Tuesday, June 21, 2011

rajin males?

i hate being stupid. i hate passing all 15 years with ok grades. with grades that's just somewhere above the ok zone. never in my life i was top 10 in class and never have my grades been satisfying. they're always just ok.
studying doesn't make you smart either. it just makes you remember all the stuff your teacher said in class or everything that's written in the book, but it doesn't make you able to analyze some literature work or make awesome mind blowing essays and it still doesn't make you able to pass those smart ones that are always there no matter what school you go to. i mean, have you ever heard of an anak rajin ranking 1 di kelas? it's always the smart ones. the ones who seem to have the brain of albert einstein's great grandchildren or something.
being rajin doesn't make you able to come out with awesome ideas on what to analyze or discuss on your final project, rajin people ends up being passive. whereas smart people's brain are always so active coming up with the newest things and not needing that much time. they only need like one tenth or one hundredth of the time that rajin people need to understand the exact same thing they're being thought. smart people can use the remaining time to do what they want whereas making them active and involved in so many new things wowing people even further. rajin people take up hours and hours and days and weeks to study for an exam and still doesn't always nail it. losing all those hours in where they can actually do other activities. honestly until now i don't get why god invent smart people. i know everyone has their own talent and ability, i know i know, but being smart is one hell of an ability. seriously. it's something everyone will want to own. it's something that can make parents and families and friends proud. on the other hand, rajin people can try as much as they want. they may succeed or they may like most times fail. and when they fail, nobody pretty much cares about the effort shown all along. i know in movies people strive to get what they want and stuff, but yeah right things like that will never happen in real life.

true what my friend says, ga ada orang rajin masuk itb, pasti yg masuk orang2 pinter. it's true sih, every person i know who got into itb ga ada yang cuma modal rajin, pasti emang pinter dari sananya. unlike me who made it to ui cause ui's recruiting like 3 times more students than usual cause they need the money.

eneg bgt sumpah, i wish i was smart. it's the one thing i want more than anything in the world