Friday, May 30, 2008

Mother's day telat dikit

So this post is dedicated to (drum roll please)....... My mum! Haha..Sule..
Housewife extrodinaire.Quitting her job at the top of her career to spend more time with her children.Wowies.But ever since she quit her job,it didn't make her stay all day at home. She keeps doing all sorts of other work.Writing for kompas,ngeMC,even bikin clothing line.Haha..Oh she also published a book last year.
Yesterday,out of nowhere,i suddenly remembered how she would teach me all those moslem prayers in my bed at night.I was 6 at that time.And i could memories them all.Teaching prayers to a 6 year old is so not easy.But she managed to make it so fun.
I also remembered the time she wrote this book review for kompas about books by chitra banerjee divakaruni.She told me to read them and i thougt they were amazing.Really2 amazing.We'd trade books really often.She reads my the devil wears prada,and i read her anita shreve.She's reading love in the time of cholera right now.I cant wait to get my hands on it after she finishes.Oh and she even reads my louise rennison.Louise rennison,the author of on the brightside,i'm now the girlfriend of a sex god.
Last month i bought a dress from her clothing line,it's called 2 nyonya btw and fyi of course i dont have to pay hehe,it was a little to big and i wanted to take it to the tailor to get it fitted but i never got a chance to so i sewed it myself!The first time ever i sewed something.I wore it to my cousin's birthday and no one noticed that i sewed it.Haha..
So it's been fun mum,the last 18 years of my life with you. I've got a lot up my sleeve for the upcoming years!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

if i never see your face again

another genius genius work of maroon 5. if i never see your face agin feat. rihanna. WOW. rihanna's perfect for this. i mean what better way to gain back your popularity after the dissapointed of wake up call when the world expect hits like this love, sunday morning and she will be loved. don't get me wrong, wake up call is really great but the vidoe was blurgh. so here they go, striking back with if i never see your face again feat. rihanna

the reason i put this up on my blog is the fact that lately i've been hearing a lot,"gw udah jarang ntn tv."
so some of you may not even know this video exists. unless you come across it on the internet. come on, be best friends with the tv again. it's fun. esp on holidays like these. hahaa

ain't no sad movie like sad movie

kemaren gw ntn a moment to remember dan td gw ntn grave of the fireflies. 2 film sedih yg katanya bisa bikin nangis bgt. a moment to remember sedih siii, nangis siii, tp ttp g sesedih sad movie. grave of the fireflies jg sedih tp g cukup buat bikin nangis. menurut gw sad movie tu paraaaaahhh... sedih bet bet bet. bgttttttt.. gw udah ntn 2x nangis dua2nya. disuruh ntn lg jg mau. film laen yg bikin sedih kata aby be with you. film jepang klo mau ntn cari di celestial movies. kayanya gw hrs byk2 ntn celestial movies. esp film cina klo mau keterima di sastra cina. 2008, ayo keterima umb!!

crazy frogssss

i'm sooooo sorry if my last post sorta freaked you out or anything. i was just pissed. but that's all in the past. in exchange, i'm going to give you this video. enjoy!

dikasi tau suryo. hahaa...

Sunday, May 25, 2008




Friday, May 23, 2008

oh the mottos we make up

people live their lives day by day by based on a principle. each person believes a different motto. here are the ones i hold on to.

people say, nasi udah jadi bubur.

i say, nasi udah jadi bubur, tapi bubur juga enak.

hahaaa.. bener kan? klo bubur g enak ngapain2 pada bela2in beli pagi2 sebelom masuk kelas. hahaa. tinggal tambah ayam, cakue, seledri, bawang goreng, kecap, sambel and all that jazz langsung jadi bubur ayam spesial.
my point is, if things go wrong and there's no way in hell you can change them back to the way they were, just face it. do whatever you can to make that thing that has been changed worth it. make the best of what you have now cause you can't change them back to the way they were. ok next,

people say, you reap what you sow.

i say, you sew what you rip.

the first one is also one i hold on to. but i hold on to the second tighter. i'm a klutz and i make a gazillion mistakes everyday. there's nothing i can do about that i guess. sometimes i try soooooo hard not to make a mistake but it still happens. so the only thing i can do is be responsible. be responsible for what you've done. sew back the dress that you accidentally rip. be responsible. i know i'm not responsible enough but i'm trying.

bad day mayday

so ok someone that usually fills my day seems to have won a paid trip to oblivion. and it seems he brought along all my friends cause the holidays are just getting stupider by the day. ga bisa ngapa2in jg gara ada umb. grrrrr... so today ended up like this. fine whatever. and it started out bad as well. jam kedua bta gw QL quantum fucking learning. who the fuck fucking cares. dan tainya, semua anak di kelas gw cabut semua pas tau klo jam kedua quantum learning. lebih tainya, ga ada yg ngasi tau gw klo pada mau cabut. so i end up getting quantum fucking learning alone. tai tai taiiiii..... so there i was with this freak of a guy who keeps interrogating me and telling me what to do with my life. i feel like i was tied to a chair and have my insides clawed. ga suka diinterogasi one on one. ga suka BANGET. it brings me back to the time when my mum brought me to a psychiatrist(wow i spelled it right. hahaa) when i was 10. she keeps giving me these questions and keeps forcing me to give out answers i don't want to give out. same like today with that quantum fucking learning guy. if he can tell me what to do with my life cause he thinks he's so great than why was he there at bta giving quantum fucking teachings to teenagers. that job SUCKS seriously. i wish i could throw it back at his face but that would be really mean cause he really was trying to be nice.
i felt like another rope was added with every new question. tying me tighter and tighter. i felt like i was gasping for air. i was pressed against the wall, literally. i wish the wall would just suck me in and let me dissolve into the colours of the paint or the cement or whatever. ok so maybe you're thinking i was very sule. well maybe i was, but that is how much i don't like being interrogated and forced to give answers i'd rather keep for myself.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

original as a bucket of kfcs

lately i can't stop myself from eating junkfood. i neer really liked junkfood but lately i just realized how good they are. my addiction to junkfood is uo to a stage where i should be given the ludovico treatment but instead of a pink wigged girl being raped on the screen, it should show an uncut version of super size me.(ada apa uncut version super size me?) if you don't know what i'm talking about then you should go watch a clockwork orange lol.

kemaren kan gw ceritanya lagi mau pantang junkfood. gw lg di jalan k rumah gw di kemang. ngelewatin kfc dan mcd. itu mati2an gw menahan hasrat. klo bukan karena alat pembayaran yg pas2an jg mungkin gw udah berenti tu. anyway, gw sukses ngelewatin kfc dan mcd. seneng. satu hari dilewati tanpa junkfood.
tapi sampe rumah di meja makan gw ada 2 buckes of original kfcs. DUA. bukan satu tapi 2. bukan mcd atau yg lain tp kfc. njiiiiing.... trus gw mau ngelanjutin gt puasa junkfood gw? menurut L? zzzzzzzz.... gagal dengan suksesnya. tp hari ini gw g makan junkfood sama sekali si. yaaa baguslah, mulai berkurang porsinya.


oh yeah, one more thing. when i was in library@senayan there was this book about charles darwin and it was written by richard keynes. for those of you who don' know yet, skandar keynes, who played edmund pevensie, is still related to charles darwin. menurut gw to tweet aja gt si richard keynes yg ngedit bukunya charles darwin. kan mereka sodara. hahaaa. gw jd penasaran si richard keynes apanya skandar. hahaaa... penting gila ni post


guess where i went today! perpustakaan nasional! yeeeaaaayyyy!!! the one next to ratu plaza, the one in the departemen pendidikan building, yg nama 'gaul'nya library@senayan. hahaa norak si, tp who cares, i LOVE the place. i went there to search for a clockwork orange cause i've been craving that book more than anything in the word. i found like hlf a dozen other anthony burgess' books but they didn't have a clockwork orange. but i am sooooooo going back there to borrow the other anthony burgess books and maybe to study for UMB cause the place was so nice it just makes you wanna sit down with a book and study. hahaa.. the unique thing about library@senayan is that they have a tuna netra library which was uber cool. i kept saying sumpah ini keren bgt keren bgt keren bgt keren bgt because it really was keren BGT. i mean you don't get to see Eldest by christopher Paolini written in braille everyday do you? i mean, how many of you have actually seen a book written in braille? i once read that to write braille writings the books can be too thick so the writing wouldn't get squished and the paper becames flat again. the books that i saw were thick but they were really light. and the printed it double sided!double sided! i think it was amazing. i thought braille writing could only be printed one sided.

speaking about a clockwork orange, i mean i could always buy it from but kadang mintanya ga enak soalnya harga shippingnya suka ga manusiawi. hahaa. sayang klo cuma beli 1 buku dan shippingnya lebih mahal dr bukunya. and it's the thrill of the hunt that's so fun. what fun is it if you could just getting a click away. i've bought quite a few books from amazon in the past and come to think of it..... well here are the list of the books a bought in amazon and where they end up.

princess academy by shannon hale. it's still in my bookshelf. i've only read a chapter of it and i don't bother to continue.
tales from greek mythology or whatever it was called i can't remember. it's in my sister's bookshelf now and untouched. i gave it to her cause the books to childish and the illustrations are too modern for greek mythology.
genre and television. i bought it only for karya tulis and only used like 5 lines from the book.
south park conservatives bought it for karya tulis, ga kepake sama sekali. ga ada hubungannya sama south park.
the guide to narnia or whatever it was called. don't have a clue where it is now.
the complete world of greek mythology ini paling mending dr yg laen. but still it's too complicated me dan masih di pinjem caca. Cel, klo lo baca ini, tolong tanyain caca dong kapan mau balikin. hehee..

well intinya, all the books i bought in amazon ends up tragically. hahaa.. i don't believe in superstitions and i'm sure it was all just a coincidence but i'm still spending my holiday to hunt for a clockwork orange. the hunt is what makes it fun! but if i can't stand it any longer i will buy it in amazon and hope it doesn't end up like other amazon bought books. lol

Monday, May 19, 2008


kan wkt itu gw lg ntn uber di istora, abis itu gw sms nurul. gw bilang gw jd pgn jd atlit bulutangkis gara2 ntn uber. dan inilah balesan dr nururumaru:

Ah payah d yey!Ntn greys, pgn jd dktr, ntn uber,pgn jd pebadminton.Gw saranin lo byk2 ntn ceramah jumat siang.Biar pgn jd ustadzah.

nurul, andai kau menyadari betapa menyesal sms anda yg itu. pertama, g ada kata pebadminton. duuuh kita kan udah belajar imbuhan sampe gila buat uan. trus kenapa harus ceramah jumat siang? knp g ceramah aa gym apa apa gt kek.

yaaa lucu aja si menurut gw.


hmmm... bt aja si. ga bisa ngapa2in lg. ga ada yg salah jg si.. ada si, tp gw g bisa nyalahin jg. ya kesel aja si.
time to do what my mum said, turn the situation around. sometimes a woman's gotta be on top. not just for sex, but for pretty much everything else. ok, of course i don't go around discussing sex positions with my mum, she only said the turn the situation around part. gosh, my mum really does rock.

ternyata oh ternyata

ok so maybe it's ultra evil of me to put up this post but here it goes. all names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Bluebell says:
Abisnya dia jijik kadang2
Bluebell says:
trus bencong lg pengecut!
Bluebell says:
Masa sm burung kakak tua takut
Bluebell says:
Ke toilet blitz sndiri takut gara2 gada org dan gelap
Bluebell says:
Ga bs berenang

oh gosh, where have i been all these years. and i thought i knew every single shit about you. lol

*i don't know why i came up with the name bluebell, but it has nothing to do with anyone whatsoever.

Friday, May 16, 2008

christmas is.... not here

don't you just loooooovvveeeeeee christmas??? i do i do i do!!!!!! ok, i know it's in the middle of may and christmas is something that's really out of the topic. but i just feel like writing about it! i don't even celebrate it but still, i love the christmas spirit, christmas atmosphere, christmas everything!
Going to malls and see the decorations which seems to get wilder every year. the christmas trees with all those glittering angels and colourful lights. oh come on, why can' christmas just come tomorrow? i can't wait to hear christmas songs everywhere i go!. winter wonderland, rudolph the red nosed reindeer, silent night, and my favorite is one that goes last christmas i gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away. i don't know the title. hahaa.. i wish we celebrate 12 days of christmas here. i wish we celebrate 365 days of christmas hehee..

one sad thing about christmas though, a lot of people seem to be forgetting what the main purpose is about. everyone is too psyched with presents and photo shoots with santa they forgot that it's actually the saviour's birthday. this problem doesn't occur much in indonesia but it does in other countries. e.g. america. people get sooo excited by all the snow and presents and decorations and stuff they somehow forgot the true meaning of christmas. no one goes to church. no one stops for even one bit to pray, the name of the saviour is practically absent on his birthday. what's worse is when people decide to lose their virginity on christmas thinking it's beautiful what with all the snow and stuff.
i once saw a clip from south park from this one episode where santa and jesus fights over christmas. jesus says it's to celebrate his birthday while santa says christmas is about giving and loving. seriously, i think it's about both. i once wrote before that i no longer believe in religion. but i still respect people who do and their religions.


i'm a huge huge fan of south park and i guess i do consider myself as a south park republican. south park has been going on for more than 10 years and still going strong. i even choose adult cartoons as a topic for my karya tulis. the last episode of south park that i watched is titled tsst and here is the review of that episode.

The episode starts with cartman and his mother in the school counselor's office. mr. mackey, the school counselor thinks that cartman has gone waaaay out of hand and he suggests cartman's mum hires a nanny from nanny 911. after the attempt to 'tame' cartman with nanny stella from nanny 911 failed, cartman's mum hired a nanny from super nanny. but it ended up with the nanny going crazy and sent to a mental hospital. so finally cartman's mum hired this guy from dog whisperer. a reality show where this guy trains a dog no matter how impossible it seems. surprisingly, the attempt worked on Cartman. but in the end, cartman finds his way back to freedom with his own dirty ways. he always does.
what i like about this episode is that it shows nanny 911. i like nanny 911. love it actually. haha.. and this episode kind of reminds me of a clockwork orange! cartman is just this fucked up kid who is always up to mayhem. and really, he is like the most annoying kid in the cartoon world. he makes bart simpson look like the most obedient person in the planet. cartman in this episode kind of reminds me of alex delarge who is just plain evil. in this episode, everytime cartman does something bad, the dog whisperer pinches his neck. this is what makes cartman do all the things his mother tells him to. not because he want to, but beacuse he can't refuse or else he'll get physical pain. just like alex after the ludovico treatment. there are a lot of other things in this episode which reminds me of a clockwork orange. but if you watch the episode, it's for sure that trey parker and matt stone never made those resemblance on purpose.

fot you who's never watch an episode of south park, you really don't know what you're missing. this here is Eric Cartman. the main character in the episode tsst, and mostly all the other episodes.

attention attention

i've changed the settings in my blog. now anyone can comment. not only those who have a blog. i'll be waiting! ;)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

1st day

so today is the first day of the ultra long holiday and i decided to spend it with ajeng and adip. we went to ex to watch narnia which i think was pretty disappointing. it was faaaaaaaaar from the first one. i remember watching the lion the witch and the wardrobe 4 times in the theaters. hehee.. But i guess prince caspian wasn't all that bad. edmund was really really hot. i used to be obsessed with him. really obsessed. and prince caspian was also hot. i think he looks like william beckett. they're like 2 peas in a pod. watch this video and judge for yourself.

anyway, me and adip were talking about where to buy dvds and he told me the difference between mbak2 yg bener2 ngerti dvd sama mbak2 yg g ngerti.

mbak2 yg ngerti
kita:mbak ada a clockwork orange ga?
mbak2: oooh a clockwork orange. iya itu film lama jadi udah ga ada.

mbak2 yg g ngerti
kita: mbak ada a clockwork orange ga?
mbak2:ooh, itu semi apa hardcore?

hahaaa lucu aja si menurut gw.

nooo not yet

it's not as fun as it used to be. anyone know how to bring back the sparks?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

speaking of bubbles...

we all know who's bubbles are going to burst in the end.


libur panjang!!! oh my akhirnya akhirnyaaaaa... sebulan penuh euy nyampah. nyampah dan bta. abis smmb nganggur lg pula nunggu pengumuman. hmmm udah 1001 rencana gw buat liburan.

-ikut kickboxing! yeay yeay.
-belajar nyetir. mls tapi agak2nya harus
-ke planetarium dan kineforum. 2 tempat yg deket bgtttttttt sm rumah gw tp g pernah gw dtgin. hahaa
-k megaria tiap hari sama dita. klo perlu film2 indonesia sampah gw tononin semua. hahaa.. megaria udah bagus lhooo sekarang. udah ky bioskop pada umumnya. 10ribu lg
-part time job. agak susah pasti ini dpt izin dr bonyok. tp sangat pengen bgt bgt ngajar bahasa inggris di kumon. hahaaa
-bikin rekening
-daftar greenpeace sama wwf
-marathon grey's. gw udah kalah jauuuuuuuuh sm ajeng sm nurul. hahaa
-nyoba sate padang di seluruh penjuru jakarta. mulai belajar dr skrg buat restoran gw nanti. hahaa

untuk baca, ini list buku yg mau gw baca selama liburan. udh pernah gw tulis sii emg, tp list berubah seiring waktu berjalan.

-bag of bones-stephen king(thx to tante iza!)
-robohnya surau kami-A.A. Navis(thx to nuindzig!)
-laskar pelangi(thx to putra!)
-invisible monsters-chuck palahniuk
-fightclub-chuck palahniuk
-a clockwork orange-anthony burgess
-to kill a mockingbird
-princess mia
-lucky, an it girl novel-cecily von ziegesar
-the witch of portobello-paulo coelho
-the alchemist-paulo coelho
-apapun buku bgs yg gw temuin di gramedia matraman

hhahaa.. kayanya byk bgt rencana gw. kalap liburan emg. kita liat nanti yg mana aja yg terpenuhi. hahaa
-the boy in the striped pyjamas-john boyne
a clockwork orange-anthony burgess


i fell for him. hard.

i first saw him in the auditions. he was cute. but then that's it, i didn't continue watching american idol. the show gets boring sometimes but i always like the auditions. today i saw the last 5 minutes of the show and david archuleta was hot. go go david! i hope he wins!


ok so my blog's still being monitored by eyes like those of a hawk.

first, the post was never meant for you so i don't see why you had to reply it.
second, i don't make things up
third, i don't go around hearing and believing only what i want to hear and believe unlike someone i know
fourth, your boyfriend asked me nicely to stop this bitchfest of ours, and i think i'm going to do him the favor

Sunday, May 11, 2008

reply 101

reply verb (replied, replying) to make an answer; to say in answer. -reply noun 1 replying. 2 what is replied, an answer.

that is for you, cause you don't seem to know the meaning of the word. the word reply doesn't appear in you mobile phone screen for no reason you know. here is one use of that reply button: to use it to an old friend you've spent the last 5 years together and she congratulated you on your birthday. IMPORTANT: even if your friendship has fallen apart pretty badly, it wouldn't hurt to just send "thk u"

happy birthday!

all this time, i've felt oh so guilty for what i've done to make things end this way between us. but after a recite the incident over and over in my head, here's the ending conclusion.

you were the one who confessed your feelings to me while you had a girlfriend. you could've just waited you know.
you were the one who kept asking me to meet up, go out for a movie and stuff. yes i have asked you to me up with me once. but we were at the same place and at the same time and i only asked you to meet up for 5 minutes and that's exactly what we did. i wasn't the one who asked you to go catch a midnight show or go fucking lomo hunting. you did.
i was never the one to call you first. yes, i sometimes texted you but i don't go calling you first. i do call you first sometimes, but only when it's super fucking important. not every single night like what you use to do.

yes it was wrong of me to blurt our meant-to-be-discreet-relationship. but when you're smart-ass girlfriend found out, she's got me to blame. and where were you then? you were out in space, yes that's where you were. you acted like you never confessed you feelings to me, like you never insisted we go lomo hunting(yes, i remember saying no to this). you acted like you never asked me to go out to catch those fucking midnight shows and a billion other things you acted like you never did to me.

so, who's the jerk now?

Happy 17th birthday. may your wisdom grows within age. no really, i mean it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Greek cultural centre

So 3 days more of high school then no more school for the rest of my life!Yipee! Everyone knows the long space of nothingness between high school and uni is the best ever. I was planning on learning greek actually.Intestive. 4 hours a day right 5x a week.But i don't know where in jakarta i could learn greek. So I emailed the embassy with an ultra embarassing email.Faaaaaaar from formal and the words where pretty loony. They replied really briefly only in 3 lines telling me that there is no cultural centre in jakarta.Sigh..I was looking forward to meeting other people who are as eager as me to learn greek. The email also makes me wonder, what if there is a greek cultural centre?Gosh,i'd probably work there.As a janitor.
So anyone,know any greeks in jakarta willing to teach me their magnificent language which has woven marvelous epics such as the illiad?

Beliefs beliefs

I want to live my life based on what i believe in,not what my parents believe in.And yes,i'm talking about religion.It's not that i want to move to another,but it's the fact that i can't seem to have faith in mine.

speed racer

i just went to megaria to watch speed racer with dita. it's such a blessing to have megaria renovated. i use to hate going there cause it's all dirty and gross. now it's as good as any theaters. anyway back to speed racer, i use to like the cartoon. well not really like it, but some episodes were pretty cool. and i like the theme song as well. for some of you who are F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans, you might remember in one episode, ross, chandler and joey sang the theme song and i think they have a poster of speed racer in one of the apartments but i don't remember who's. i thought the movie was going to be one blasted summer movie with all the effects and plot lines, but no. well it wasn't that bad. but the story was just weird and the effects aren't actually that good. feels like you're watvhing a semi cartoon movie but the real life and cartoons are mixed ultra badly and it's missing an ingredients. here are the links to watch the cartoon episode

part 1
part 2
part 3

and i love the way emile hirsch is sooooooo like speed racer. esp when he wears that blue shirt with the red scarf.

Monday, May 5, 2008

where o where

so i was strolling through kinokuniya ps and i bought this book.

i LOVE it. even though it's in japanese, it doesn't matter cause most of the pages are only pictures anyway. and even if all the pages are only pictures, i love 'em cause they're NARUTO and drawn by masashi kishimoto himself.

but the thing is, there are 3 books which i am dying to read

i tried searching for them in kinokuniya ps cause thats like the biggest imported books bookstore around but all i managed to find was

-1001 books you must read before you die. the coveris alex from a clockwork orange. but they don't sell a clockwork orange. payah
-everything by chuck palahniuk except invisible monsters and fight club
-boy in the striped pyjamas was sold there but it was already sold out. huaaaahhh..

so the conclusion is; kinokuniya lengkap, but not lengkap enough

any ideas where i can get those books?

Return of the x:part 2

So again there's nothing i can do because nobody ever intended this to happen.Except maybe god.But still,it gets me fidgeting like crazy.
But hey,i shouldn't really bother anyway even though i can't help it.
Today i got the chance to watch troy director's cut.Bagus bgttttttt.
Well,maybe it's just me talking and some of you may know i'm just friggin addicted to troy. Today was probably the millionth time i watched the movie and i never get bored.The part where achilles dies also gets me every time.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another sunday

Having a sister can be such a huge pain in the ass somestimes.No,actually ALL THE TIME. Maybe not all sisters are pain in the asses but my sister sure is one.
So next week is like the last week of high school. The week after that is just 3 days of fucking exams and then that's it. No more school for the rest of my life.No more uniform and no more waking up in the morning for every fucking day.But one of the things i am sooo excited about is no more of those stupid long socks that go up to your knees.I've never liked them from the beginning and lately i've started hating them realizing how hot they are.I wish i could fast forward to next week.Gosh.I don't thk i can stand another day of my mum telling to study.
The last days of high school.It's tiring,exhausting but fun at the same time.There are sooo many things going on and they're kind of muddled up and i guess this will never happen in any other time in my life.

Friday, May 2, 2008

ripped, teared, torn

looking at the title of this post it looks as if i am majorly heartbroken. but i'm not. i'm totally the opposite actually. hahaa..

gw ngerasa akhir2 ini semuanya ripping me off. dari aer mancur smp kartu perdana.
kan esia ngeluarin promo baru tu, yg beli perdana gratis talktime 6 bulan. yah siapa jg yg g tergiur bisa telfon2an gratis sesama esia 6 bulan. jadi gw gantilah no. esia gw yg udah gw suka bgt demi talktime gratis 6 bln. ternyata oh ternyata, talktimenya dibatesin cuma 300 menit. prett bgt nyet sumpaah. 300 menit selama 6 bln. 30o menit berarti 50 menit sebulan. 50 menit sebulan. 50 menit gw mah sehari juga abis. aaaarrrggghhh... bt bt. daaaaannnnn skrg entah kenapa esia gw rusak g bisa nyala padahal gw blom sempet nikmatin talktime 300menitnya. grrrrrrrrr

aer mancur. tau kan aer macur di grand indonesia? lo g tau, mendingan ntn d. itu sangat amat bgs sekali bgt bgt bgt. 7 menit. dimana2 lo juga bosen geliat aer ngucur 7 menit, tp ini lo bener2 g akan bosen dan malah mau lagi. itu bgs bet bet bet. nah, kan hari selasa kmrn gw blom ntn. gw penasaran dan bela2in pulang sekolah ksana. di jam gw udah jam 2.55 (aer mancur nyala tiap jam) berarti kan 5 menit lagi mulai, taunya jam yg diatas aer mancurnya masi jam 2.40. berarti aer mancurnya 20 menit lg br nyala. yaudah gw akhirnya jalan2 15 MENIT. gw jalan2 15 menit sampe jam 3.10 tau2 pas balik ke aer mancur, aer mancurnya udah nyala dan jam diatas aer mancurnya tau2 udah jam 3.15. ????? nyetttttttttttttttt.... jam bodoh macem apa itu? itu kan jam gede diliat semua org. harusnya kan bener.


ok soo gw bingung mau nulis apa. i'm even confused if i should write in english or indonesian. i know i once promised a story to celebrate 1 year of my blog's existence, but i'm not in the mood. later kay. so i guess i'll just write down some random stuff.

yesterday i went to grand indonesia and FINALLY got to see the fountain. the fountain was amaziiiiiinnnggg.... you'll miss one helluva thing if you don't see it before you die.

i'm listening to Boncel's club 8 album, the boy who couldn't stop dreaming. yeah, true what he said, bikin ngantuk. hehee.. but it's pretty good actually. i still love whatever you want. heaven, football kids and jesus walk with me isn't bad either

i just bought troy director's cut and can't wait to watch it. it's extended 30 minutes.

i've found a new liking to cupcakes. well, at least the ones they sell at the ex bridge.

i've joined tcft! yeay!

i can't wait to buy god is not great.

yaudah si gt aja. g penting bgt ni posting. hahaa