Saturday, January 16, 2010

new job!

ok, so i have neglected my blog for so long. i am soooo sorry. yeah well then again who am i sorry to, nobody's reading it anymore. haha.
the only reason i'm posting again is because i got a new job and it's just superb. i loveeee the job, so far. let's just see how long i will stand it till i come home wailing like i did in my previous job haha.
well i never really loved my previous job. the one where i worked in a branding consultant office as an assistant business development. but this time, it's much nicer.
so what exactly is my job? the one i claim to love so much.
before i tell you that, i have to tell you this story.

so me and my friend from chinese studies, dewi, wanted to watch the fesbud parade. we figured the best spot to do so is in the fisip bus stop. as we were waiting for the parade to pass, dewi spotted a job opening poster on the notice wall. it's an opening to be a private teacher for international school students. i was pretty interested cause it's not just normal students, but international school students. and not just any national + schools, but i get to teach real foreigners.

to make a long story short, i got the job. and my first--and so far my only student yet-- is a 10 year old indian girl named nikita. she goes to JIS, btw.
she's indian, but unlike what i expected, she has really fair skin. and nikita, her mum and her sister are all really gorgeous. their house is really close to mine and it's friggin HUGE. HUGEEEEE i tell you! i have never seen a house soooo grand in my life. i watched teen cribs on mtv earlier today and i daresay the houses in MTV are NOTHING compared to nikita's house. NOTHING.
so nikita's really fun to be with and she's really talkative. she's just so fun and full of energy and she seems to spread all the happiness to me. she said that she was surprised to have a teacher like me. indonesian, but speaks in an australian accent.
i realized i used to have an australian accent cause that's where i learned english. but i thought it has gone of years ago since i know cram my head with american movies and tv programs. but after what nikita said. i realized that i still do have the australian accent. it's nice and i'd really like to keep it for as long as possible.
like most kids, nikita's has MAJOR trouble concentrating. so the only way i can get her to work is if i promised her something after she has finished all her work. like last time, i said i promised i'll show her how to change the LED colour in her blackberry. and give her some themes. she also says i'm the only teacher who knows how to work a bb. the others are completely clueless.
nikita's mum has been asking for extra hours and extra days, i'd really like to say yes cause i really am having soooo much fun.

well, that's it i guess. from what i wrote, am i doing things right? does anyone want to share some tips on teaching? comment please. thank you!