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2008




gw udah nulis2 blog sampah dan masi blom tenang. huaaaaaa.

ok i guess i'll write more. actually, i have to get to my script right now and memorize a biao yan for tomorrow but i just got over uts and i want to have all the fun i want. i am also soooo not in the mood to do both of those things.

a few days ago, our campus made this 'thing' called kuningkan jakarta when it was hari sumpah pemuda. me and my friends decided to come with. god knows why but we decided to go with the FKM(fakultas kesehatan masyarakat) group. we rode a metro mini yg udah di sewa and it was actually kind of fun. haha. but things got kind of messed up when we got to jakarta and the bus went back to depok before it got to bunderan HI. mls gila gw balik k depok, so me and my friends decided to get off the bus right then and there. it was at semanggi. we went to plaza semanggi and had a shitload of fun. haha. the next day, i told my friend, randu, who didn't come with us the day before. FYI, despite her masculine name, randu is a girl. anyway, here is the conversation i had with randu:
randu : kmrn ngapain aja id?
gw    : ya gt, naek bus sampe jakarta. tp kita turun di plangi.
randu : ooooh, sama siapa aja?
gw      : gw, vava, ima, agis sama satu lagi anak jerman.
randu : anak jerman siapa namanya?
gw      : Iman.
randu : ooo. emang lo punya id?

emang paling TAI lo ndu. hahahahaahhhaa

there are actually still a gazillion more things i want to write but i have to get back to my script and biao yan. so yeah, zaijian!

apaan bgt


to kill a mockingbird

gosh i really love this book. it's really hard to put down and you get totally hooked with all the characters. it was really hard to part with scout, atticus and the other towards the ending of the book. seriously, imagine justice from the eyes of a 6 year old. awesome awesome. when it was the scene of the hearing, i couldn't put the book down, i felt like i was also in the courtroom feeling all the anxiety. MUST MUST read. i can't wait to go to subtitles to rent out the movie!



sumpah ya tp hr ini bnr2 ky tai. emg si, nothing big occured. nothing big that made me hyperventilate and have a panic attack or something of the sort. tp tetep aja. god knows why, gw jadi script writer buat petang kreatif di fakultas gw. nyet, gw zooooonk bgt sumpah. untung i have the greatest friends with the greatest ideas. bnran d. trus nilai2 gw akhir ini agak baikan. tdnya nilai gw tu kacau, ky tai. seneng si, nilai uts yg udah dibagiin ada yg lumayan jg akhirnya. ditambah uts yg hari ini gw bisa. tp ttp aja, kesel g tau knp. trus gw harus ngafalin percakapan TAI buat besok. dan sambil gw ngetik ini, gw br inget klo tmn gw minta tlg translate-in sesuatu. bntr2

aaaaaah kesellllll. huhuhuhuuu. sumpah gw g tau mau ngapain dan gw g tau kenapa. emg ni, kutukan jd cewe. hahaha. oiya, ditambah lg, gw br tau satu info baru yang ga bisa gw tulis disini and you know what? from now on, i will ATTEND every EDS practice held and prove to your ass that i can do soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better.

Monday, October 27, 2008

history of china!

why can't we ancient chinese history more often at campus? i'm loving it! haha

kindle vs reader

OH MY!  HOW COULD I RESIST THEM?????????? i've wanted one since like the amazon kindle first came out. problem is, they're really hard to get. i buy books from amazon all the time, but amazon can't send electronic items to indonesia. zzzzzz. so yeah, i haven't got a chance to own one. but now, sony also released something of the sort and i'm uber psyched! i can't just walk over to any sony centre spread all over jakarta! lalalaaa. down here's a list which compares the two.
amazon kindle:
-it's slightly bigger(not sure about the weight though)
-it's the first out of all items alike
-it's featured by oprah
-the screen can't light up
-there are alphabet keypads to make browsing easier
-you can only buy them online
-holds up to 200 books
-battery lasts up to 1 week

sony reader:
-it's slightly smaller
-promoted by lily cole
-the screen can light up
-no alphabet keys, so i hope they have a good way for browsing
-you can buy them at any sony centre(YEAYNESS!)
-holds up to 320 books
-battery lasts up to 2 weeks

ok so it's pretty obvious that sony reader is better. haha. yeah, no need to explain why. whatever, i am sooooooooo getting one. parah2. can't wait!

culture shock

a friend of mine from waaaaaay back then when i was still in the 4th grade, made this video. i kinda like it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


i miss my old hair. haha. it's not that i like my hair short, i do. i get easily bored with long hair and always have the urge to have a haircut. but somehow, i miss having long hair. haha

can't sleep

i can't sleep at all! i'm having my uts tomorrow and i'm still awake at this hour. i also have to keep reminding myself that reading old pages from my journal will create an unpredictable emotion. gosh, excuse the rambling, i'm actually too sleepy to write, i was also to sleepy to study earlier, but I CAN'T SLEEP. stupid2 insomnia. btw, has anyone seen kereta hantu manggarai? haha, if you have. tell me about it ok. haha

Saturday, October 25, 2008


if you would've think twice about hurting my feelings, i would too.


今天我学习汉语,现在我休息。我要跟我的朋友一期去senayan city但是我要学习。现在我喜欢一个人,他是很好。但是他是我的从前男朋友的朋友。
明天我去图书馆,我要看to kill a mockingbird。再见,我要学习。星期二,星期三和星期日我有考。我的天!

if you're thinking about translating it(which you probably aren't),don't.


uuurrrgghhhh, another saturday spent home alone with no one but these stupid chinese characters. well their not that stupid actually, i've learned to like them. they're really fun to do but shitlessly hard to memorize. i've just learned how to write chinese characters on my computer and they're really fun. i've been doing it all day. hahaha. on word, on msn and i think i'll try it here as well.

here's the thing, i can talk in chinese, i can converse. i'm able to say hundreds of words now and create tons of sentences. but i still don't know how to write them. haha pity2. well, writing will come later in life. for now on, chugging myself with celestial movies seems enough. haha

Friday, October 24, 2008

attention, mahasiswa

gw dpt email ini dr bokap gw. terserah mau percaya apa nggak, tp ada BGT kemungkinan ini bener. kalopun nggak, kita bukan ga pernah denger hari gini banyak penculikan. jadi, mau lo kuliah dimana aja, apalagi yang di ui depok, baca deh.

Penting Bgt.

Khususnya buat para Mahasiswi Yang kuliah entah di UI depok atau dimanapun, dan

Umumnya buat wanita dimanapun berada.


Maaf Kalo rada Panjang,,, 

Gw mau share pengalaman CEWE gw SENDIRI !!
hari Jum'at kemaren (17 Oktober 2008) cw gw baru selesai Kuliah (jurusan mipa UI ) jam 5 sore an.
Setelah selesai, dia mau jalan kekosannya, Untuk Ganti baju karena janjian Sama Gw di Detos mau Nonton 21... (posisi Gw dah di DETOS)
dari kampus MIPA ui depok dia Menuju kosan Jalan Kaki Rutenya : MIPA => FKM => BNI => Gang SENGGOL.

Nah pas baru sampe BANK BNI yang di UI .. dia liat mobil KIJANG KAPSUL warna item dengan no polisi D - bandung (gw Lupa No.nya..)    

Diluar Mobil itu ada cowo usia 30an..
Cowo itu manggil CEWE gw,,,,
cewe gw nyamperin Dong,,,

bilang sama cewe gw kalo Dia nyasar, dia Mau Ke UI Salemba tapi Nyasar ke UI Depok ,,,

Trus Sama Cw gw dikasi tau arah2nya,,,,
ga Lama kemudian Ada ibu2 datang Entah dari mana datangnya nanya : "Ada Apa?".
Lalu cewe gw Bilang Kalo orang ini nyasar...
Nah terjadilah Perbincangan…. 

yang INTInya si IBU itu menyarankan KALO CEWE GW NGANTERIN orang itu ke SALEMBA ,,, (WTF) !!

"udah de anter aja kasian Masnya jauh2 dari malaysia Nyasar,,,
kamu Ga kasian? Tolongin ya .. Kalo saya tau juga saya antar kok,
naik mobil kan ga lama"
 ---> ini lah ucapan Ibu tadi sambil maksa2 CEWE gw malah sampe cewe gw di dorong2 masuk Mobil,,,

cw gw bingung...

Lalu dia TLP gw,,,!!
saat dia tlp, posisi cw gw udah mau masuk ke dalam MOBIL yang TERNYATA ada 2 orang COWO didalamnya !!!

Dlm telp cw gw bilang: "Yang aku di minta tolong ke UI salemba sama orang nyasar, cowo naik mobil kijang item ni… "

BUSET panik gw !! ga sadar gw Teriak : " JANGAN !! KELUAR KAMU dari MOBILNYA !! kamu dimana? "

"di BNI Kampus UI"

"Ya, udah kamu keluar dulu ya dari MOBILnya, aku kesitu "

Langsung gw lari sekuat tenaga dari DETOS ke UI, karena kalo gw ngambil MOTOR pasti lama di parkirannya, ,,, !!

Pas gw dah sampe BNI cewe Gw Lagi Dipegangin Tangannya sama ibu2, trus kedengeran ibu2 itu maksa2 cw gw Suruh Naik MOBIL !!

GILA AJA ...!!!

Kontan, langsung Gw tarik tangan CEWE gw 
sambil emosi Gw tanya: "Ada apa nih bu ??"

Setelah Diceritain KRONOLOGISnya, Gw langsung ngebatin ada yang Ga bener ni...!

Terus Gw Bilang aja sama Cowo yang Logat malaysia,,, 
" KALO LUH MAU KE SALEMBA TANYA POLISI AJA, ngapain LUH ngajak2 Cewe Gw Segala !! " 

Eh dia malah marah marah dan KELUARLAH LOGAT asli (maaf) BATAKnya.. (gw rasa dia orang batak yang Pura2 jadi orng malaysia )

Gw sama tu cowo sempet adu MULUT sampe mau Gw pgn TONJOK tu ORANG, kesel gw… dia yang minta tolong kok malah dia yang NGOTOT !!

Cw gw ketakutan sampe mau nangis, Karena Gw uda ga tahan BGT sama Nyolotnya tu orang !
Ga lama kemudian tuh cowo pergi Naik MOBILnya...

Trus Si ibu2 Bilang: " BEGO bgt si bukannya di anterin !".
****anjing Bgt tuh ibu2 bilang cewe Gw Bego !!*****

"Maksud ibu apa bilang cewe saya Bego?? kenapa ga Ibu aja Yang Anterin??", gw mulai murka.

Ehh ntu ibu2 malah BILANG *****ini dia Kuncinya*****

" KALO TADI MBAKNYA nganterin saya KAN DAPET UANG dari Mereka !!!!!!"
sambil ngeloyor pergi....... naik MOOTOR sama cowo yang letaknya Ga jauh dari LOKASI....

Dari situ Gw sama cewe Gw langsung kepikiran Kalo Tadi itu MUNGKIN salh astu modus Penculikan !

Gw jadi inget sama Kasus Mahasiswi GUNADARMA yang diculik, diperkosa, dirampok, dibunuh dan Di buang Di gerbatama UI ....

Alhamdulillah Cewe Gw masi dilindungi ALLAH... 

Jadi TOLONG hati2 buat semuanya,,,
jangan Terlalu Percaya sama orang yang Ga dikenal
jaga diri Baik2 ya 

HATi2 ya Semua,,,,,,, ,, 
komplotan penculik sekarang Parah2 BGT sob….banyak caranya.

hati2 temen2 gw semuanya! nobody wants to be the next corpse to be found at gerbatama ui.

uts tai

gw bingung mau nulis apa. sebenernya gw udah ngetik panjang bgt buat post ini. tp gw apus karena menurut gw postnya terlalu rasis. gw ga merendahan ras laen, meninggikan malah, tp ttp aja, gw blom seenak itu ngomongin ras drpd agama. sumpah ya, skrg ras udah jadi topik favorit kedua gw setelah agama. hehe.

akhir2 ini kerjaan gw cuma ke kampus, pulang, ntn celestial movies, belajar. zzzzzzzzz. bosen... dan sangat amat butuh refreshing. gw harus ngafalin 200an karakter cina buat uts. katanya klo udah bisa 1000, kita bisa baca 90% dr isi koran. klo udah bisa baca 3000 kita udah bisa lancar baca. urgh, gw ngafalin 200 aja empot2an.
trus celestial movies, gila gw bener2 nyekokin diri gw sendiri pake celestial movies. parah2. haha. tapi i'm actually enjoying it. soalnya surprisingly, gw ngerti! hehe. tapi sayangnya film cina tu jarang bgt ada yang bagus. sampah2 kebanyakan. di saat2 kaya gini gw jeles sama anak jepang. mereka ntn aja naruto dr episode awal sampe akhir. anjrit anime bagus2 gt, enak bgt mereka belajarnya. anak korea juga enak. korean dramas are always a guilty pleasure. film cina yang kmrn gw tonton judulnya beauty and the breast. sumpah sampah. itu komedi bokep tp ga jadi gt. trus yang td gw tonton love message. ah itu jg sampah. jadi ya, klo misalnya diantara lo ada yang pernah ntn film cina dan menurut lo itu bagus, kabar2in ya. hahahha

ni ya, palingan yang bgs tu gw ntn:
kungfu hustle
forbidden kingdom
curse of the golden flower
crouching tiger hidden dragon

Monday, October 20, 2008

UTS is around the corner

than why am i still doing here? haha. well i am actually studying right now but i just feel like posting. i decided it's time for me to take another internet hiatus until UTS is over. cause once i let my self go online, it's extremely hard to make myself stop. haha.

i've made a few 'renovations' to my blog which wont make much of a difference actually. hehe. but from now on, i am going to put a picture of the book i am currently reading. i'll probably give a review every time i've finished reading. oh and, i try to choose the cover of the book which is the same with the one i am actually reading.

oh and, gw pgn ceritaa. haha. today i chat with a friend of mine who hasn't been online for ages. his name's bryan. well this bryan, he sorta kind of squirt my face with water to 'wake me up'. well, intinya, i no longer blame bandung for our breakup. seriously, where was i all this time anyway? it's actually crystal clear that the main problem all along is not distance and bandung. it's well, something else. i also realized that if i opened myself up to people, i could actually start to have fun again.

well, i guess sampe sini dulu. i won't be online until next weekend. yes, yes, menganalisis bahasa dalam wacana, i'm getting back to you.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


you know how when nothing is actually wrong but nothing feels right at the same time? well, i'm having one of those moments and i just want to keep writing until i feel better. tp, trus kapan gw belajar???? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. gw udah sengaja ga ikut keluarga gw pergi biar gw bisa belajar di rumah tp gw dr td udah usaha ga masuk2 aja tu semua pelajaran.
masi berapa puluh lagi karakter cina yang gw afalin? ngafalin segini aja udah susah gimana gw mau ngafalin smp beribu2? pake ada urutan ngegambernya nya segala lg, pake NADA segala lg. zzzzzzzzzzzz.

you know when things you have been avoiding finally happens anyway, you start throwing what if questions.
what if i dared myself to cabut okk and just go to bandung anyway?
what if i eliminate all gengsi2 tai and just go with my dad to bandung at that time?
there are like ten gazillion other what ifs in my head right now. but those 2 are the ones bugging me the most. if i did go to bandung at those 2 chance i had, it might not make the relationship last longer, but it'l definitely allow me to spend more times with him even if it just an hour or so. gossssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ini sebenernya sangat amat bertentangan sm prinsip gw yg mengatakan, jangan pernah nyesel, pasti ada alesan knp gw ga ngelakuin hal-hal itu dulu.

but still

that 7 letter word

ok so this post is going to be agak vulgar but i have to write it down or else i might explode. well, lebay si, but here it goes.

the 7 letter word i was referring to is BANDUNG.

on one side, i am uber super major major insanely jealous of ALL my friends and family who gets to study that god forsaken city. each and everyone of them said that it was really really fun and free and whatever whatever whatever. seriously sometimes i can't help but to wonder how things will be now if i went to uni there. 

on the other side. i can't help but really really super major insanely hate that city. i still put the blame on my breakup because of that god forsaken city.

so why am i writing this? god knows. cause honestly i don't.

ever since james moved to bandung, things has just been really really...... ga enak. it was ok for like the first week. the rest was filled with both of us forcing our asses to make the relationship work. at times like these i wonder what if i went to uni in bandung as well? better, what if i went to the same uni and the same major. a friend of mine said things would definitely work out well. hmmmm, but nobody really knows, do they?

if i didn't get accepted at ui, i would go and study in australia. uni starts october 16 there. which was like 3 days ago. if i didn't get accepted at ui and i went to aussie, i'd break up for sure and will i curse my brain for not getting accepted at ui? will i go around wishing i'd have been accepted and not have to worry about the distance between us? will i go around thinking that if i got accepted at ui things will work out between us? well, it turns out things didn't. so who could guarantee bandung would give a better result?

so the conclusion of this ever so pointless post is, you can never predict the future. all we see is just the tip of an iceberg.

into the wild

the title, yeah, i watched that movie yesterday. it was great! i know it's somehow basi but it's still really good. emile hirsch is also the hottest thing alive! haha. if you haven't seen it, it's about this guy who graduates from college, donates all his savings to charity then decides to just live out there alone in the wild. his real name is christopher mccandless but he changes it to alex supertramp. he's really passionate about reading and living out in the wild. he even brought with him a load of books to read in the wild.

speaking about passion, i wonder what's mine? today i kind of found out that to truly charge and never give up on something, you really do have to love that thing your doing. you can't just pick anything and decide that's you passion in live. you have to completely live it and decide that you really cannot continue on living without that one thing. feel no pressure in doing it and actually make money from it. but the thing is, what's my passion?

so ok, i like to read. and i LOVE sharing what i've read. i like recommending books to people and i like discussing books i've read. i ALWAYS bring a novel everywhere i go. i read in the train, in the station, in the cafeteria, in between classes and in every time that's possible to read. i just got so used to it, i sometimes forget that being in a constant reading mode is not something normal. i love to write as well, but every time i get a chance to publish my writings, my mood kind of drops and it would turn out to be completely crap. so i guess my weakness is, i like to have fun, but when i have to commit to somethings, i'll completely back off.
so i figured, reading the one thing i'm really passionate about. that and religions. haha. and what good would it be if i couldn't share what i've known so far? the problem is, i have major major lack in public speaking skills.

speaking of sharing what i know, i've lately discovered that i LOVE to teach. i love it when people come up to me to help them with some of their work. i love it when fanie would ask me to paraphrase or translate her work which are usually extremely hard. i find that really challenging. i was pretty happy when in the holidays when nche asked me to translate her boyfriend's english assignment. it sure gave me a little something in the boredom of my holiday. i really liked, it when laras, asked me to change the structure of a sentence later knowing that i got 5 of them wrong. haha. by teaching people other things, i get to learn new things myself. apart from english stuff, a week ago james asked me to help with correct all the wrongs in his essay, in bahasa indonesia. i was really glad that i could immediately detect a wrong sentence or structure when i see one. oh and my favorite, when the people from french studies ask me for help in greek mythology. haha

i'm not saying i want to be a teacher and honestly, i don't think i'm teaching anyone that much when i teach. gile gw masi minim bgt kali. haha. but, at least it's nice to share what i know instead of keeping them to myself. my cousin as a radio presenter told me today that he can't live without broadcasting. haha. he loves the fact that he's able to tell all the people out there about the books he's read, the places he goes to and stuff like that and gets responses from listeners! wowy. i want that. but for now, i really have to find something i would totally dig.

hey were still young aren't we? i'm definitely taking some time to discover who i really am and what i really want to be =)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

oh my!

now my mum thinks i broke up because of .......... hahahah i can't write it here. it's innapropriate. but it's really stupid. i am SO SORRY james, i ca'n explain how this happened but i don't feel like explaining it to my mum. if i tell her the truth im afraid she'll just think that i'm trying to make her think the opposite of what she thinks.
but seriously, this is actually really funny. hahahahahahhaa.

more religion stuff. haha

so a few days ago i was at the cafeteria with a few seniors and 1 friend from my year, vava. i don't really know these seniors but they were really nice and all. the one sitting next to me, suddenly asked me 'hmmm, nama lo td siapa? idya ya? agama lo apa?'. i was once told that she could read other people's mind. and well, i just answered 'ga punya agama.'
my statement kind of shocked the whole table cause i just knew them a few seconds ago and they didn't know anything about mu beliefs. then my senior just went 'oooh, pantesan. gw drtd ngerasa ada yang beda. gw udah nahan2 mau nanya tp ga enak. maaf ya, gw ga pernah kok tiba2 lgsg nanya agama orang tp gw ngerasa bgt ada yang beda.'
ooh ok, WOW. she's good. haha. but it got me thinking. so was i really that different just from not believing in a religion? i asked her if it was positive different or negative different and she only said ' ga tau, pokoknya beda aja.' haha.

nearly all my friends that's in the same batch as me knows about my beliefs, and it surprises me how much of them actually came up to me and said they're actually just like me but they're not ready to come out. and lately i've been hearing a lot of  'agama lo apa?' being answers with, ' gw kaya idya.' haha i'm glad i could speak up for them but i wish they'd all come out too. come on people, it feels great to stand up for what you believe. haha.

also, i would like to explain more about the flying spaghetti monster because A LOT of people are mistaking it for a lot of things. i've heard it being called a communist society and a satanic cult. NOOOOOOOO. it's faaaaaaaaaar from those things. flying spaghetti monster is a PARODY RELIGION. it uses a hell lot of amount of sarcasm. most of the members are people who actually have a real religion but are disappointed by their religion. this doesn't mean there are no atheists and agnostics joining. EVERYONE is allowed to join. flying spaghetti monster worships a flying spaghetti monster as their god. they create conclusions such as, the burning bush is actually a flying spaghetti monster but at that time moses had really bad eyesight(god i love this), and ones such as the increase of global warming is caused by the decreasing amount of pirates. therefore we should dress up like pirates. they create fake videos of the flying spaghetti monster itself giving an appearance and pretend to believe it as the real thing. well, in conclusion, flying spaghetti monster is just a parody religion with nothing but sarcasm.

here are some things i hope can make you all understand better.

I’m not ready to give up my spiritual beliefs, but I feel like “my” church has betrayed me. Just as extreme Islam has made westerners equate “Muslim” with “terrorist,” the word “Christian” has been co-opted by social & political terrorists. Where are all the “centrist” Christians who should be rising up against this identity theft?

let me emphasize that the FSM is not an atheist organization. We are Christians, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, agnostics, atheists, humanists, deists, pagans and Wiccans. We are not against anyone’s god in any way. We are simply against hatred and dogmatism. We protest people who come to our campus and try to push their religions on other people. 

For more info, go to and visit youtube and search flying spaghetti monster. there are a lot of videos that will know explain what FSMism is all about. this religion has nothing to do with communists, satanic cults or pro-abortions or whatever. please be aware of what you hear. we are just another form of protest.


semenjak gw lulus sma dan ketemu org2 baru byk yg nanya gw org mana. ahaha gw agak bingung si sebenrnya tp selama ini gw pernah dibilang arab, india, blasteran, indo, philipine, cina(?????), cina-arab, bangladesh, arab, arab, arab, arab. hahahah. sumpah gw suka bingung sendiri tapi ya ketawa2 doang si klo ada yg bilang gt. masalahnya byk bgt.
 ni ya, gw tu indonesia asliiiiiiiii. beneran d. ahahaha. emang si, gw ada keturunan gujaratnya. hehe. gujarat tu orang2 india yg k indonesia buat nyebarin islam. ya jadi mungkin dr situ gw dibilang arab, india, bangladesh. tp klo udah indo, blasteran, philipine, cina, mungkin emg mereka yg udh picek. ahaha apalagi cina. apalagi arab-cina. hahaha

the m word

so here i am at home on a saturday. haha. all my friends wanted to go to pim but i am sooooooo not in the mood for pim and i don't know how to get there anyway. and since UTS is next week, i figured i'd stay home and study.

i want to write down a little something about motivation. haha. first, here are a few examples.
i have a friend, theater player extrodinaire. she's played along on sooooo many plays with top charted actor and actresses. she completely WOWs me. she joined my campus's theater and she was a candidate for the leading role. she was completely head over heels at first, but now, she never comes to practice anymore. mls aja gt katanya.

another friend of mine, she really wanted to join the campus's choir. she thirst for the prestige it offered. she went into auditions, made it, but once she found out all the things she has to do and the practices she has to attend, quitting is definitely something she's starting to think of doing.

me, i REALLY wanted to join the english debate society. being able to have amazing public speaking and debating ability, visiting my friends in a lot of campuses in indonesia. being able to actually wear that yellow jacket outside campus, being able to join competition outside of the country. oh wow. but now that i've made it in, i'm now facing all the things i have to go through and suddenly, i was all aaaaaah males aaaaaaaaaaah.

those 3 examples above, people really do give up easily when given obstacles. come on admit it. we all do. i figured, this is why very few people ended up successful. if you're highly motivated and keep charging at whatever is being thrown at you, you'll definitely go somewhere. so success really is something you gain, something that's definitely not easy to get and actually it is worth every bit of the pain. but back to the fact that not everybody feels like getting up when the going gets down.

Friday, October 17, 2008


huaaaaaaaaaa i've been having a 1 week internet hiatus and trust me it hasn't been easy!!! hahahahahaa. the first day was HELL! really it was. i was THIS close to giving up and just go online and meet my friends on msn but i stayed put. but this 1 week hiatus wasn't worth nothing. i had absolutely nothing to do, i turned to studying. so like it or not, i ended up studying every night. haha. and i can actually feel my chinese improving! hahaha. i've got soooooooooooooooooooooo many things to write down i don't even know where to start. ok, hoe bout we start with a picture of my campus taken from google earth. haha


g bisa di upload. AH BT

Saturday, October 11, 2008


i have heaps of things i want to write but i don't know where to start. ok first of all i can't wait till the EDS inauguration TOMORROW! there will be 100 students from all of UI and i CAN'T WAIT to meet them all!!!!!
second, i finally downloaded maroon 5's wasted years. that is my FAVORITE song all time and i lost all copies of it. all. i even lost the cd and they don't sell it anymore. even though the one i downloaded today is in crap quality, at least i can listen to it!
third, i will have my UTS on the 20th so i WILL NOT go online from now until the UTS is finished. i repeat I WILL NOT go online AT ALL from now until then unless it's an emergency. and need i remind myself, boredom isn't an emergency. neither is postsecret updates. the same goes for venganza. haha
fourth, i soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo want a get a tattoo!!!! ok, if you're on of my friends you will probably go 'he, what???' when you read this, but i REALLY REALLY want one. BGT. SERIOUSLY. but i'm still afraid of all the consequences, and the fact that it really hurts. i don't want anything too bizzare, i just want a chinese character on my wrist. hehe. i'll have to ask around and make sure i really want one. i met my cousin today and he got a henna in bali. it made me want the tattoo even more. the henna, he says, will last for a year. now that's something i would LOVE to try.

well, there are lots more actually but i gtg cause i have to arrive at campus at half past 8 tomorrow. so tootles! till next week!

oh and here's a little something

Wasted Years

C'mon C'mon
Get off the phone
Please come home
It's been so lonely since you've been gone
engulfs around me
up and down me
Be all around me
Baby I can't breathe no more 

My tank is empty
And I know you're thirsty
I have already tried to explain myself
It's not that I love someone else
But I can't bear to listen to you cry
I'm sick of all these wasted years
And I'll see you when I get back
Maybe we can get ourselves back on the right track
You touch me there because you know how much I like that
I think that we will need to relax
And I know you want me
All the time and everywhere
A happy surface but the underbelly isn't there
And the worst thing is that I don't even really care
And the emptiness is too much to bear

Friday, October 10, 2008

listening to viva la vida

i'm sleepy as HELL but i'm waiting for gossip girl to fully load on my computer. haha.
i've finished reading the princess diaries and i can't wait till the tenth book comes out! uuuuuuh final book! i'm really going to miss mia. in the end of the ninth book, she managed to turn genovia from monarchy to democracy. go mia!(that isn't even a spoiler cause no one i know reads the books to book 9 anyway) Even though she really is a dimwit, somehow her princessness always shows, and meg cabot always has this unique way to inspire teenage girls everywhere. haha. in the book, mia wants to publish her own novel and that novel is also published in real live written by meg cabot. seriously, she's amazing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


seriously, this is harder then i thought.

and i have 0 mood to do my assignment.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008




good think i realize just in time that what i was about to do was complete insanity. thank GOD i was rushed by sane-ness. really, i mean it, thank GOD. i've been able to keep myself busy with things and i'm actually kind of excited to start exploring. hehe. oh and i just found out that there are 100 students that got accepted as the new EDSUI member. can't wait to meet them all!!!!!

oh and today i went to margo city with atid, anya, diba and martha. nearly all of them said they haven't laughed that hard since they got into UI. haha. well, i laugh that hard everyday with my friends actually but to have a really2 good laugh with your old high school friends really is something. martha tu klo cerita kaya taiiiiiiiiii. lucu bgt anjiiiiiiiing. hahhahahahahahahhaa

we even looked at out graduation pictures in martha's laptop and it made me miss high school soooooo much!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


kosooooong. aaaarrggh sumpah how do i shoo this friggin' feeling away. i've had a REALLY GREAT day. met up with nurul at ratu plaza, nguping guru smp mau jd caleg hahaha, beli gossip girl, met up with agni and Ria and had a really good time. i also finally got a chance to borrow to kill a mockingbird from library@senayan. haha. but regardless of all that. i still feel friggishly empty. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. oiya, gw suka deh taglinenya EDSUI,'because it's never just black and white.' hahaa bener2.

intelligent design

some of you may or may not have heard about intelligent design. but what exactly is intelligent design? i've tried to seek the answer in sites i've found but i think i need someone to explain to me. i've tried videos on youtube, but that actually confused me even more. so far, here's what i've learnt:

why do i want to know about intelligent design so much? well, intelligent design happens to be what started my religion(flying spaghetti monsterism). flying spaghetti monsterism was an attempt to stop intelligent design teaching in schools.

so if anyone reading this actually knows something about intelligent design, please pleaseeeeeee post a comment explaining what intelligent design is in the most simplest words. thank you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

insomnia taiiiiiii

here i am again, not being able to sleep. but despite my blog title, i don't think it's insomnia this time. i'm stupidly worrying about this one stupid thing which is really stupid and the words 'what if' kept popping in my head. what if what if what if what if?????????
the things is, i'm going to do something i consider pretty bizzare tomorrow(wednesday), and i have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how things are going to turn out. aaaaaaarrrrrggghhhh.

like i wrote earlier, i'm now reading the princess diaries. in the book, mia said that she's trying to do what eleanor roosevelt said, 'do one thing a day that scares you'
i think that quote is absolutely brilliant. i've heard a lot of amazing quotes but i've heard one quite like that. i can't even imagine what a person could accomplish if they really follow that quote. they'll go to the edge of the cliff only to later find out a new potential inside of them. NICE. 

yesterday i did something scary, doing a presentation with only 5 minutes of preparation. i also have something ultra scary in stock for tomorrow but none for today. hmmm maybe i'll try driving. haha OH YEAH, my driver won't let me. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. even though i have my mum's permission.

ok, back to the princess diaries. who hear reads the princess diaries. i mean, read it read it. follow it from book 1 to 9? i'm sure only a few people do. but somehow, i really like mia. sure sometimes i think she is the stupidest person alive but then at times, i feel like i'm soo connected to her in some way. and i'm sure millions of other teenagers feel the same way about her. meg cabot really is the greatest. mia's been with me since i was in 7th grade and i feel her growing up in her books. right now, she's just been dumped by michael after a 2 year relationship. it's pretty fun to read all the crap that happens to her actually. makes you feel lucky somehow that your not in her position. she also has this website about her; that link is a real visualization of how the blog is in her book.

anyway's i went home by train today with asri, boneng and vava. we talked about the languages we've learnt so far. they kept making me talk in french, deutsch and chinese and i felt my head was completely spinning when i try to seperate those 3 languages. haha. i keep getting mixed up like, wo te nanpengyou liebt in bandung . hahahah. and many more that i couldn't really recall.
oh and btw, yes i realize he's no longer wo te nanpengyou. haha but i'm still not used to it.

i finally managed to open the website for UI's english debating society. i CAN'T wait till i really join. but at the same time i CAN'T WAIT till i get that super cool imsi badge. ok, back to the debating society. i just found out that UI's english debating society(edsui) is ranked no. 33 in the WORLD. that's like WOW. i'm so GLAD i can actually be a member of it. i also found out from the website that the last competition they joined was held in UNPAR. which happens to be boncel's college. hahaha.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

this is just what i need

literally. so i was just trying so damn hard to sleep cause i'm not used to sleeping at this hour even though it's 1:23. suddenly i received a text msg from this really weird number, 08388.... and i thought 'aaargghh siapa lg si? ga liat jam apa?' but the message says 'congratulations you are accepted as a new member of EDSUI. etc etc etc' yippe!!! hahahahaa. that really put the cherry on top of my really plain cake. haha. oooh i can't wait to tell james! but the message also states that the inauguration will be held sunday next week. darn it! sunday next week is the day of my inisiasi. inisiasi is sorta like pelantikan where we stay for 3 days in puncak and stuff like that. i really want to come to this inisiasi cause the sinology badge is just sooooo cool and the only way to get it is if you come to inisiasi. but at the same time, the eds inauguration is compulsory. darn itttt. bingung kan looo. the message also states that i could visit for more info. but the website wouldn't open! aaarrggghhh. now what am i supposed to do???


gw g mau off dulu. gw pgn nulis. gw sebel bsok gw hrs k kampus dan mendadak! besok tu harusnya gw libur. besoknya lg juga. tp tau2 td vava sms katanya tugas donna laoshi dikumpulin besok. miantiao! gw kira kamis. untung gw udh ngerjain si. tp ttp aja, kesel aja gt hrs bgn pagi dan k kampus cuma buat ngumpulin tugas. lo kira kampus gw tinggal ngesot apa? zzzzzzzzzzzzz
dan sumpah akhir2 ini gw ngerasa kosoooooong. boseeeeennn. ya g akhir2 ini si. agak baru. selama liburan gw bener2 pergi tiap hari. ga ada hari yg gw g pergi. termasuk hari ini. tp ttp aja. kosooooong gt rasanya. ky blooooooong gt. skrg gw ngerti cel rasanya gmn. haha. gw butuh hiburan nyet. gw butuh liburan. lagi. gw butuh butuh butuh. aaaah gw jg sebenernya bingung gw butuh apa. drama percintaan, udah. ketemu temen2 tiap hari, udah. pergi pergi pergi, udah. oleh2 dari bonyok, udah. aaaarrrggghhhh. tp ttp ajaaaaa. zoooooooooooonk. emang siiiii gw lg g ada bacaan. apa sepenting itu kah bacaan buat gw smp2 klo ga ada gw jd kosong gini. gw si banyak bacaan di rumah. banyak bgt malah. tp gw tu ga sempet baca. yg ada tu gw belajar sm pergi trus jd gw baca buku tu cuma nyempil2 gt. dan baca kentang2 gt kan ga enak klo bukunya terlalu serius. akhirnya skrg gw lg baca the princess diaries. hahahaa

aaaah ttp aja miantiao besok msk! gw pdhl besok udh berencana ke library@senayan buat pinjem to kill a mockingbird trus k raplaz nyari religulous. zzzzzzzz.

oiya satu lagi. diantara kekosongan yang sangat sampah ini, gw berharap boncel ga ngilang di bandung lg. haha

jakarta-depok sampe gila

I am in SERIOUS need of a vacation. PRONTO!

bored as fuck

aaaaarrrgghhh. it's the last day of the holidays and since today my parents got back from their 'vacation' i decided to just stay home. and now i'm shitlessly boooooorrrreeddddd. i'm out of dvds, i'm so not in the mood to study cause i did that last night till 3 am, and i'm all out of websites. i've been raiding the internet everyday that i am now getting really sick of it.
james returned to bandung today and that's it. he'll once again be consumed by bandungness and the roller coaster begins all over again. we're not back together but it actually has been pretty nice since the breakup. he contacts me everyday and we even went out a few times. i gotta say he's the best ex anyone can have. on the first day of the breakup, which was exactly a week ago, i cried the living hell out of me and he made damn sure that i stopped. he talked to me on the phone like old days laughing our asses off and he kept texting making sure i was ok. and how could i not be ok. he was really grand about everything. so was his family. somehow, leaving his family is pretty hard. his sister is suuuuuperrrrr nice and so are his parents and all of his other siblings. he has 2 sisters and 3 brothers btw. i've only known them for a while but here i go, feeling all welcome and excepted. they seem to see through my religion and race. haha
and when my parents finally got back from their trip, they found out i'd broken up and my mum was like all 'hah? bisa kamu putus sama james gumulya?' and my dad was all 'kamu selingkuh ya?' haha ok, very funny, kenapa gw yg dituduh selingkuh? haha. they trust james so much, the image of james selingkuh would never cross their mind. mine too.
well, have a happy happy life in bandung jamesy. it's been a nice week.

now, i need to find something to really kill my boredom with.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

iseng2, siapa tau berguna

if you don't want to end up as a spaghetti worshipping agnostic like me, here are some things you should avoid. haha:
-an atheist and alien loving friend. haha
-watching south park!
-having a family that's actually ok about me thinking like this
-having a religion that's simply too weird, you start to wonder off

well, there are lots more actually. but if you avoid those, then you'll probably stay save. hehe.

MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!

there's an upcoming movie, Religulous and i just CAN'T WAIT to see it!!!!!!!!!! maybe i'll rush to ratu plaza tomorrow or the day after. gosh i can't waiiit!!!! ok ok get a hold of yourself. haha

the movie is a documentary about religion. the word religulous comes from religion and ridiculous. oh and it's from the creators of borat! who here loves borat? (me me me!) the movie's about this guy, bill maher, who goes around to religious places and interview people. he goes to vatican city, jerusalem and many more. he interviews jews, christians, moslems, polygamists and many many more. and i am uber PSYCHED! i HAVE to see this movie ASAP! it won't hit the theaters in jakarta so i really have to look for it at ratu plaza. though i hop they sell it at depok. haha. so here's the website for the movie. check it out.

siapa lg yg ngasi tau gw klo bukan my alien loving friend, adip. hahaha