Thursday, July 31, 2008


goodbye highschool!

so this is probably going to be the last post from my old laptop. and this is probably the last time i'm ever going to touch this laptop. i'm going to miss it sooooooo much. the reason i'm using this laptop right now is because there's a lot of data here that needs to be transfered to my new laptop. i know this may sound weird but it's really really sad! seeing all those pictures, reading old msn coversations. i was like all wow, things really have changed.
 so yeah, new life, new laptop, new campus! goodbye old life, hello new life. hahaa. i can't wait till the pengumuman snmptn tonite. i hope things turn out well! good luck to all of you as well.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


ok so i had a little too much fun with james today. hhhahaaha. i can't write down all the details cause it'll just be too much, ok maybe i'll write some. ahahhaah. our day started at 1 at grand indonesia and ended at 10 at grand indonesia. wow, i just realized myself, it was THAT long. hahaha. 

3 things that i won't ever forget:
-diliatin selusin orang di taichan
-ngomentarin 'iklan mentos'
-pura2 berantem

ok, so first of all. yes me and james are from 2 different race. but that doesn't stop us from having all the fun in the world. so we really don't need that kind of stare.

second, when you see someone broke their shoe heel, you don't screaming 'ih kaya di iklan mentos! kaya iklan mentos! hahahaha.' 

third, it may sound really2 stupid and pretty much cheesy, but pretending to fight is soooooo much fun. we kept cracking up after we see people passing by and just looking at us like we're some kind of dysfunctional couple. hahaha

so yeah james, i had waaaaaaaay too much fun with you today. can't wait til we raid bandung! hahahaa

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2 hours and 40 minutes

till i meet james! can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

honesty is the best policy?

i've seen people lie to each other in relationships. i've been seeing a lot of it lately. but there's something that's more common than lying to  your partner. i've seen people cry their hearts out just because they can't stand their lover, but love them too much to actually leave them. gosh seriously, that isn't healthy people. that's not how you're supposed to feel.what's the point of being with them if they can't make you happy. most of the time, people think they're happy with their partner, but deep down they're actually not. i hope this post can be mean something to some people out there who are going through something more or less like what i just wrote.

Monday, July 28, 2008


g tau knp akhir2 ini gw malessssssssssssss bgt berhubungan sm hp gw. dua2nya. baik esia maupun gsm. jd maaf ya klo ada yg sms gw trus gw blsnya lamaaaaa bgt atau malah sama skali g dibales. ok ok? sorry. meninggalkan comment di facebook kayanya cara yg lebih efektif menghubungi gw dibanding sms k hp. haha

Sunday, July 27, 2008

i really want to write something

but i don't know what, so i'm just going to ramble. haha

i got accepted at sastra cina ui. yes2, i know i've written that a gazillion times already but this time the point is not the fact that i've been accepted. my point is ,I can't speak chinese at all and IT'S SOOOOOO HARD!!!!!! i've heard many many things from people like 'klo beda nada beda arti', 'lo harus ngafalin beribu2 huruf', 'nyet itu susah bgt lho gw aja g bisa2.' all that and the fact that there is more than 1 type of chinese. gosh i'm fucking clueless and i'll have to start from scratch. the big big question, will i make it? i know people say that you can succeed in anything if you really try. i know2. and i've been holding on to that. but i think there's more to the quote. i think it should be more like you can succeed in anything if you really really try as far as your brain can go.
i studied my friggin ass off for snmptn. i really2 did. i tried to understand the math problems but i can never solve most of them. i've tried shitless but still i don't get it. my biggest worry right now is that the same thing will occur when learning chinese. but let's just hope that it doesn't.

this long pause after finishing high school and before starting college, my wallet's always empty. i keep spending and spending since i have nothing else to do. i decide that for college, i CAN NOT keep asking my parents for money. i have to start making my own. i figure i'll go get a part-time job. but then again, will it disturb my studies? i will really really have to work my ass of if i want to survive sastra cina, but with a part time job, will i manage?i'm BAD at organizing time. bad bad bad.

james is moving to bandung next week. i'll really miss you. i'll come and visit once in a while. promise promise. thank god i got accepted at ui and that i don't have to move to australia. hahaa.

so what else should i ramble in about. hmmmmmmm. read rant people. i promise it's good.

hmmmm what else. i don't know i'm pretty much out of words. hahaa

oh yeah there's more. i've bought making out in chinese a few months ago. i thought it would be fun to start learning from that book. it is cause it's filled with curses and it really is fun. hahaaa. but i usually just read the chinese alphabet part  like wang ba dan, wo ai ni, sheng ri quai le and stuff like that. i never read the read chinese writing. i payed attention to them yesterday figuring i would have to for the next 4 years of my life and i realized that they were soooooo complicated! seriously, 1 letter could contain so many lines and i've heard that you have to draw the lines in a particular order. how on earth am i suppose to memorize thousands of letters plus how to draw each and every one of them. oh gosh just shoot me.

i've been going through facebook and looking at the tenth grade pictures icha tagged us all. i miss those days. school was hell but meeting all of you was the only reason i came everyday. hahaha. we'd take really stupid pictures and play si buta dan si gua hantu. we even call ourselves black cat. hahhaa god knows where the name comes from. i tried uploading them but failed miserably. oh well. they're not for the public eye anyway.(tapi ada di facebook. haha)

now THAT's what i call a day

as i was writing before, july 26 was probably one of the best days of my life. hahaa. i had to postpone my last blog cause aby texted and said that she would pick me up so thatwe can go celebrate her birthday. that really put the cherry on top of my awesome awesome day. haha
everything started when i got accepted at UI. that was at excatly 00.00. then i was told that i could go buy a new laptop. haha. so i went to senayan city with my whole family and James was there! we haven't seen each other in ages!(if you call 4 days ages). aku seneng lhoo kmrn bisa ktemu. hahaha. after buying my laptop my dad offered me to buy a new wallet. it wasn't just any wallet. haha. and i was this close to buying that new wallet but well, we were in kind of a hurry so my dad said that we could just buy it later. i got home, fiddled around with my laptop. the aby picked me up at 11 and we went out to pizza marzano kemang and took approximately 70 pictures. hahaa. then we went to blitz to watch the x files. but it really sucked and i ended up sleeping in the cinema. haha. well that was one amazing day, and the movie wasn't included in that day cause we watched it past midnight. hahaa.
here are some out of the gazillion pictures we took

Saturday, July 26, 2008

happy birthday aby

so today is probably one of the best days ever in my life. hahaha. after last night finding out that i got accepted, i--

hold that for a sec, my day is about to get better. i gtg. i'll write again tomorrow

Friday, July 25, 2008


i hope i don't overdose on mayonnaise. i just ate pringles chips with mayonnaise. oh gosh they're deliciously annoying.

oh the watches we see

notice any similarities? they're all pointing to ten past ten. i just realized(yeah thx to my sister), that all watch advertisement shows the watch pointing at ten past ten. haha. here's why:

whenever we see a publicity ad for watches, irrespective of the brand or the company, the figure of the watch is invariably shown at "ten past ten" as the time. This being so, it leads us to search as to why the watch is invariably shown to be set with its arms to say "ten past ten". The experts in the field of publicity feel that a watch showing "ten past ten" is the best placement of the two arms of the watch and it makes the appearance of the watch very elegant and in a state of equilibrium.
From the aesthetic angle, the anth- ropologists explain this setting of the watch as a face symbolic of gleeful reception which gives cheers to a viewer/reader. The two arms of the watch equally stretched divergently upwards symbolise receiving a person warmly with open arms. That is why the watch is invariably shown "ten past ten".

In the ad the reader gets drawn towards it and, being eye to eye with the figure of the watch at "ten past ten", feels warmly attracted towards it
As against this, if the watch shows "12’O clock", the bigger arm absents the lower arm which eludes the full face of the watch from being viewed. Similar shall be the case if the watch shows "3.15 and 8.45"
Further, if the watch is shown to be displaying "8.20 a.m., p.m.," it symbolises the arms stretched divergently though yet being downwards. It is comparable to cold reception being accorded to the viewers
Conclusively thus, "ten past ten" is the ideal state of the arms of a watch shown in the publicity material as it draws the attention of the reader very warmly. This fulfils the core purpose for which the advertisement is released by the promotors.


g nyampe 5 menit yg lalu gw udah di kamar gw siap2 mau tidur.komputer jg udah gw matiin. tp gw g bisa nyet tidur. gw g bisa keterima sastra cina ui dan tidur gw aja. hahahahaa. gw tu td ntn batman sm godzilla di hbo sm trans tv. ntnnya ganti2an soalnya brg dan pgn ntn dua2nya. tujuan awal buat killing time. biar cpt jam 12 gt. tp karena keasikan ntn gw bnr2 lupa buat ngecek internet jam 12. hahaha. tau2 nindi nelfon trus njerit2,"id! gw dpt sastra prancis sastra prancis!"
gw jg bls teriak2 smp nykp gw sempet risih tp trus gw blg pengumuman udh keluar. akhirnya gw dan bonyok gw ke depan komputer dan gw masukin no. gw dengan tangan gemetar. trus kali ini g kaya umb yg ada tulisan gede2 SELAMAT atau MAAF, jd gw agak lama gt scanning layar komputer buat nyari tulisan yg menentukan hidup mati gw. hahaha akhirnya gw ngeliat tulisan FAKULTAS ILMU BUDAYA. njerit2 tp blom tau jurusan apa. hahaa. tau2 gw nemu tulisan sastra cina. oh myyyyy pilihan pertama. asik2 sastra cina cihuy! gw lgsg nelfon nindi, nelfon james sambil nangis2 kaya apaan tau. hahahaa. parah2 seneng gila. kiss my ass monash! i'm staying in this country! hahahahahaahah

i've been feeling very2 lucky lately, i know the chinese(wiihii) ancient proverb says luck only lends, it never gives. tp yaaaa i'm enjoying what luck is lending me right now. hahahahaa
seneng bgt gw parah2. hahaha. akhirnya punya jaket kuning. hahaha akhirnya g k australi! hahahahahahahaha kesian d lo james g bisa cari cewe2 bandung. inget, i'm only 2 hours away! hahahaha. dan skrg gw g tau mau ngapain. gw cuma bisa ketawa sambil senyum2 sendiri.

selamat jg buat nindi yg dpt sastra prancis! we did it ninds! i knew we would! i knew all along we would! hahaha sama buat atid yg keterima D3 periklanan. asik ni tid, bikin iklan yg gokil yee. laras jg yg dpt D3 humas hahaha .and happy 18th birthday maria gabriella lindia aka ABY! haahhaa

wuih seneng2 parah. besok gw mau ganti behel jd warna kuning(boong deng). hahaha. tai seneng bgt dah gw. hhahahaa

i've been addicted to jason mraz and colbie caillat's song for the last few days. it's called lucky and i guarantee it'll hook you once you hear it. haha

sastra cina!!!

hahaha. now that's what i call a euphoric blast. hahaha

3 cheers!

earlier i wrote that i like kecap more that mayonnaise. i prefer eating kecap with tempe to sausages with mayonnaise. but that's all changed now. i eat EVERYTHING with mayonnaise now. i've eaten eggs, martabak and even tempe with mayonnaise. everything i use to eat with kecap is now eaten with mayonnaise. haahaa. but i'm referring to the japanese mayonnaise. not the ususal mayonnaise you buy in bottles. try it, they're great i promise.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

selamat membaca. haha

btw, ignore that "No." haha

and deciphering braille really isn't that hard. it's just my writing that sucks. haha

oh dear

honestly i haven't the slightest clue why i just did that. curiosity i guess. the big question: why does everyone keep forgetting that curiosity killed the cat?

i miss the simpsons

since i have been doing almost nothing on this holiday, i've been eating like crazy. and it's not like the food varies, it's always the same thing over and over. here's my holiday list:
i love junk food. love it LOVE it. i know i have to stop but it's soooo hard
-sate padang
always and always
-lays barbeque chips
seaweed's also good
yes i now have an obsession for mayonnaise. i eat eggs, corned beef and even martabak with mayonnaise. haha. goodbye kecap
-nasi pake furikake pake mayonnaise
feels like homemade sushi and majorly addictive. i can't stop eating it though i know that's not snack. that's main course. for those who don't know furikake, they're japanese seasoning. they're awesome.

yeah so it's the same thing over and over again that i eat this holiday actually. but i don't really care cause they always taste good(though change is good once in a while). i know most of them aren't healthy and they're all fattening but enjoy the good things while so still can! haha


so today i didn't have that much to do. the holiday seems like it's getting longer and longer. funny when you're still at school, you have never seem to have enough time to do the things you want to. not enough time to read a book, not enough time to watch dvds, not enough time to go ol, not enough time to talk on the phone and all that sort of stuff. you actually think you can never have enough time for fun. but now, i have all the time in the world to do all those things and i just don't feel like doing them anymore. i haven't watched any dvds. i stopped watching grey's btw. i haven't touched my psp in ages, i even lost my reading mood. huaaaaam. i guess you can have more than enough time to have fun. without all the hard work to go with it, fun just doesn't seem that fun anymore.

james's been sick for days and i wish he'd get better real soon. i've been looking at our lomo pics and laughing at it while reminiscing that one amazing day. hahaaaa. thank you for being a good influence and just being there.haha.get well soon!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i've been having too much fun learning braille lately. did you know that on elevator buttons, the braille writing says "OPN" instead of "OPEN". hahaa
yesterday i went to library@senayan to try and read the braille writing they have there. i read eldest and well, i could read the writings but my fingertips are still too numb to actually feel them. then i went to ps with nindi to watch the eye. i'm sure many of you have seen the asian version. it's about a blind girl who got a cornea transplant. in the hollywood version, the details of her life as a blind is shown more. it's amazing how her sense of smell and hearing are really really strong. and it's amazing how she reads braille music notes. but what fascinates me the most is she has this some kind of braille printer.

yesterday at library@senayan, there was this banner who goes out to publishers and author to contact yayasan mitra netra so that their work could be published in braille. i'm going to start to contact as many authors to do so. haha

Saturday, July 19, 2008


It's 2.44 and i've been trying forever to sleep.but i just can't.i tried reading the alchemist cause i think that book's boring,but it didn't seem to here i am posting from my sister's mobile phone.she'd kill me if she finds out.but whatever,i have insufficient credit and insomia's taking over.

Today i hang out with aby, chipa and adel.i haven't seen them in a long2 time and i miss the times when we used to go out every saturday.aby just got back from japan(o u lucky bitch) and she got me a naruto coin purse!!!you know,the froggy purse.the one naruto owns.haha.and it's genuine from the shonen jump store.i remember once bidding for it on ebay,but i figured,why would i bid for something that costs one dollar and pay 40dollars for the shipping cost.

One of the reasons i can't sleep is because my mind's been set on gourmet garage.for those who don't know,gourmet garage is a restaurant+supermarket in kemang.where barbados used to be.the food the is extraordinaryly depends on what you pick though.i recommend the chicken cordon bleu and the wagyu burger.i once ordered sop buntut but i didn't really like it.the chicken cordon bleu is amazing.but it contains ham though,and i've been eating it under my parents nose.hehe

Well it's almost 3 now.i gotta wake up early tomorrow so that i can go to the airport tomorrow and say goodbye to my alien loving friend,adip.haha

surprise surprise

today i gave james the biggest surprise yet. he kept telling me over and over how i completely changed his mood and how happy he was. he was even speechless at times. he kept giving me the biggest hugs and we were both so psyched to finally see each other again after 3 days. hahaha. i'm just glad to see you happy again pacar! hahaha

yesterday i finally FINALLY got more prom pictures. here are some. i just love looking at them. i really loved that day. haha. but, i can't upload the pictures anywhere. the bytes are just too big. uuuuurgh. i hope i get a chance to resize them. everyday's been nothing but hectic

Thursday, July 17, 2008

bad day?

so today everything started out shitty. every little thing. the row i had with my mum, the weather, the traffic jam, things weren't that well either with my boyfriend. but as the day started to unveil, things really did turn out great.
i figured that me and james were just having a bad moment which causes us to clash. the argument with my mum didn't continue(for today at least) and i going online and just chat with a few friends sort of fixes the day.

the argument i had with my mum was about my religious belief. she finally found out that i don't really believe in religions. god knows where she found out. i starting thinking of all the possibilities. facebook, my blog, my teacher, my friends, my families, my random writings. the more i think about the possibilities, the more i realize, i haven't been very discreet have i? so it's no wonder she found out. she was going to sooner or later anyway. haha
my best friend, aby, she has this major major addiction for mayonnaise. it's sorta like my addiction for kecap. i eat kecap everyday with almost everything. anyway, i was at the supermarket yesterday and i bought the japanese mayonnaise aby also has in her fridge. i told james about it and he says his brothers also has an addiction to mayonnaise. once i got home, i ate sausages with it. surprise surprise, i didn't really like it. i ended up eating tempe with kecap. huhu emang dasar lidah jawa. gw lupa klo aby sama ade2nya james kan masi ada bule2nya. hahaha
gosh i want to scream this at the top of my lungs; i'm learning braille!!!! it's soooooooooo much fun. try it!

calling all bands

here's a little something you might be interested in.

we're giving you a chance to show off your talents. all you need to do is send an email to

50 band pertama bakal dimintain untuk ngasih profile+materi promo dan bayar Rp 100.000,00 yang nantinya untuk produksi CD sebanyak 500 keping yg bakal dibagiin ke target market kita (eo, promotor, label2, penikmat musik, dll) secara gratis.

CD tersebut memiliki ketentuan:
-size maksimal 10MB berisi lagu dan profile
-Profile design page dibuat oleh band sendiri agar sesuai dengan image.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


guilty guilty pleasure. hahaha

hey! =)

this blog goes out to james who is busy making the video for his farewell party. hang in there jamesy, i know you'll nail it! i can promise you there is NOTHING that's going to stop you and the others from finishing that video on time. and seeing all the effort you've put on making it, i KNOW it'll be worth it.
it's been weird spending the last 2 days without seeing you at all. hahaa. can't wait to hear your happy2 voice on saturday when the video is done and all. can't wait to colongan ketemu on sunday. but most of all, i can't wait till monday and watch the bumper video. haha
miss you loads. <33

calling all palahniuk fans

i know you're out there. i KNOW you're out there. everytime i go to a bookstore, i always check the palahniuk section. at kinokuniya ps, there used to be a lot of copies of lullaby and survivor. now they're all sold out. what's left is 2 copies of rant. actually, the same things occur to a lot of other bookstores. so if you happen to be a palahniuk fan, and you happen to come across my blog, leave me a comment will you. i HAVE to discuss palahniuk with an indonesian fan. anyone.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


i'm worrying about 2 things right now. one if it is ok to be worried about. though i really hope things doesn't turn out that way. but the other thing, seriously, if you hear it you'll probably just think it's me worrying too much.

gosh. why can't i just worry about my snmptn and nonreguler test result like normal people.

rant on

i finally go a chance to ride the slide at fx! FUN FUN FUN!!!!! i can't wait to go on it again and again and again. i could go on all day actually. hahaa..
i've also finally gotten a chance to read a book by chuck Palahniuk. well i haven't exactly finished the book but i've read the first few chapters. the title is rant.

i got it Rp cheaper than the usual price. hahaa. lucky2 me.
the book's not just a regular novel. it's about this guy named Buster "Rant" Casey. it's written in the form of an oral biography. so the pages are filled only with comments and testimonials from people about Rant. but it's amazing how those comments end up creating one story. here, check out my favorite part from the book so far.

Echo Lawrence: "The big reason why folks leave a small town," Rant used to say, "is so they can moon over the idea of going back. And the reason they stay put is so they can moon about getting out."
Rant meant that no one is happy, anywhere.

I don't entirely agree with that actually. but I don't have to agree on something to like it.

Yesterday i also went to see a movie with james. Wanted. amazing amazing. if only it were real.

apart from the fact that she's really cool, angelina jolie looks just like another anorexic victim. but james mcavoy is really hot in that movie. sooo different than when he played mr. tumnus. hahaa. some people doesn't realize he plays mr. tumnus in narnia. can't wait to see him in penelope!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Anybody home?

Or is everybody enjoying their holiday?I haven't seen updated blogs in a long time.
Huu kgn xii bhs.Can't wait til thursday!

Finally,finally, FINALLY!

Yes tomorrow is the last day of the ui nonreguler test.That means no more friggin studying ever again!Ever again meaning until i start college.If i get accepted at sastra cina i will have to work my ass off.I guess you can never ever avoid studying.Then again,life itself is a learning progress.
Once all this test is over, i can't wait to do these things:
-go to fx and try the new slide!
-read laskar pelangi,the alchemist and tons of other great books i had to postpone due to the ui test
-nyetak foto lomo
-lanjutin greys and watch south park season 12
-play the sims 2 on psp
-spend more time with james before he leaves for bandung :(
and this one is the one i'm most excited about
-start my job at globe asia!Yipee!

Oh freedom here i come!Hahaha

Friday, July 11, 2008

camera fetish

i guess camera's have this thing for me. they seem to always hate me in every way. when i was going to spend my whole day with james, i thought my lomo flash was broken so i didn't bring any batteries but i keep taking pictures. but things got really hard when it was getting dark. we spent most of our days outdoors and we have to find light before taking a picture. and we couldn't take a picture when we're in a bajaj. rewinding to a week ago, i brought my camera to prom. i took a picture with maria caca, and chira sari, james and me wasn't a couple yet back then. i really really like the picture but it's really dark and i could hardly see a thing. so i guess i'll go and develop my lomo pics tomorrow. god knows what they'll look like. hope the ones that we took indoors are ok. and outdoors too if possible

Thursday, July 10, 2008


i really want to write something but i have no idea what i should write. so i guess i'll just write gibberish.
the first 3 days of my relationship with james(caelah, james) have been really GREAT. we couldn't get enough off each other and we've been meeting up everyday. what makes it interesting is that we didn't plan on meeting up. the idea of meeting up only came up minutes before we even meet up. haha.
i've got my ui nonreguler test 2 days from today and i'm soooooooooo not in the mood for studying. i do study, but not that much. not as much as snmptn. studying now feels like a major pain in the ass.
this morning a stupid rumor was set loose. there has been another terrorist attack in bali. i called sari who happens to be in bali and she said it was just a gas explosion. well not just a gas explosion, but at least it wasn't another one of those stupid terrorists doing.
i can't wait to ride the slide at fx! i'm planning to go there with my classmates next week. miss you all, can't wait to meet up again. let's just hope things like what happened at sanitas don't happen again. hehe

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


pegel! but it was all worth it. hahaha

Sunday, July 6, 2008

karya tulis inisiatif

Judul: Pemahaman anak usia 4-10 tahun terhadap agama
Latar belakang:mengetahui sejauh mana pemahaman seorang anak terhadap agama yg dianutnya
Tujuan:untuk melihat bagaimana seorang anak mempelajari dan meresap ilmu agama yg jika tidak dilakukan dgn benar dpt terjadi penanaman fanatisme sejak kecil
Rumusan masalah:
-sejauh mana seorang anak mempelajari agama.Harus disesuaikan dgn umur mereka.Tidak perlu ditakut2i dgn neraka dan azab dll
-penanaman hanya satu agama yg paling benar.Seberapa byk hal itu masi beredar dan dampak buruknya thdp anak itu sendiri

gw g disuruh bikin karya tulis malah inisiatif.Giliran disuruh bikin beneran malah ntn naruto mulu.Hahahaha


Now that snm fucking ptn is over,there's nothing else to do but nyampah nyampah nyampah sampe pengumuman.Well i won't be nyampahing 24/7,i've actually got tons of thgs to do.But right now the internet connection at my house is DEAD and that means i have to postpone a gazillion thgs.Here are a few:
-watch belajar main gitar and travis barker's crib in jogja.Both i heard from ajeng
-look up tourette syndrome and find out if it is related to latah
-look at my new tagged prom pictures at facebook
-and many many more.Gosh i hope the internet would go back on today.Sigh

Thursday, July 3, 2008

prom was...

some say pictures are worth 1000 words

i really really like the last picture but it's really dark and i've done all i can to make it a little brighter.
left-right:caca, maria, me, boncel, sari chira

hahaha... caca matanya doang yg keliatan

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


snmptn di berita di mana2. hahaaa.. seru ya persaingan makin ketat. huahahaa.. tp yaudahlah ya. besok prom! hahahaaa....

day 1

berhasil keliling2 senayan city kurang lebih 2 jam tanpa pake escalator. hahaha. tp mas2 liftnya kyanya udah eneg gt negliat gw keluar msk lift cuma buat pindah satu lantai. hahaa

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh,what a day

I don't think i will EVER go on an escalator again.I've always had an irrational(though i thk it's pretty rational)fear of escalators.ANYTHING with wheels should be permanantly be banned from escalators.
Yesterday something happened which escalated my fear of escalators.I still feel jittery to write about it now. But maybe later i'll manage to cope.1 thing's for sure,i'm not going near any escalators any time soon.If possible,ever.
Yesterday i studied with a friend named putri.Adis,my cousin,introduced me to her.If it wasn't for putri i would still be fucking clueless when trying to answer those snmptn questions.So thk u putri and i wont let you down!One more thing about putri was that she dragged me to sholat.Literally dragged me.She grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the bathroom.Hahaha.


i know you're all bored shitless from reading all my junk about snmptn. but hang in there cause tomorrow's the big day. i promise i'll post more interesting stuff after all this hullabaloo is over.

ps: wow, i just knew that hullabaloo is a real word. i thought it was just gibberish