Monday, March 31, 2008

Wow. Seriously, wow.

Ok. Mmmm.. Eerr mmm but mmm... WOOOOOW!!!!
And here i am thinking i'd have an ultra boring night wondering what holden caulfield is up to next.And thinking if i should just read james and the giant peach to shake the boredom away.But nooo...I don't need no james and and the giant peach. I got what i wanted and more.I haven't the slightest clue how things are going to work out,but for now,everything's just damn perfect.I guess happiness awaits in my path as well.I haven't met bliss though.But i'm really looking forward to it.Heard he's one jolly guy.
Hey, you there on the other path!Yeah you.Mmmm... Ga jadi deh.Hahaha

gosh,tell me if i'm going cuckoo..


Ok i just did something stupid.It's something i'm not supposed to do actually because if i do it i'll get hurt.But what was i supposed to do?I'm waiting in the cafe of ccf waiting for my sister to come out.Thank god for opera mini or I could've killed myself because of the boredom.The definition of bored(according to me)is desperate for an emotion.Even if the emotion is 'hurt'.
Well i just want to say that i miss you THIS MUCH.
An image of a path leading towards a castle keeps appearing in my head.Only problem is,the path parts just before it reaches the castle.I've always thought the path would just lead straight for the castle.This image really does keep appearing.I'm not trying to be metaphoric and all.It really does appear.Maybe i should draw it or shake my brain just to get it out of my system.Anyway,this parting of the path,is where we also part.We both saw this coming but we brushed it off,thinking it was just an optical illusion.But it's not.It's really there.All i could say is I hope bliss and happiness always awaits in your path!

Day of the Hiatus

I haven't finished watching the cather in the rye and i'm dead curious about what holdens going to describe next but... Buku gw disita pak mistar.Urgh. It's no big deal actually.He did say he was going to return it tomorrow.But i want to know now! The only thing i can think of is reading it in a bookstore cause i don't know anyone else who owns the book.But i don't like reading in bookstores.So like it or not,i'm going to have a hiatus on that book.Sigh.
I'm starting to realise that prauan is like next week and uan is just around the fucking corner so i'm taking a hiatus on the internet. I'll still go online through my mobile.But no laptop or computer.Except the school computer.Hehe..Thanks to mobile blogging i can still update this blog but you'll probably get bored sick of it because i can't post any pictures or videos.I also realise that no internet means no naruto!Oh my.Yeah,this is going to be the hardest part but i'll have 4 new naruto chapters once everything is over.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

the catcher in the rye

looks familiar? well maybe not. the books called the catcher in the rye and it's awesomeness. believe me it is. it had me reading non-stop. it's about this guy named holden caulfield and the whole story is just him rambling on and on about his life. i think he has a serious case of the ramblings. once he starts he just can't stop. he'll just continue rambling on and on until he snapped back to reality. this book is written in narrative-descriptive form. so it's like reading 214 pages of composition. but that won't bother me if the composition is this good. writing composition is also a hobby of holden.
this book uses some signature spelling like god damn-goddam, hell of a-helluva, son of a-sonnuva. so yeah it's filled with crude languages. but what interest me the most is the fact that the killer of john lennon was carrying this book with him when he was caught. same case with the guy who tried to kill president reagan. he claimed that he was obsessed with the book. i can see why. the book is one helluva book.

i like the way holden describes things, which he does on like every paragraph of the book. but out of all, this paragrapgh happens to be my favorite. it's about jane gallagher, a friend of his. and Allie, is holden's brother which has passed away.

She was a funny girl, old jane. I wouldn't exactly describe her as strictly beautiful. She knocked me out, though. She was sort of muckle-mouthed. I mean when she was talking and she got excited about something, her mouth sort of went in about fifty directions, her lips and all. That killed me. And she never really closed it all the way, her mouth. It was always just a little bit open, especially when she got in her golf stance, or when she was reading a book. She was always reading, and she read very good books. She read a lot of poetry and all. She was the only one, outside my family, that i ever showed Allie's baseball mitt to, with all the poems written on it. She'd never met Allie or anything, because that's her first summer in Maine-before that, she went to Cape Cod-but I told her quite a lot about him. She was interested in that kind of stuff.

there. i know this might sound weird and all but i've never seen a paragraph that could've described me better. and it's not even meant for me. even i have an 'Allie' in real life. and a 'baseball' mitt. i've read the paragraph over and over until it's practically tattooed to my mind. i just love it.

read this book people. seriously. it's worth it.


so i just found out that i'm not allowed to live on my own a.k.a ngekos if i got accepted at ui. oh COME ON! as if this city isn't making me barf. i thought going to depok would be light a new twist. it would be great, coming back to jakarta only once a week. i'm so sick of this goddam city. i don't want things like yesterday to happen again. ever. or the day before that, and the day before. but those things will just keep on fucking happening if i stay in this dratted city. come on mum, i can always flunk my sippenmaru on purpose so that i can go to australia. if you're not sending me to australia than i'm not the one embarrassed to tell the whole family that i don't go to uni. ok ok, i'm going to far. but this is just a taught from a deeply pissed off person. to make matters worse, i can't seem to masukin pulsa to my mobile. the thing keeps saying 'sorry the service is inavailable please try again later' or something like that. i think i'm changing my number soon. i feel like being ripped off more and more by the day by this fucking provider. XL. i don't feel like it's cheap at all. fuck the 600 sepuasnya or the 0,01 or whatever they advertise to you. seriously fuuuuckkk... i'm soooo changing my number asap.

Friday, March 28, 2008

amartya chandrapradipta

yes, some of you may already know amartya chandrapradipta (marty) is my brother. (to some of my friends, the last part of his name sort of rings a bell. ehem ehem. hahaaa) marty just celebrated his second birthday on the 25th which was 4 days ago and this post is dedicated to him. happy birthday marty!

this picture was taken when he wasn't even 1 years old yet i think. i have it on my wallet, and marty would snatch my wallet anytime and just open it and show to people that there's a picture of him inside.

uuurrgghhhh.... i can't upload anymore pictures. i'll update this blog later when my internet connection's all better.

maroon 5

iya jadi kan maroon 5 konser di singapore. gw tu sebenernya udah boleh pergi, bokap gw juga udah mau nemenin. tp trus gw parno sendiri gitu. uan udah sebulan lagi, nekat bgt gw ke singapore. emang gw yakin apa nilai2 gw bagus? klo misalnya kenapa2 kan pasti yang disalahin maroon5 maroon5. ditambah lagi dengan alasan temen gw setau gw ga ada yg cukup gila buat k singapore demi maroon 5. udah pada sadar juga gt udah mau uan. ternyata asseta ismadhianti kadar, dia pergi sendiri euy ke singapore demi maroon 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tau klo ada yg cukup nekad buat pergi gw kan juga jadi berani nekad! iya ni emang gw modal ikut2an. lagian asseta kan udah 18 tahun, udah dianggap 'orang dewasa', jadi kalo gw berdua aja bisa. aaaaaaaah tae tae tau klo asseta pergi gw juga pergi d. drtd gw sok2 ah ga nyesel ga nyesel, but WHO AM I FUCKING KIDDING!!!!!!! nyesel laaah!!!! org bego juga tau. tapi yaaa ga parah2 bgt si nyeselnya. ga sampe nangis2 garuk2 tanah segala macem soalnya kan gw sendiri yg ga mau pergi. klo misalnya gw g pergi gara2 ga boleh baru gw nyesek. si asseta juga sendiri 4 hari di singapore, dia bilang klo gw ikut kan enak. iyalah tai, enak bgt detik2 terakhir sma jalan2 di singapore. sampe sekarang jangankan kw luar negeri, ke luar kota sama temen2 aja gw blom pernah. ke puncak sm temen2 aja blom pernah. gw sampe ga mau denger gitu ceritanya asseta takut tambah nyesel. tapi sempet nanya2 dikit. iyalah, penasaran. katanya semua lagu yang dibawain dari album baru. yang dari album lama cuma this love sama she will be loved. trus the show lasted for one and a half hour. ah agak kecewa d denger mereka bawain lagu baru semua. pasti yg orang tunggu2 kan lagu2 lama kaya sunday morning dll. gw si pgnnya semua lg lama dibawain. daaaaan, yg paling gw pgn mereka bawain tu lagu2nya kara's flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!! kara's flowers. dulu maroon 5 namanya itu. waktu itu blom ada james dan mereka masih umur 17 tahun! gw minta tolong seseorang buat downloadin kara's flowers tp ga di download2in.ehem ehem.
so, ga ntn maroon 5 hari ini adalah nyesel 1. tp ga tau knp si, gw kaya percaya aja pasti suatu hari gw ntn mereka. g tau kapan dan dimana, tapi itu PASTI dan HARUS.

kan drtd gw tu jauh2 gt dr hp. g tau knp males aja deket2 terus. hp gw geletakkin aja gt g gw tenteng2 kmana2. klo misalnya lewat, cek ada sms apa misscall apa ga. yaaaah pokoknya ceritanya panjang ribet dan agak aneh ga masuk akal tapi intinya jauh2 dr hp seharian adalah nyesel 2 untuk hari ini. gw pernah bilang kan di salah satu postingan gw, klo mau kemana2 SELALU bawa hp. maksud gw kemana2 itu kan keluar rumah. tapi ternyataaa di dalem rumah juga emg harus nempel terus ma hp.

yaudah ah, mau ntn sad movie dulu td dipinjemin maria. mau menghilangkan segala bentuk nyesel2. daaaaa mendingan gw banyakin belajar mulai sekarang(hmmm TELAT LO) daripada timbul nyesel yang paling klimaks di antara semua nyesel. AMIT-AMIT

btw, klo ada yg penasaran kara's flowers, ini cover albumnya. keluarnya tahun 1997. haha

jessenya mirip sama freddie highmore deh. hahahahhaa...

trus ini video klipnya soap disco. satu2nya video klip kara's flowers. tp blur parah yg ini gambarnya, gw ga nemu yg laen.

aaah jesse lucu. dulu. jesse tu yg di cover albumnya yg fotonya di bawah, yg kotaknya warna kuning, yang gw bilang mirip freddie highmore(iya kan?) di video klip dia yg paling banyak disorot setelah adam. tp lo harus liat jesse sekarang

drastis ga tanggung2 berubahnya.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

blog's anniversary

If you open my profile (on blogspot) you will that i've had this blog since may 2007. wow, nearly a year! since may is just around the corner, i'm planning on doing something to celebrate a year of blogging. but most of all it's to celebrate the defeat of my 'phobia'. on my first public blog(yeah i have private ones too, at least i use to) i mentioned that i hated having people reading my writings in front of me or commenting my writings in front of me. if you want to read y writings then read it and shut up, i don't have to know. but now, i really don't give a shit. i even promote my blog. i tell people to read it even though it's mostly junk. haha.
anyway, back to my blog's anniversary(yes anniversary, not birthday, that's the word i've been looking for. hhahaa) i'm planning to do something. something i;m not ready to do now and it's something that will have me prepare everything for it from this second. ok fine, i'll just tell you now. i'm going to post a story. yeah, idya made. i'm thinking about posting the first part of the story, only like a tiny bit as a preview. if people like it and wonders what happens next, then i'll continue. but if no one's interested, then i'll just end it there. can't wait can't wait! to me this is a big deal cause i haven't got over the phobia 100% actually. i use to want to snatch the papers out of people's hand when they're reading my work. i'll the jump off a cliff with the paper and dive into the sea dissolving into the water with my writings. that's how bad it used to be. well my expression's a bit sule actually. but here's a fact. in junior high, i was in a car an a friend of mine found one of my scribbles. like when i just HAVE to write that instant and i'll just write on a piece of paper and stuff. yeah, he found that. i snatched it from him, tore it into pieces and threw it out the window(sorry for littering). some of you may be wondering why you haven't heard about this before, it;s because i just remembered. hahaa..
This new opportunity just arrived and i'm uber exited. ALL thanks to my neighbour in class and partner in crime, bellaluna, if it wasn't for her this would never have happened. A woman asked bella to write for her book, her name's tante tati. tante tati lives all the way in greece. i flipped when i knew this. i contacted tante tati as well through e-mail and she said she'd love it if i also write for her book. there's a chance that she might be saying that only to be polite but that's not the matter, i'm going to take this opportunity to the ultimate max. i got a chance at jakarta concerts before and i blew it completely perfectly. i suddenly lost the mood to write at that time. god knows why, maybe it's because of the feeling i have to do this and knowing that tons of people are going to do it. but not this time.

maroon 5 did a concert in singapore on the 25th of march. my parents let me go but i didn't take the opportunity because the final exams are getting nearer and nearer and i'm freaking out like crazy. something i'm not supposed to do. i;m supposed to be studying and not writing this blog. but can i help it? What i deserve now for missing my favorite band in the whole wide world is maroon 5 it won't be soon before long deluxe edition, with a dvd of them live in japan. japan people, japan. my most favorite country after greece and my own. i bought maroon 5's friday the 13th on the day of it's release(i think). i bought 2 copies. i repeat 2 copies. i lost the first one after only watching it once and i lost the second copy before i even got a chance to watch it at all.

Jakarta oh Jakarta

So,who doesn't love this city anyway?It's got everything!Seriously everything. All sorts of drama and tragedy can also happen here.Sure there are some downsides like traffic jams and stuff,but this city's still great right?Right?
Well,as much as i like this city,you don't know how much i aim to flee from it.
Where? I don't know,gotham city,konohagakure,athens. Anywhere but here.The thgs people do just drive you completely bananas.Sure there are more nice people,but still i.Want.To.Flee.
When the only thg i can thk of is fleeing the city,the program on the radio goes 'biarpun ............ Gw tetep cinta jakarta.' we're supposed to fill in the blanks.Yeah,perfect timing.The answers are of course obvious.Traffic jams,korupsi and all that.
Still.... I.Want.To.Flee
a few weeks ago,i can't wait till i move to australia.But suddenly there's like this panggilan to try sippenmaru(yeah,spmb i know.I just like saying sippenmaru better). The song on the radio now is burning by the whitest boy alive. 'so many people telling me to stay.' that's another reason i finally chose to stay in this hectic city.Hopefully,uni life will make me see jakarta from a different point of view.

Wicker Park

Nyet sumpah ya..Belom keluar euy cd panicnya yg br!!!Aaaaah!!Tau bt g?Tau bt g?!!! Hrsnya kan keluar tgl 25! Btbtbtbtbtbtbt...Akhirnya,sambil nunggu ade gw selese les gw makan di skutel mendawai.Dktnya blenger.Itu macaroni skutelnya enak parah disana.(ngebantuin promosi)
kenapa oh kenapa judul blog gw wicker park?Karena oh karena kmrn gw abis ntn wicker park rekomendasi dari dita.Bagus sii..Josh hartnettnya ganteng parah. Cuma gw kaget bgt gt pas tau cwnya diane kruger.Gw jd suka diane kruger gt semenjak dia jd helen of troy. Dan tiap gw ntn filmnya dia pasti gw g tau kalo dia yg maen gt.Ky wkt ntn national treasure kan dia yg maen,tp gw g tau gt.Cuma sempet mikir doang ni org mirip diane kruger.Abis beda sm pas jd helen.Pas jd helen agak gendutan.Ternyata disuruh gt sm sutradaranya buat gendutin badan biar jd ky cw2 jaman dulu.Di national treasures gw br nyadar itu dia tu pas dia sempet kepleset gt lidahnya.Dia kan german,jd kadang2 aksennya suka keluar tanpa disengaja gt.
Di film wicker park juga sempet ada 2 phrase yang gw suka. salah satunya "call me ok? don't wait two years." ya kurang lebih ky gt. gw jg lupa persisnya gmn. phrase yang satu lg gw lupa.
Aaaah masih terngiang2 panic ni gw.Udah mls nyari di aksara.Paling ga ada.Huaaaaah bt bt bt.

Isn't this exactly where you like me i'm exactly where you like me you know. praying for love in a lap dance, and paying in naivety OH!

Brendon Urie, the soul purpose of my existence is sooo hot in that video. the reason i choose to put this video in my blog and not nine in the afternoon is because nine in the afternoon is all over mtv and the radio. for those of you who haven't heard the song or seen the video. do it now! another reason a put up this video is because i have two memories that has to do with this video. enjoy

Pretty. Odd.

Hey people!Guess where i aaaam...I'm on my way to buy panic at the disco's new album!Pretty fucking odd!Yeay!Actually the title of the album is pretty. Odd. But i just like adding the fucking for no reason whatsoever.Hehe..
For panic at the disco fans,have you heard that the guys have decide to remove the ! From their name.So no more panic! At the disco.
Oh gosh why???The exclamation mark is like their trademaaaark... I heard that they said the ! Was never part of their name.But it was written in their last album.On the cover it says panic! At the disco.Oh well,it is their band name anyway.They can even put a question mark somewhere among those 4 words if they want to.So i can't wait to hear the album!And again for panic fans, do you guys realise that their new single nine is the afternoon is their first song which the title is actually included in the song. Their old songs have really long titles and have nothing to do with the song. So,i'm off. My thumbs are starting to kill me. I guess mobile blogging is not all that. Haha..Can't wait to get hold of the new album. Hope they have it over at aquarius!

Staring at someone's car window, Love?
Why don't you step in and we'll have our catfight inside.
This time it will be too gory for the public eye.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mobile blogging

Finally!Mobile blogging!Haha..So yes people,i'm writing this exact post from my mobile phone.
So while typing the word blogging,it kinda reminds me of the word logging. We're getting nearer and nearer to our final exams. Everywhere you turn you see 2b pencils of all shapes and sizes. With all the bookstores over commercializing them,it kinda makes me wonder.The basic stuff to make those pencils.Wood.
I know i should be caring less about forests and more about passing the exams.But can i help it?
A little birdie told me that 20 football fields of forest everyday to make wooden pencils.Imagine how many more football fields of forests they're going to chop down if we keep buying those 2b pencils like drugs. I'm still not sure if it's 20 football fields/country or the whole world,but i'll get back to that one day.
So people,i'm just saying,think of those cute animals living in those trees. Yo probably have known there's this new invention called the mechanical pencil.Use that.If you're not comfortable,there's this newer invention which i think is probably the greatest invention since the world wide web.Pencils made out of old newspapers.Whoever thought of it is a fucking genius.They're even stronger than wooden pencils because they're airtight. Since i'm mobile blogging,i can't post the pictures.I'll give you the link to their website later on.

I'm sorry if my posts bore you to death.But these are what's in my mind lately.Fucking dullness. I can't seem to make this blog like my old one. My old blog.Haha..It's true that everybody LOVES a conspiracy and the good old awful truth.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


so last week, i was just walking on the ex bridge and look what i saaaaaw....

i HAVE GOT to have that! i don't careeeeee! now that i've seen it in my own eyes, i'm hooked. it was like medusa's eyes hypnotized me into wanting the thing and having to have it. that 'scene' is legendary. perseus might be a new neighbor to us all, but who hasn't heard of medusa or pegasus. this sculpture or whatever the thing's called is an image of perseus on pegasus and perseus is holding medusa's head and he is still wearing athena's helmet and holding her shield.
most of you have probably seen disney's hercules and the story tells that pegasus belongs to hercules. well actually, he (or she, i'm not sure) belongs to perseus. i've said perseus 5 times and by know you're probably wondering who the fuck is this guy anyway? or not. doesn't matter, i'll explain anyway.
hmmmm, ok.... perseus. he is........ ok, i forget who he is actually. hahhaaha... the only thing i remember is he is the guy who beheaded medusa for a particular reason which i cannot seem to recall. anyway, he got help from athena, gray-eyed goddess extrodinare who lent him her helmet which makes him able to fly, and she also lent him her shield. you get me?

ok let's do a recap

medusa : evil monster that can turn anyone who looks at her into stone
perseus : hot young hero who beheaded medusa for a particular reason i can't recall
athena : goddess of war, helped perseus killed medusa

see, that wasn't so bad was it? greek mythology is FUN. trust me.

i guess i have to start burying my head in those greek mythology books again. i can't believe i forget who perseus is. oh yeah, i've got exams coming up. ggrrrrr... no greek mythology books until then!

oh yeah, my title. ripped. yeah, someone just ripped my heart apart into a million little pieces. ga deeeeng. hahahaa... the pegasus thingie cost approximately $250 cheaper in ebay rather that that retard store in ex. $250 people, $250. the things people do for money. tsk tsk tsk


some of you may probably be wondering who that guy is on the left. some of you may already know and some of you probably don't give a shit. that, everybody, is sai. yes SAI. and i've fallen tragically in love with him. well love is a strong strong word but, ok let's not discuss love here. we're here to have fun.
sai is the new member of team 7. he's sasuke's replacement actually and he's uber hot. his power is drawing. he draws birds, mice and stuff and they come to live. one thing about sai is, he was raised not to have any feelings. none. ever since i got sai's keychain in the toyfair last week i've been obsessed with him. who care's if he's got the worst fashion sense and has a weird interest towards penises, he's hot! his voice is hot too. i thought drawing him isn't going to be hard, but boy..... i spent nearly half an hour on his lips alone. i'll put up my drawing of him one day. when it's considered decent.

my last blog, the one i wrote in indonesian, ga enaaaak...hahaaa

hari tanpa hp

hey there precious readers. hahaa.. ah gw mau coba nulis pake bahasa indo aaah. terinspirasi oleh teman2 tercinta yang baru bikin blog jg. recomended:nurulita cabulita. buka aja di link gw, namanya buka nyet, sumpah buka nyet. ngakak ngakak deh lo.

jadi begini ceritanya. gw hari ini seharian pergi ga bawa hp. my oh my. gw si yaudahlah yaaaa, g bakal mati jg gw g bawa hp. idup2 aja paling. tapi ternyata oh ternyata oh ternyata, 1000 malapetaka menunggu siapapun yang merasa bisa hidup tanpa bawa hp.

gw baru dibeliin gantungan hp sai gt kemaren di toy fair(thx bay!). trus ga tadi foto buku taunan pake hp dan karena gw g bawa hp, gagallah gw memasukkan unsur naruto ke dalam foto buku taunan gw. zzzzzzzzzz. laras enak fotonya lg baca naruto 15. huhuu... so itu tadi sial satu.

trus gw maria, bella dan icha berencana ntn horton hears a who di senayan city. tapi gw ga bisa pergi gitu aja. gw harus nelfon dulu supir gw dimana, ade gw dimana, dan nanya ma nykp gw bisa g gw k senci. karena gw g bawa hp, tasks tersebut diatas terasa oh sangat berat. g mungkin gw minjem pulsa org. jadi gw ikut nindi ke rumahnya dia buat pake telfon rumah. karena g bawa hp. rute gw berantakan. yang laen udah k senci duluan. sial 2

trus ujung2nya gw k senci. sebelom turun dr senci gw sms icha pake hp ade gw ngasi tau klo gw udah mau nyampe senci dan ketemuan di bioskop aja. lalu turunlah gw k senci trus naik k bioskop. icha g ada, bella g ada, maria apalagi. mbak2nya jg bilang g ada anak2 pake seragam ky gw yg masuk k studio 4. damn oh damn. dimana kalian teman2? sial 3

trus gw liat jadwal, horton hears a who jam 4.10, padahal td maria bilang 4.20. dengan cantiknya gw mangasumsi. oooooh mereka ntn di ps! nyebranglah gw k ps. sampe ps gw cengo. mereka g ada jg. gw g ada hp dan percaya g percaya ga bawa duit seperakpun. jadi terlantarlah gw di ps. sial 4

lg cengok2 ky orang bego, ada yg manggil gw. pas gw nengok oooooooooh ada tante gina! mamanya aby! tante gina oh tante gina! gw diselamatkan oleh tante gina! ngobrol2 bentar ma tante gina, gw pinjem hpnya tante gina buat nelfon icha. akhirnya kita pun bertemu di lobby ps. gile semuanya berasa slow motion gt pas gw ketemu yang lain. serasa semua penderitaan selese. tapi oh tapi. kita telat ntn setengah jam lebih dan ternyata drtd mereka nyariin gw di senci. maaf teman2. ampun ampun ampun. sial 5

jadi kesimpulan yang dapat kita tarik adalah, selalu bawa hp. selalu selalu selalu. jadikan hp bagian dari jiwa lo. jangan pernah pisah. EVER

Monday, March 24, 2008

the amazon kindle

ok people check this out. this is SICK!

I am sooooooo getting it! this is the gadget i've been waiting for since i can remember. something like an ipod, but for books. and this fucking kindle is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy more than just an ipod for books. you can download books anywhere in less tha a minute. WOW. seriously WOW. i'm too s[eechless to say anything right now but this is GENIUS. this invention is sick sick SICK and i am so getting it. by now you're probably wondering why it's called a skindle. fuck like i care. call it a skindle, scmindle, schindler, this thing is perfect. hopefully, in the years to come, this thing is already equipped with iphones, PSPs and all that schmadoodle. but for now, this thing is what i'll see me holding in the mirror of erised.

retarded chipmunk

ok. i find this kinda funny. i'm only going to give you a link 'cause the video's to retarded to put up in my blog.

thk u suryo for the link anyway.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

high school bitches

rain water worked! oh god oh god rain water worked again! i know it's probably not the rain water, it's probably me believing in rain water therefore making it work. Like the story in the secret. there's this man who sells normal stones he picks up from the river and selling them to people telling them they're magic stones. because those ripped off people believe in the bullshit, the stones really did work for them. just like rain water worked for me. all this made me wonder. air zam zam. hmmmmmm.

yeah that title goes out to you. and i'm not even the one who said that

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

renee olstead

I met renee olstead on java jazz!!

huge huge fan since i was 14. i couldn't even speak when i met her. all those things i wanted to say to her dissolved into oblivion right that instant. haha

teater tarakanita

this is a school play we somewhere in july 2006 i think. i don't remember the month. i'm on minute 0:23 as maia ahmad. haha...

the italian man who goes to malta

you guys have GOT to see this. i crapped the shit out of me. figuratively of course.

Monday, March 17, 2008

rurouni kenshin

I've been watching samurai lately and i can't help not getting addicted by the theme song. sobakasu. i'm glad i have it in my ipod, god knows where i got it from. anyway, i usually watch kenshin in and they sing th etheme song in english. waaaaaaaayyy better cause i can sing along to it. the japanese version is too fast. here is the lyric to the engish version of sobakasu. it's titled freckles btw,

I brush against the freckles that I hate it so
but life goes on and I heave a little sigh for you
It's heavy, the love that I would share with you
then it dissolves like it was just a sugar cube

Now the little pain sitting in my heart
has shrunk in a bit, but it really doesn't hurt me now
Those silly horoscope signs
Guess I can't trust them after all

If we could get further away (Ooooh...)
I wonder what it would be like...
I'd be so happy
inside my heart

All the memories I have are beautiful in my mind
But they don't feed the hunger deep inside my soul
and tonight I thought I'd be just sitting in my sorrow
and now I must wonder why
What did it really mean to you
I just can't see it anymore
I just can't see it anymore.....

well, i'm going to watch more kenshin. tootles. don't forget to open that link i just gave you. all the anime you can think of is in store for you there.