Saturday, October 24, 2009

zhengzai ting che the ting tings

hey peeps, this post is going to be about me and me alone. so no more religion talk for a while and all that usual stuff i go around rambling about.

soooo, i decided to join the taekwondo team in my faculty. i kind of miss it, i mean, it's been like 5 years since my last practice. i tried everything at campus and i failed miserably at each and every one of it. EDS, liga tari, futsal. i thought, seriously, dari segini banyak wadah buat menampung minta dan bakat di ui, gw ga ada yg masuk gt? ya well the only wadah i want to join is like this community where everyone can speak up about their beliefs--out of those 5 major religion in indonesia-- and bring religious fairness to the campus. i mean, the campus should also have a church and a temple, not just a mosque. and when we're separated to join those religious mentorings, there should be one for those who has a belief out of those 5. ANYWAAAAAAYYY, i thought i said no religion talks. haha. well, i guess that's pretty much stuck with me.

so i decided i wanted to join taekwondo. not the UI one, but just the FIB one. what made me quit those 3 earlier activities i joined was because everyone else was already sooooo good at it cause they've been doing it since high school and i just started. that made me feel paling bego and pretty jiper. taekwondo here, is a different story. i've alraedy got up to kuning strip and the others are still white, so yeah, gw agak lebih bisa sedikit dr yg laen. i got a head start, all's fair is fair.

in my second practice my tutor--in this case it's called sabeum--told me that i should compete in olimpiade ui aka asteroid. eeerr, i thought he was kidding but he said i really had the potential and so and so. hmmmm i have to admit i'm more scared than happy. ok, so i may know the basics to kicking, but my fighting techniques are hmmmm, i don't know. i mean i really don't know. i haven't fought in like 5 years. and when they fight they kick with all their might so i'm kind of scared i might fall to pieces and stuff.

well, my point in writing this is, join something you're good at. seriously. this really really brings out your self-esteem. my grades are flunking like effing crazy this semester. and everyone else in my class is waaaaay smarter and me, well maybe not smarter but friggin rajin. heran gw, kapan gw bisa kaya gitu. so i decided to join something where i have an ability a bit above others. that really does makes you feel good, seriously. doesn't make you feel bele2 amat in life for not being able to do one thing.

thk u for tuning peeps!

Monday, October 19, 2009


so the i was sitting on my so-called throne with all my so-called jewels and fancy clothes
when all of a sudden you came
you took me by the hand and guided me of my throne ever so carefully,
afraid that i might trip anytime cause of my pointy glass slipper
i didn't know where we were going and i wanted to say no
i wanted to let go more than anything and get back up to my comfort zone
this is all to weird, i can't take another second
but at the same time, i couldn't find the heart to let go of your hand
i've never felt such, such... touch
so i cling on tighter
this is getting better
i looked back
i can hardly see my throne anymore
i can't believe we've walked this far
and these, these pearls and diamonds are seriously disturbing
they feel so heavy around my neck
i can't believe i've never realized how annoying they were
neither could i stand the clickity clack of my glass slipper
i can't move my fingers freely cause of all this rings,
let alone the clinging bracelets which are starting to make my wrist ache
wait just a moment please, i pleaded
and for the first time i let go of his hand
and of all those glittery items from my body
what should i do with these? said i, by now confused and realizing all those stuff weighs a ton
keep them, he answered. you'll never know, you might need them again

bingung ngelanjutinnya gmn. hahahaa

Monday, October 12, 2009

confessions on life, death and god

hey people!

i can't wait to get a hold of this hot stuff

the secrets on life, and god are really great. i've never been interested in death, but the death secrets are ok too.

anyway, really for one of my old 'religious' posts? hehe. well, here goes one.

but before i continue, i'd like to say that i can't promise this to be as good as my old posts. but, well, here goes nothing.

me and vani were sitting as kansas as usual today and the guys sitting at the table next to us were talking really loudly. we never meant to eavesdrop, but we can't help overhearing. haha yeah, cliche. they happen to be having a debate about religion, something not so unusual around FIB actually. so me and vani decided to just shut our pieholes and listen.

so there is this one guy with the theory--which i'm sure a lot of you know--where only muslims get to go to heaven. there's this other guy, who, like many other guys we've known before him, disagree to that statement by saying that he thinks it wouldn't be fair if non-muslims are good but end up in hell anyway.

what, i am not familiar with is, the way this guy seems COMPLETELY offended by the disagreement of his friend. he said, " Nggak bisa! Nggak bisa gt Ga. wah kacau lo, nggak bisa gt sumpah, gw nggak terima. lo, lo, sumpah ya, lo ngatain tuhan gw nggak adil. gw ga terima Ga. kacau bgt lo."

yeah, ok, santai nyet.

then this guy whom we know as "Ga" says, that's what people raised the muslim way in a muslim society would think of. then he goes on and says(in indonesian, of course), "imagine if you were born christian, and raised in a christian way. would you think the same?"

well, that was pretty much the end of it. i forgot how it ended. was it because i decided to stop listening because my brain was already spinning with theories of my own i would like to share, or was it because the second guy was stumped, or because i couldn't stand listening to that absurd guy speak anymore. but i guess, it was all of those reasons combined.

so? what do you guys think about this?

well, again, i have to repeat that i don't really believe in heaven.i mean, it's not that i don't believe it, but, i don't know. i just don't ok. i can't go around believing that only muslims go to heaven.

oooooooowwhhhh i forgot one tiny detail.

when one guy said a non-muslim could also go to heaven from being nice and not evil, the other guy said nice is not enough. he said that the reason for a person to live is to be good AND worship allah. no matter how good a person is, they will still be doomed for not worshipping allah. the muslim allah, not the catholic allah.

well, i think i've posted enough theories in my previous posts. this time, i would actually like to hear from you people.

i've lived with non-muslims all my life. and i daresay they are just normal people who deserves to go to heaven and live their life as fair as any other religion member for that matter.

*see, it's not as good as my old posts :(