Monday, April 28, 2008


-pgn cepet smua tai2 ini selese. try outs, and UANs and SPMBs oh my. capeeeeee
-pgn k plangi liat baju2nya kak vicky
-pgn k grand indonesia liat air mancur yg katanya fenomenal itu
-pgn beli dvd grey's karena lama2 cape ntn di surf the channel. loadingnya lama
-pgn beli kaos a clockwork orange
-pgn ntn supermama live(boong deng)
-pgn beli cdnya panic at the disco sama jason mraz
-pgn beli bukunya radit yg baru(babi ngesot)
-pgn pgn pgn

karena gw hari ini sangat amat bosen ga tau mau ngapain, gw melakukan beberapa hal untuk menghilangkan kebosenan gw.
-jemput marty ke sekolah
-ntn grey's sama south park di surf the channel
-ntn pil evolusi di blognya ovvy
-minta k plangi tp g boleh
-ntn jalan sesama
-ntn this is england
-nyari2 ttg a clockwork orange
-ngoment2in blog2 orang
-ngepost2 ga penting. contohnya blog ini
-nyari tau ttg hybrid cars

ngomong2 soal jalan sesama, gw kangen d sama sesame street. kangen bgtt. ga ada di kabelvision atau dimanapun. trus gw juga jd inget, masa wkt itu gw lg ntn jalan sesama sama nykp gw trus nykp gw bilang,"kenapa si namanya jalan sesama?maksa bgt. kenapa ga jalan wijen?"

ya yaaaa jalan wijen. kaya ada yg mau ntn gt klo judulnya jalan wijen.


notice that there is a link in my blog which leads to postsecret. postsecret is a blog where people can send their secrets anonymously. it is updated every sunday and i always read them. here are some of my favorites.

and guess whaaat... one out of those 4 secrets a secret i've been keeping. but i am never going to tell which one is it. hahaaa

Sunday, April 27, 2008


it's finally out!! hahaa.. i'm the french maid on the right. the one that moves from the back to the front. 00:20-00:26. hahaa... i'm also one of those holding the green fan. the one on the very back. the left side.
hahaa it was sooo much fun filming it. mau lagi mau lagi. hahaa

A Clockwork Orange

So i have totally fallen in love with the movie A Clockwork Orange and i dare say that it's the best movie i've ever watched.
I've also fallen in love with the main character, alex. played by malcolm mcdowell. but i changed my mind when i found out he plays mr. Linderman on heroes. but he was hot in a clockwork orange.
one thing about the movie that i really really really like is the interior. it's soooooo sexy. and i WILL have a house just like that one day. exactly like that. not missing any little detail. i'll even have everything custom made. here are a few scenes i manage to capture which shows some part of the haouse that i like. even though i can't seem to find alex's living room which is the room i like most.

surf's up dude

lagi2 si kacamata manegeluarkan manuver2 manuvernya yg tak terduga. hahahaaa inget prauan jadinya. si nurul lagi2 ngasih gw link yg bikin amat sangat kecanduan parah. udah cukup parah gw dikasih wepsite sama mangafox, dikasih lagi

buka d surfthechannel. itu isisnya film2 dari amerika. series and movies. ada series yg br keluar disitu lgsg ada. film2 yg sukses gw tonton disitu beberapa diantaranya:
-south park. gw ntn season 10 tp season 12 juga udah ada
-grey's anatomy. gw ntn season 2 tp smp episode paling br season 4 jg udah ada
-the simpsons
-gossip girl episode paling baru(14)

tapi yg menurut gw paling fenomenal adalah gw berhasil ntn A Clockwork Orange. dvdnya udah jarang dan gw sukses ntn film berdurasi 2 jam itu di surfthechannel. ajik ajik. dan sekarang gw tergila2 a clockwork orange. huaaaah nuri, untung lo ngasih gw link ini sesudah uan.

Friday, April 25, 2008

myspace tai

i would like to personally thank myspace for making my day misarable. well not miserable, kesel aja.

have a great life tom.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

cinta laura

you know how the space ads on tv are just filled with those 9090 crap. you know, those reg(spasi) artist's name and you get the sms langsung dr hp saya. well the one i noticed the most was cintalaura's and to kill my curiosity i decided to register anyway. so here they are, i'll post them so you don't have to register. haahaa.. enjoy

Hi guys after school aku ada pemotretan cover Teen Terus aku mau diner sama mami papi Love u

*ok, can she tell the difference between dinner and a diner?(this is me talking)

Bebs, minggu pagi aku mau naik gopetand motor harley dgn saudara2 and om2 aku Seru! Liat di infotainment ya

*hey, ga ada ojek? harleypun jadi.

Sobat besok aku mulai latihan nyanyi buat soundtrack oh baby and sctv music award Cihuy

Minggu yg bening cing gak ada syuting gak ada singing JAdi aku bisa swimming and jumping ha3x

* oh, and she ryhmes

Sobat jumat ini aku ada pemotretan utk cover majalah jakarta and syuting terakhir Oh baby

Temen2 pulang sekolah aku langsung llatihan nyanyi buat acara duet dgn NIDJI di trans tv tgl 23 april

*oh god i missed it!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys hari ini aku ada acara di sekolah Aku perform jass ballet dance Asik deh! Love u


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

books ahoy

i can't wait till after uan. i've got like a million books lined up to read.

to the nines-meg cabot
remember me?-sophie kinsella
the witch of portobello-paulo coelho
lucky-cecily von ziegesar
a spot of bother-mark haddon
a clockwork orange
to kill a mockingbird

ok, i'm blanked out. i thought i had a lot but this is all i can remember. oh well, i'll write more as i go along.

btw, any recommendations?

oh and, does anyone know WHY naruto chapter 398 isn't out yet? it was supposed to be out since last saturday. does masashi kishimoto knows that we're having uan? hehe... well, it better be out anytime soon.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

uan uan

this is it. h-1. break a leg people. lulus 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh my

Perfection comes in all shapes and sizes
and angels fall to earth in disguises

your too perfect its almost as if you're godsend.I kind of actually believe you are.In the prettiest wrapping even. =)

Friday, April 18, 2008

sate padang

some of you may already know, i'm addicted to sate padang, seriously addicted. i really should go to sate padang rehab. ok forget it, that was a bad joke.When i eat sate padang it's like i am in a trance and my mind wonders to another dimension and i can't stop until there's just no more. i could probably eat 100 if there are 100.
So a few days ago was eating sate padang at that place near jhcc and i thought of a great idea. one day, i'm going to open a sate padang restaurant. it'll be called ny. widya's or something like that. but it wont have my picture wearing a kebaya in front of the restaurant like what ny. suharti did. but come to think of it, maybe i will put a picture of me in a kebaya or something worse. my old friends will realize it's me and they'll laugh their shit of looking at that huge picture and they'll visit for sure. anyway, my sate padang restaurant isn't going to just sell sate padang. i'm going to travel all over indonesia before opening the restaurant. i'll learn how to make sate padang from hundreds of different people. that way, i'll be a sate padang expert and i can make all sorts. you can order your sate padang as you like. you can have it really spicy, or really thick or really runny. i can make ones that tastes like mak syukur's or ones at your favorite place. or anthing that you like. you can even choose the meat as well. you can have any sorts of meat you like. i'll even make vegetarian sate padang. for the waiter and waitresses, i'll hire one of my friend who will already be a famous designer by then. i'll ask him/her to design a costume so weird, it could even be a new trendsetter. for the interior, i'll also ask my friends to do it. for the legal stuff and all that. that's where my hukum friends come in. haha..
oh gosh i can't wait till the day this restaurant finally comes to life.

rhymes rhymes

i've been trying to do some rhyming. i always thought it was hard but it's SOOOOO MUCH FUN it's almost addictive. i keep rhyming in my head but when i try to write it down, all the rhyming just goes god knows where. but i managed to write down a few anyway. it's not that good but here it goes.

Go hover and holler
Don't make me grab your collar
i'm sure you know best
that i'm not ready to F
look back in the past
for one second if ever
oh wait i just recalled
you're way too bold
you hate looking back
at all those seemfully trail-less track
and here i am making rhymes
in my mind it chimes
forgive and forget
and don't ever regret
for all is done
i had so much fun
i know i'll have more
an eternal galore
i'm coming i'm coming
don't stop the singing

I like this one better though. it's only 4 lines. i'll try to continue it slowly soon.

Gosh, you are so gullible
Must i spell out every syllable?
Isn't it all so obvious?
and yes, this is getting hideous

i'll be posting more. don't get bored. oh and to all angkatan 2008 seluruh indonesia. WE CAN MAKE IT! LULUS LULUS!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


oh gosh i just saw your NAME and it pisses me to the core. bitch

Le Petit Prince

Since i'm in no mood in doing anything, i'm going to review this book. ok, maybe not review it professionally, but i'll just write about some stuff about the book.

Why do i choose to write about this book? well because i feel like it. another reason, i just read this book called 501 must read books and this book is in it. i'm having my french test tomorrow and i just remembered once we were told to read a page of this book. i read it over and over and over for weeks till it was tattooed in my mind, i even compared it with the english version and i got an A on reading AND comprehension! hahaa. ok that kinda cheered me up. so here it goes.

This book is categorized as a children's book but it's commonly considered as too heavy for children. The story tells about a little prince who lives alone on a small planet. he then decides to travel to other planets. on his journey, he meets a lot of people like the drunkard and the accountant. The story about the little prince is told by a pilot which happens to cross by the little prince when he(the pilot) was stranded in a dessert.
In the story, the prince repeatedly say 'grown-ups are such a bore.' i think it goes like that( i can't seem to find my book even though i've arranged my bookshelf. i last saw it in my school locker but i'm sure i took it home. anjing! jangan-jangan disita pak bin! ok, back to the story and note to self:arrange my bookshelf in alphabetical order). it shows that the little prince really does see grown ups from a child's point of view. for example, he doesn't understand why the accountant has to keep counting or why the drunkard has to keep getting drunk. I use to think like that when i was small. i use to wonder why people bother to drink alcohol. it's bitter and it makes you drunk, what's so good about that? now i know and reading this book was waaaaaaayyyyyyy more fun back when i didn't have a clue about anything. 10 years ago, when i first read it i nearly cried when the little went back to his planet. but now, it's just so biasa aja. sheeeeesh i really am growing up and some part of me really don't want to! it's true, grown ups are such a bore. but here we are being so called grown ups and thinking that reading a children's book and riding a merry-go-round is such a bore. hmm twisted, and i don't really see my point here. hehe
The most famous verse in this book is What is essential is invisible to the eyes, it can only be seen by the heart.

So peeps, i suggest you rush to a bookstore near you and grab a copy. or search around the house, your mother probably has one. i'm definitely searching my house cause I CAN'T LOSE THE BOOK! i've had it since i was 8 :'(

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Return of the x


what goes around comes around.

when you're high,you tend to forget little things that matter the most.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

block aja semua

ok, is it just my computer or is myspace and youtube really are blocked!!!!! arrrggh fuck. what's your fucking problem dudes? seriously.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Rain water

I'm having a maths try out tomorrow and i'm in no mood to study and no one's going to force me to do so.How can i study if tonight is so euphoric?
It's raining cats and dogs outside(god,i love that expression) and i'm not even thinking about sitting out there and soaking myself with rain wates. I worship rain water.It really does wash all negativity from you.It really does work.Trust me.Just go out there and soak yourself good.You'll come back inside feeling all positive and maybe with a cold,but it's all worth it.
You know what,i think i'm going to find a container to keep some rain water for pete's sake.And then study.

18th bday

I know my birthday is still like 2 months away,but i feel like making a list.I've never done this before actually.
i'd kill for one of these.I can't cook at all and having a microwave is like having the closest thing to a chef.Hehe.Right now i'm eating this kroket and i can't help wondering how it'll taste like if i put it in the microwave to make it warm.
2.Getting my psp fix
ah yes,after 2 years hiatus from my psp
3.Amazon kindle
need i say more?
hahaha..Yeah,laugh people laugh.But i can't help it!
but this isn't mandatory
6.Anything naruto
but no fakes.Hehe

so yeah,i guess that's about it.Unusual?I thk not.Well yeah maybe the microwave part.But i really want one!

Wishful Thinking

one thing about you that i decided not to forget is when you said,"there is no ending in this life. Life goes on."

yeah it's true. you said i was brainwashed by all the novels i read cause they all have an ending and mostly happy ones. lately i've been writing everywhere saying i want my happy ending i want my happy ending. the answer is, i got my happy ending(s), but i only thought those were my happy ending(s). things change. you don't live happily ever after. life goes on and we don't get our endings until we die.

broked it

yeah, that oath i made about not blogging before uan is broken and broken. hehee. it's haaard. and anyway i've studied. i know my time. btw, i've found new links. check them out on links links. hope you like 'em.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


bitch bitch bitch.

hey i'm not the bitch around here, since you started it.

screw you, you're not ruining my life. it has always been vice versa.